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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 38 - Collision Course

DragonBall Z
#38-Collision Course

This episode starts out with Goku training under 20 times normal gravity.  He is flying through space in an asteroid belt to be precise.  All of the sudden you hear a beeping noise.  Goku pushes the button on his clock.  But no matter how much he pushed the button it wouldn’t turn off.  Then we see a TV come down from the ceiling.  It is Dr. Briefs and he tells Goku that a piece of the ship has come loose in the asteroid field.  And he also tells our hero that if it isn’t fixed he will be sent off course.  Goku flips when he hears this news.  But Dr. Briefs then comforts him, but tells him that he will have to go outside and fix it himself.  So Goku reluctantly walks out.  But all of the sudden the ship flies off without him.  Luckily for our hero he had a lifeline attached to the ship.  Goku pulls himself in and then gets to where the hole is, and then Goku repairs it.  During that time Dr. Briefs was looking over his computer to see where Goku’s course now is.  Dr. Briefs made a startling discovery.  If Goku doesn’t change his course he will be swallowed by a star.  Goku is hurtling for the star when u start to see it.  It is a red star that is bigger than the sun.  When he gets really close he doesn’t know what to do so he uses his kaioken (no I’m not sure if that’s spelled right) attack times 10.  It pushes him away and he relaxes for a second.  He is then pulled in again due to gravity.  So he uses his kaioken attack times 20, which pushes him off so that gravity wont pull him in again.

Scene Change-We now see Vegeta flying toward a village.  When he lands we see a bunch of nameks gardening and other stuff.  Vegeta demands to see the elder of the village.  The elder shows up and says, “That would be me.”  Vegeta demands to have the DragonBall.  The elder questions Vegeta. And when he does that Vegeta basically tells the old man to stay out of his business.  The elder then refuses.  Vegeta challenges everyone in the village.  He then throws a sphere of energy at the eldest.  One of the middle aged men walks in front of it.

SC-Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan are all eating at their little house in the cave.  Dende is the only one who is not eating but he looks worried.  Then Dende tells a little story about namek.

SC-Then the rest of the villagers build up their Ki around their fist.  When one fires it at Vegeta so do the rest.  When the smoke clears one of the warriors looks at the hole in the ground to find no body.  So they all think he is dead.  Vegeta raises from the ground.  The village warrior who thought Vegeta was dead then fired a blast at Vegeta.  Vegeta isn’t even scratched by it.

SC-Krillen and Gohan run outside to see what’s going on.  The sky starts to darken.  Krillen then mentions the DragonBalls.  Dende is confused, how did Krillen and the rest of the gang know about the DragonBalls.

SC-The eldest namek in the village that Vegeta is in tries to stop him.  But with little effort Vegeta kills him.  Vegeta proceeds into the house and gets the DragonBalls and troughs it into the water so that Frieza wont find it.

SC-Frieza is telling Zarbon to go find the other DragonBalls.  While at the same time expecting Dodoria.  So Frieza decides to forget about him and go to his ship and stay for a while.

Provided by-Zeke


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