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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 45 - Immortality Denied


My Name: Prince Vegeta
Series: Dragonball Z
Version: English dubbed
Episode: Episode 45-Immortality Denied
  Zarbon transforms and challenges the rejuvenated Vegeta to a rematch.  Vegeta easily crushes Zarbon with his new power.  Then he threatens Krillin until he gets the seventh Dragon Ball from him.  Krillin hopes Gohan found the other Dragon Ball so Vegeta can't make a wish.


#45 immortallity denied 
english dubbed version

it starts out with goku reaching for a senzu bean so he can regain his 
strength he eats it and then decides that now he`s experienced 100gs he 
should train in 100gs in order to beat vegeta on namek meanwhile vegeta`s 
really letting zarbon have it zarbon tries to make him stop by telling him 
that they can join forces and beat frieza together but vegeta refuses and 
says maybe someday he`ll see him in the next dimension and punches zarbon 
into the lake zarbon tries to yell at vegeta but drowns before he can finish 
the sentence then vegeta threatens krillin and bulma until he gets their ball 
and then flies off bulma starts to wonder why krillin gave the dragonball to 
vegeta and krillin just says it doesn`t matter since gohan said he`d go after 
a dragonball and he probably has it so vegeta can`t wish for immortallity 
meanwhile frieza is waiting for zarbon and realizes he might have been beaten 
by vegeta so he decides to call on the ginyu force one of his henchmen is 
scared @ the idea of unleashing the ginyu force and frieza starts to think he 
doesn`t like his plan so he vaporizes the henchman and the other two that are 
with him are in fear on the planet the ginyu force is on frieza`s henchmen 
tell the ginyu force to head for namek and that it`s not a drill so the 
ginyus get in their pods and take off in limbo king kai starts to panic 
because frieza just unleashed the most powerful team in the universe 
yamcha,tien,and choatzu hear this (piccolo is still meditating but listening 
in) yamcha wonders what he`s talking about and he says on various planets in 
the universe cities were destroyed and populations were reduced to 0 noone 
knew what happened but he was one of the very few that knew yamcha says not 
to worry because with king kai`s training they`ll still be able to wip them 
tien,choatzu,and yamcha laugh at that one but it`s broken when his cup starts 
overflowing with cofee and he says the ginyu force is 5x as powerful as goku 
back on namek gohan senses vegeta and hides but vegeta also senses something 
and says `` whoever you are come out'' after vegeta threatens to blast the 
area gohan shows himself but leaves the dragonball behind a mountain gohan 
asks how he got the dragonball and vegeta says it was "a gift fromm his 
friend" and asks what gohan has in his hand(he still kept the radar)and gohan 
says it`s just a watch and vegeta says with all the technology today he`s 
only carrying around a watch and gohan says it`s an antique watch and vegeta 
says they have a lot in common because they`re the last of the saiyans and 
they`re like brothers and then kicks gohan in the gut and takes off gohan is 
suprised that vegeta never found the dragonball and heads back to bulma and 
krillin when he gets there they`re suprised to hear that gohan ran into 
vegeta but vegeta never found his ball so they decide to find a new hiding 
place at the same time vegeta dives into the lake where he hid the dragonball 
gohan stole and sees it`s missing and then remembers what gohan told him 
about what he had in his hand and realizes that wasn`t a watch and that it 
was a dragonball locater and we leave this episode with vegeta heading for 
gohan in a fit of rage


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