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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 39 - Stay Away From Frieza

DragonBall Z
#39-Stay away from Frieza

This episode starts out with Freiza saying, that Vegeta better not try to interfer with his plans.

Screen Change-We see Goku training in his ship.  He is still in 20 times normal gravity.

SC-Krillen and the others are talking about the DragonBalls.  Dende is insisting that to the eldest namek.  So Krillen tells Bulma and Gohan to stay here.  So then both Dende and Krillen fly off.

SC-Goku is now getting ready to bump up the gravity.  When all of the sudden we hear a voice.  Its King Kai, and he tell Goku that he is doing a wonderful job.  And he also has news on visitors.  Its our old friends Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo and Chouzo.  Yamcha asks if he can talk to Goku.  So King Kai lets him.  Goku is telling Yamcha that he will wish back everyone.  Yamcha tells Goku that he is a good friend.  King Kai is telling Goku about Namek, and that he is training because of stronger people on Namek.  Piccolo then rests his hand on King Kai’s shoulder.  Piccolo tells Goku to do whatever it takes to get him back to life.  Goku decides to train harder and then bumps the gravity up to 50 times normal gravity.

SC-Back on King Kai’s Planet Tien and the rest have to start training.  But their first test is to get King Kai to laugh.  Yamcha and Chouzo easily make him crack up.  But Tien and Piccolo are having problems with that.  So Yamcha decides to help Tien and gave him a joke.  Tien goes up at bat, and forgets what he is supposed to say.  He gets so annoyed that he powers up to concentrate and says, “YOU CAN TUNE A PIANO, BUT YOU CAN’T TUNE A FISH!!”  King Kai is still trying to recover from the yelling of Tien.  Then King Kai Breaks out in giggles.

SC-Krillen and Dende are stil flying.  Krillen asks Dende if they keep flying at this speed how long will it take them?  Dende answers 5 hours.  Vegeta senses Krillen and starts Flying after him.  So Krillen and Dende land and try to hide.  But when they are just about to get caught, Vegeta finds a new target.  He flies off and leaves Krillen alone.

Provided by-Zeke




King Kai tells Goku that four visitors have come for training. Goku does not know what King Kai is blabbering about. Kai tells that Piccolo, Yamucha, Tien and Chazu have come for training. Goku is surprised. He tells Kai that Vegeta is on Namek. Yamuch (he has kept his hand on Kai’s back to talk to Goku) and Kai are surprised. But matters got worse as Goku tells that there is one more power on Namek, even more powerful than Vegeta. Kai and Yamuch are getting goose bumps !! King Kai walks forward to catch signals from Namek to check out whose power level could be so high. So his antennas begin to shine and he can see namek (weird!). Then he sees FRIZA!!! Kai, desperately collecting himself, tells Goku not even to go near FRIZA. Goku asks why not. (He is a Saiyan Duh!). Kai tells, Goku is too weak to fight FRIZA, as FRIZA is the strangest person in the universe. But then Piccolo talks to Goku and says, “Attack him!” Goku agrees. Kai gets furious and makes Goku and others promise that they will not go near FRIZA (right! like they are going to obey him!)

The scene changes. (A long time ago). Dende is not eating his food. Krillin tells it is not that bad. Buhma throws a pie at Krillin. Dende tells that Namekeians do not eat, they only drink water. Then Krillin says that there is only one Dragon ball left as FRIZA has five and Vegeta has one. So Krillin and Dende go to Guru (the oldest monk) to collect their dragon ball. But what’s this? Vegeta is coming to get them. Krillin lowers his energy level. Vegeta now cannot sense him. Instead, he senses Zarbon. He flies to fight him.

Will Vegeta win? Will Krillin get the Dragon ball? Will Goku be able to defeat FRIZA? Don’t forget to watch the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

On the next DBZ, Vegeta is winning over Zorbon but not until Zorbon transforms!!

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-- VMK RULES (Vegeta)


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