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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 54 - Ginyu Assault

Samir Bashir

Ginyu Assault, Episode 54

Burter and Jeice are attacking Goku but Goku dodges the attacks with the greatest of ease. Jeice then tells Goku to attack him and so he does punching Jeice right in the face. Goku said that he thought they were ready for battle. Anyhow the two members of the Ginyu force went back to attacking and they got drilled by Goku. Burter then realizes that Goku had been hiding his power level from the scouter.

Meanwhile Freiza is approaching Guru’s house and thinking what it would be like to be immortal.

Back at the battlefield Burter and Jeice continue their pitiful attacks against Goku who keeps dodging them. Vegeta can’t believe Goku’s power as he shot up in power very dramatically since Vegeta had fought him on earth. Jeice and Burter try another attack, the purple spiral. Although the attack was powerful, Goku was able to shield himself from it very easily.

Meanwhile Bulma is stuck out in the middle of Namek when a ki blast from the purple spiral hits the cave where Bulma is residing. Now Bulma is furious!

Back at the battlefield, Jeice and Burter prepare to launch another plan of attack. First Jeice would throw his fireball and then Burter would attack Goku when he dodges the attack. However, Goku did not dodge the attack. Instead he tossed the fireball away as if it were a beachball and launched right at Burter. Burter avoided the blast but then gets angry and attacks Goku. Goku then disappears to appear right behind Burter. Burter could not believe that someone was faster than him. Engulfed in rage Burter started to attack Goku head on. Jeice also enters the fight. This only lead to Goku slipping out of the way and Burter and Jeice punched themselves instead of their opponent, Goku.

Then Goku knocked out Burter with just a few punches.  With that Jeice leaves the scene in order to get his boss, Capt. Ginyu.

Vegeta then sends Burter and Recoome to another dimension with a couple of attacks. He then told Goku that he is too soft and that he shouldn’t give anyone compassion when on the battlefield. Goku refuses to listen to Vegeta.

Vegeta also thought that Freiza had already made his wish for immortality. However Krillin and Goku disagreed as firstly when you call upon the dragon large thunder, dark clouds and raging winds occur.  Also there is a password for summoning the dragon that only the Nameks know.

Meanwhile at Freiza’s ship, Jeice tells Captain Ginyu what happened. Capt. Ginyu could not believe that his Ginyu force could have been destroyed. Captain Ginyu then tells Jeice that if he wants his job back as part of the Ginyu force he would first have to show the militants some Ginyu style and so they did. After that they left for the battlefield. The battle is set, Ginyu versus Goku. Who will win? Find out on the next Dragonball Z.  


2nd Review
Episode Title: Ginyu Assault
Episode no:Episode 54
Name: Ray

My Summary for Ginyu Assault

Starts our as Goku fighting Burter and Jeice. Goku is fighting them with ease. Frieza on his way to the last Nameks (Guru, Dende, Nail) to find out what is the password for the Dragonballs. Vegeta thinks it is unbelievalble how Goku is fighting.

Bulma is mad how they left her all alone to do nothing.  After Goku beat up Burter and showed Burter and Jeice are no match for him, Goku tells them to leave. Vegeta says Goku shouldn’t let these two go. Jeice leaves without Burter because Burter is to trashed to move.  Vegeta them kills Burter and Reccome. Goku is sort of mad how Vegeta killed them too. Then, Krillin tells Vegeta, that Frieza hasn’t made his wish yet.  Vegeta asked how. Then Krilin told him when the Eternal Dragon is summoned, the sky turns black, and there is lots of thunder. Then, Goku tells that he heard you need a password to summon the Eternal Dragon.  A little later, Jeice tells Ginyu how one man defeated the strongest of the Ginyu force. Then Ginyu tells Frieza’s Henchmen to barry the dragonballs because Ginyu is leaving to fight Goku. Ginyu and Heice thinks it feels weird without the rest of the Ginyu squad. Ginyu and Jeice then left to go fight Goku.


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