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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 50 - Time Tricks and Body Binds

Hello.My summary is the dubbed version of #50=Time Tricks and body binds.

The episode starts when Jeice,Burter,Recoome and Gurudo were playing rock,paper,scissors to see who goes first to fight the duo of Krillin and Gohan.Gurudo cheats by freezing time and gets the upper hand.Gurudo and the duo get in their fighting stance.Burter says he bets Recoome a candy bar if Gurudo wins.The duo start by dashing aat the four eyed guy but he freezed the duo and gets the upper hand.He freezed time when he can hold his breath.He ran and can’t hold his breath anymore so he stops running.The duo did the same thing once again and he freezed time and hid on a big rock.He saw the duo and freezed their minds so they can’t move.He found a big tree and sharped it with his mind.He is targeting to the duo and does it slowly.A minute later,Vegeta is pissed and cuts Gurudo’s head off.In the Japanese version,We see blood and Vegeta chopping it off.In the dubbed version,It looks like he used a laser beam.He said something like this,”I had a little bone to pick with him.I think that’s all.Please post this!


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