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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 55 - Incredible Force

Samir Bashir

Incredible Force - Episode 55

The Z fighters are all discussing a plan of attack.  Vegeta wants to wish for immortal life with the dragonballs while the others want to use it to wish back their friends. Then they all sensed a two big powers approaching. Goku then tells Krillin and Gohan to get the dragon radar and then get the dragonballs from Freiza’s ship.

Capt. Ginyu then arrive at the battlefield. Krillin and Gohan then leave to find Bulma and get the dragon radar while Vegeta agrees to join forces with Goku.  The battle then begins but then Vegeta leaves Goku to fend for himself as Ginyu attacks. After a few heavy blows from both parties, Capt. Ginyu uses his trickery to gain the advantage. Gnyu then realizes how much fun a real fight could be.

Meanwhile Vegeta is heading to Freiza’s ship thinking himself as a genius and Gohan and Krillin are looking for Bulma. Back at the battlezone, Ginyu and Goku are still going at it. Then when they paused for a second Capt. Ginyu formally introduces himself with a pose.  Goku says that the pose is a silly waste of time.  Ginyu gets mad at Goku for saying that and continues the fight. Jeice is happy because it seems the Captain has the fight under control.

Meanwhile Bulam is working on a mechanism only to have broken into pieces by an earthquake. The dragon radar then turns on and all seven dragonballs are together.  Bulma then rushes to the dragonballs hoping to cash in on someone’s hard work.

Meanwhile at the battlefield Ginyu’s last attack is leaving a mark on Palnet Namek. Then Goku sprints up into the air with Ginyu chasing. Then out of nowhere comes Jeice’s fireball steaming in. Goku was acught offguard giving Ginyu time to tie up Goku. Is this the end of Goku? Find out on the next Dragonball Z.


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