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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 3 - Gohan's Hidden Powers

Gohan is carried away by Raditz, which Goku takes badly. While they try to put together their next move, Piccolo shows up! The green demon proposes a temporary alliance against Raditz, who stands in the way of Piccolo’s domination of the world. Goku accepts, and the two of them pursue Raditz, using Bulma’s Dragon Radar to follow the Dragonball attached to Gohan’s hat

Elsewhere, annoyed by Gohan’s crying, Raditz locks the boy inside his space pod, and his energy-measuring headpiece, a “Scouter,” reports an unusually high energy level radiating from Gohan. Raditz dismisses it as a Scouter malfunction and finds something to eat. The readings continue, further annoying Raditz. Soon, the Scouter picks up two power signatures headed his way. Raditz recognizes the levels as those of his brother and Piccolo. It can’t be them, he thinks to himself, since they had no way to track him, and since they knew there was no way to defeat him. When Goku and Piccolo actually arrive, however, Raditz realizes that the Scouter is working normally. He is still beside himself with disbelief, because no child should have the power reading his nephew was displaying

Goku and Piccolo strip down somewhat, and it is revealed that both of them are using heavy clothing to condition their bodies. The two attack Raditz, but even both of them together are no match for his power, and are left speechless at his claim that the remaining pair of Saiyans offplanet are even stronger than he

 - ali sheikh

my web site is



dbz english dubbed episode 3 gohan hidden powers

goku must fight raditz for 5 minutes so piccolo can do the special beam cannon fire.
goku tries the kamehameha but with no damage. now piccolo is ready, he shoots!
but when the dust settles, raditz moved and barely escaped.piccolo said that raditz is faster than the speed of light.raditz gets angry part of his armor is ripped, so he sets up the birdie attack. luckilly, goku grabed raditz tail and gave piccolo the opputernity to use the special beam cannon fire.piccolo told goku not to listing to any emotional words. goku heard and let go of his tail. raditz injured goku so bad, gohan exploded out of the spaceship, and hurt raditz raditz was going tokill son gohan, untill goku grabed raditz by the arms, piccolo shot the special beam cannon, is this the end of raditz? - Lisa


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