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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 276

Dragon Ball Z
English Dubbed Version
Episode 276: Goku's Next Journey

Goku gave Uub a bit of a kick which
just makes Uub angry. Uub runs at Goku and goes for a kick which is blocked and then the former Majin gives Goku a punch which sends him across the ring. Goku gets up and says that he is Buu. Uub runs at Goku and goes for more attacks which are blocked. Goku finally gets a hold of Uub and flies up and throws him to the ground. Uub pops up and only sees Goku still mocking him. Uub gets back in his stance promising himself that he'll win. Goku then gives him a few punches and Uub does the same. Vegeta is shocked at the fact that Goku was right. Satan and Buu run out to see the commotion and see the 2 fighters in the ring. Goku and Uub give each other a knee which begins to wreck the ring. Goku is finally knocked down and tossed into the air. Uub then jumps up and hammers him to the ground. Uub comes back down to see that Goku is unharmed. He tells Uub that it's time for them to continue.

Meanwhile, Chicken and Nok run off for fear of there lives. Goku and Uub are tearing the stadium apart when Goku knocks down Uub who begins to power up. He runs at Goku but almost falls out of the ring. He looks up to see Goku flying. Goku then begins a Kamehameha. Uub then begins to fall out of the ring because part of it collapses but Goku saves him from being eliminated. Goku grabs Uub and tells him that he only insulted him to make him fight. Uub is still confused. Goku tells Uub he can make him a great fighter if he will let Goku train him. However, Uub says he can't go home without money. Goku tells Uub that he'll get money to help him from  Satan. Goku goes over to his family and friends and tells him that he will need to stay with Uub to help him and his family. Pan runs out crying hoping it's not true, but Goku reassures her that he'll come and visit. Goku tells Trunks and Goten to train hard along with Pan and apologies to Vegeta for not fighting him. Vegeta says he understands and in a way tells Goku to take care. Uub hops on Goku's back and the two fly off. The crowd is dumbfounded, the Z Gang is angry, some are happy, and the last scene is of Uub with Goku's flying to Uub's island to train; There is peace on Earth. But,
will Uub and Goku's assistance be needed ever again?

From: GOHANSS2_3


Web Site:
By: Tayyab Shake
Series- DragonBall Z
English Dubbed
Episode- 276
Episode Name- Goku's Next Journey

The episode starts off with Uub (buu’s reincarnation) charging at Goku, and the two begin to fight. Goku’s main objective was to make Uub mad, and he did, by making fun of Uub’s parents. Surprisingly, the two warriors strength were equal (Goku was normal though, not super saiyan). Goku new uub has great power in him, but he doesn’t know how to release it. After a while of fighting, Goku realizes that Uub is very powerful, but he needs to learn how to harness his power, so Goku decides to train him, and go live with Uub in his village. He knows that he will not be around forever to protect the earth, so he is going to train Uub to become the new saver of the earth. Uub tells him the only reason he was in the tournament was because he comes from a poor village, and he came to the tournament so he could win the prize money and bring food back, but Goku insures him that he will tell Mr. Satan to give his village money. Goku goes and tells his family and friends that he is leaving, but he will be back someday and visit. Uub gets on his back and they fly away. Goku tells Uub that after there training, he wants to have a rematch, and tells him it should be fun, with a childish gleam in his eyes, and the episode and the DragonBall Z series ends with that.


276.  Goku's Next Journey
Starts off with uub running towards Goku, the two fight for a while. The battle continues and it shows that Uub is as strong as Goku thought. Eventually they stop and Goku explains why he insulted his parents and that he only wanted to see Uub's real power. He thens asks Uub if he'd like him to come train with him so he could protect the world. Uub likes the idea, Goku says his farewells to everyone, leaving Chi Chi once again. The fly off and just like Vegeta was thinking, Goku asks Uub if he wanted to fight him once he was at his best. Episodes end with the two laughing.
Name: Rob


Series: Dragon Ball Z
Episode Name: Goku's Next Journey
Episode Number: 276
This summary was written by Josh Jefferies
Well This is it, the last Dragon Ball Z episode. First I'd like to say that this episode
did not impress me as much as I hoped. I expected the series to end with a "big bang". Instead they just set them selves up for the up coming series Dragon Ball GT (Which I'm very much looking forward to).
The episode starts off with Uub charging toward Goku on the center stage of the
world tournament stadium. Uub which was announced in episode 275 is the reincarnation of Kid Buu. Uub = Buu backwards. Goku and Uub fight for the majority of the episode. The little Uub is quite strong but with out the proper training Uub is not even close to the immense power of Goku. The mach is neither won nor lost. Goku hits Uub out hanging off the side of the ring. Goku picks Uub up and tells Uub that with the proper training he could be as strong as he is. Goku makes up his mind to train Uub. Goku says good bye to his loved ones and fly's off to train Uub at his village. The very noble Goku has high hopes in Uub to protect the earth along with him and the other Z warriors. He also seeks another challenger for an always enjoyable fight.


