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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 53 - Goku ... Super Saiyan?

This episode begins with Goku arriving on planet namek at last. Goku fully restores Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta with senzu beans. Then he reads krillins mind and he finds out about about Frieza and the Ginyu Force.  After that he steps up to take on Recoome 1 on 1. Gohan and Krillin become uneasy thinking he is underestimating Recoome. Jeice and Battas scouters come up with a reading of 1,000, and Recoome begins to underestimate Goku.

Only Vegeta knows that Goku is hiding alot of his power. Goku and Recoome begin to fight. Recoome tries to punch Goku, But he misses by a mile and Goku flies over to Jeice and Batta and says that Jeice and Batta really are’nt that strong. Jeice and Batta try to go after Goku, but they miss too. Recoome then powers up his ulimate attack, and out of nowhere Goku punches Recoome in the stomach. now Vegeta thinks Goku is a Super Sayian, but does’nt know how. Enraged, Batta and Jeice flutter around Goku, but Goku does’nt even flinch. Then Batta and Jeice begin to fire at him, but he easily dodges the episode ends with Vegeta thinking that he was right and that Goku is a Super Sayian

- Robert


Episode 53:Super Saiyan!?
Goku is fighting Recoome on planet Namek.
The ginyu force member begins to charge up for his powerful Recoome
boom,when Goku runs towards him and gives Recoome a hard punch in the stomach,
defeating but not the warrior that defeated Vegeta,Kuririn and nearly
Gohan!As the group walk off,Vegeta wonders if Goku became a legendary
Super Saiyan,but he hasn't because he didn't have blonde hair                
            and blue eyes.


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