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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 51 - No Refugee from Recoome

Episode 51

No Refugee From Recoome

Vegeta is powering up like crazy ready to face Recoome. His power is intense.  He punches Recoome in the face and beats him like crazy. He then fires one of the strongest moves of all time. He charges up and unleashes the Final Flash!  Big explosions everywhere. Everybody thinks Recoome  is defeated. They all see Recoome standing in the cloud of dust striking a pose. 

Jeice is concerned about getting all the dust out of his hair. Burta complains that he doesn’t have any hair! Ginyu is on his way back to Frieza juggling the Dragonballs.  Frieza is waiting for Ginyu making a plan of what to do after he wishes for immortality. Recoome is not playing around anymore and beats Vegeta all around the place. Vegeta manages to get some punches in, but they get blocked. Vegeta is thrown in to the water. Vegeta flies out after being under water for a while nailing Recoome in the stomach. Recoome picks Vegeta up and power bombs him from thousands of feet in the air all they way to the ground!! Recoome taunts Vegeta only to be blasted in the face. Vegeta can barely stand up. Goku is still on his way getting closer and closer every minute. Recoome fires his Flame of Fury. Gohan barely saves him while Krillin kicks Recoome in the back of the neck. Vegeta yells at Gohan for saving him because he didn’t want to be saved by someone weaker then him. 

Recoome is now missing some teeth. Krillin is taken out with one kick to the face. Gohan decides to go 1 on 1. Gohan powers up and attacks head on. Ends up being thrown like a paper doll. Gohan has to dodge many fireballs. Gohan fires his Masenko only to be blocked. Jeice and Burta are surprised by Gohan’s power.  Gohan gets beaten up more. Gohan can barely get up. Will he be able to stay alive untile Goku comes?


NO Refuge from Recoome
by Ashley Smith
English Dubbed DBZ Episode

It started with Recoome in his silly pose that looks an unmeasured 'T' and Vegeta powering up and sounding constipated.He, then, lashed at the big brute.He punched him, making him soar.Then, he rushed past Recoome and came at him with both knuckles to the head.He soared into the air, only to come down with a crack for Recoome's armour from his feet.Then, he grabbed Recoome's feet and threw the slab of muscles into a hillside.He, then, launched a big ki blast.

(Note:The ki blast was not the Final Flash attack.If you're a DBZ maniac like me and you recorded the episodes, 'No Refuge from Recoome', 'The Secret of Dr. Gero' and 'Trunks Ascends', then you should've figured out that Final Flash is yellow and it's not because Vegeta was a Super Saiyan at the time he used it, since Vegeta used the Big Bang attack as a Super Saiyan and it was blue! Also, you may notice that when Vegeta used Final Flash, it was released like the Kamehameha, except horizontally.But the blast is released horizontally, but with the palms spread out.Also you'll notice that Vegeta has lightning powering up in his hands and then, he joins his hands to make an energy ball of lightning in the 'vertical Kamehameha relase' stance while the ki blast had two energy balls merging into one blast.Those are the reasons why the ki blast wasn't the Final Flash.)

Vegeta said, "Now, it's time to finish you off!", and made the blast bigger.When Vegeta finished, it appeared that Recoome was finished already, but... "Hi!", Recoome's armour was the only thing over and done with.Recoome was only a bit ruffled.He claimed it was his turn.Jeice was not amused about all the dust, though. "Oh, this is just great(!) Do you know how long it'll take to get all of this dust out of my hair?!" Burter told Jeice how ungrateful he was being, by saying, "Complain all you want, at least you've got hair!"

Meanwhile, Ginyu was juggling the Dragon Balls while taking them to Frieza, when one of them fell out of his hands.As soon as he caught it, Ginyu decided that he'd better pick up the pace and deliver them straight to Frieza.

Meanwhile, Frieza was looking at Namek on a special screen. "The planet before you is Namek.Air quality: Good. Cultural diversity: Non-existent. Namek contains no minerals anywhere and has little industry or comers.On the bright side, there's plenty of parking." Frieza, then, started planning on what he'd do after wishing for immortality.Then he told his minion to see if there were any planets worth conquering.

Back on the battlefield, Recoome flew out at Vegeta and kicked him in the face, but not to worry, Vegeta took control again and flew back at Recoome and started to punch a lot, but to no avail, Recoome kept blocking them.Soon Recoome got tired of blocking and elbowed the Saiyan prince on the head.But, once again, Vegeta took control and flew upwards.Recoome soon followed.Vegeta launched a sneak attack by throwing a blast behind him.Recoome dodged and soon, the big brute went behind Vegeta and hit the prince into Namek's ocean. "Have a nice swim 'cause you're all washed up!" Krillin and Gohan were both worried about Vegeta.Jeice and Burter were pleased at Recoome's work. "You rock!" When it looked like all was lost for the Saiyan prince, "YAHH!", Vegeta burst out of the water and struck Recoome in the stomach.Then, Recoome grabbed Vegeta and slammed him into the ground.All the while, Gohan and Krillin planned a sneak attack for Recoome.Then, Recoome picked up Vegeta, but Vegeta blasted Recoome in the face.That
Meanwhile Goku got ready to arrive on Namek.

Recoome started an attack called the Recoome Flames of Fury and he released a beam from his mouth.Krillin kicked Recoome at the back of the neck and Gohan saved Vegeta, much to the prince's annoyance.Now Recoome had lost some of his teeth, so he took Krillin out in one kick.Gohan was nowhere near amused at this.So, now it's up to Gohan to beat him.He used a Masenko on him, but to no avail.Then Recoome started to beat the little half-Saiyan boy around.Now poor Gohan's all alone on this fight.Will Recoome destroy Gohan?Or will it be vice-versa?Find out next time on the Episode Summary of DBZ, "Enter Goku."


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