series:DBZ English(no subtitles) #276 Goku's Next Journey By: Corey Holt
The episode begins with Uub running at Goku angrily. Then he tries to kick his face in, but Goku blocks it. Goku then notices that his hand hurts. Then Uub punches him across tthe ring. Uub jumps to attack but goku dodges. he starts attacking furiously and when he tries to attack from behind, Goku grabs his hand, flies up high into the air, and throws Uub to the ground. While Uub is stuck in the hole created by his impact, Goku taunts him. This only makes him madder.Then Uub blasts out of the hole and they both stand off. Uub stands there thinking about how he promised to bring the prize money back to his village for food. Then Goku makes his move, giving Uub a good round house kick to the face. Then they start fighting at a faster pace(classic DBZ style). Then Vegita, amazed at the boy's incredible power, notices that he is actually learning to fight while he fights. Then they start fighting even faster than before. In Hercule's office, Hercule tells Mr. Buu that he was going to take a nap. Mr. Buu then asks him if he wanted to watch the fight. Hercule then started explaining that Goku would win and lose to Mr. Buu, the way they had planned it. Then the room starts to shake.

Hercule runs out to find Uub and Goku in a fistlock, electricity flying off them. Then they separate and go into a kneelock. The arena starts to crack. Uub kicks goku in the face and they start fighting once again. Uub knocks down Goku and starts to swing him around by his feet. Then he throws him up. Uub jumps up above Goku, and slams hard into the ground. Every one thinks Goku is hurt, but then the ground starts to shake, rubble starts to fly up, and Goku flys up out of the crater almost unscathed. He then cracks his neck and complements Uub for trying. then they stand off. Then two of the competitors waching the match(Narick and Captain Chicken) decide to forfeit. Then they start to fight so fast you can't see them until they stop. Then Goku kicks Uub to the ground. Uub stands, but he looks tired. He's looking down thinking about how he gave his word to his family. Then he powers up so you can see the energy around him. He makes The rubble around him fly at Goku. Uub then starts to work his way to Goku through the flying debris. But he misses Goku and flies right to the edge of the arena. One of the rocks hits him on the back of his head and he falls off barly catching himself with his foot. The crowd is looking up, oohing and awing at the sight of Goku fliying. Uub pulls himself up, and Goku prepares to fire a Kamehameha Wave at him, but then he notices that the arena is about to collapse and quickly flies down to get him. Goku tells Uub that he needs a master who can teach him to control his power. Then Goku decides he will go live with Uub and teach him how to fight. He says his goodbyes to his family and freinds and promises to visit them now and then. He tells Trunks and Goten to keep training so Uub can have some one to help lead him after his training is complete. Then he appologizes to Vegita for not staying to fight. Vegeta then replies,"When we fight, we will need a whole planet as an arena". Then he tells Uub to hop on his back. Then they fly out of the arena without finishing the match. Everyone is astonishied by this. Then Dragonball Z ends and DBGT Begins!


DBZ - English

Episode Title : Goku's Next Journey
Episode Number : 276

On the last DBZ goku asked fat boo to use his magic so that goku would fight oob (kid boo reincarnated)because goku wanted to fight someone strong ,oob doesn't look strong but he is,Goku had angered oob and now the fight is really getting started.As they are fighting someone says that oob is learning how to fight as he is fighting can't remember who said it though,oob hits goku into the air and then hits him to the ground and it makes a big bang and smoke shoots into the air, everyone things goku is dead but he soon gets himself out of the rubble,he just smiles.Chicken man and some other dude gets scared and escapes from the tournament.Goku flighs into the air and starts to do a kamahamaha (don't know if thats how you spell it)the floor starts to crack and oob nealy falls off the arena and if he did he would have lost but goku saves him from loseing and puts him back on the arena goku tells oob that he doesn't know how to control his power and goku could learn him how to (he wants to do this so that when he dies oob can protect the univers) goku flighs over to chi-chi and all the others to say goodbye,chi-chi isn't to happy about this neither is pan,pan runs over and hugs him, goku said that he would come back one day,he then gets oob and flighs off.It then shows flashes of the tournament.

And thats the end of Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT is next. I've seen every episode and liked them all.

Andrew G


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