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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 275

DBZ/English Dubbed
Episode 275- Buu's Reincarnation:
       Many of the Z fighters are getting ready for the World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku asks Majin Buu to use his magic during the drawing of fighters to change the numbers of the balls they pick so in the end Goku would be fighting a certain person. His name is Uub and explains to Vegeta and Buu that before Goku killed the Evil Buu, he made a wish that Evil Buu would come back as a better person. Apparently, King Yemma heard his wish. [Uub is Buu spelled backwards.]
       Pan wins her first round in the fight. Up next is Goku and Uub. Uub is so nervous from fighting that Goku easily lands a punch at him. Since Goku wants to have a true fight with Uub, he starts making fun of Uub and his family so that he can unleash his true power. The real fight then begins. 


U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode #275 English Dubbed DBZ
Buu ’s reincarnation

This episodes the draw for the tournament is being held. All 12 fighters have to draw a number. Pan gets laughed at by her opponent, a big strond looking guy who calls himself Wild Tiger. Vegeta ’s opponent is trying to insult Vegeta, but Vegeta knocks him out of conscience en goes thru to the next round before the tournament has started. That ’s the true Vegeta allright!

Then Goku tells good Fat Buu to use his magic, beacuse Goku wants to fight someone in the first round, whose identity is kept secret by Goku. Then Goku tells this guy is Uub, the skinny little fellow who is really afraid of all those strong man around him in the ring. Uub is very unsure of himself and the reason he signed in for the tournament is that he has to win prizemoney so he can buy food for the people in his village. Goku tells Vegeta that he told Majin Buu that he wanted to fight him another time, when they both could be at full strength, just before he killed Majin Buu. Goku thinks that King Yemma must have heard this and that he has granted Goku ’s wish. Also, Goku has done some hard thinking, and our very intelligent hero has come to the following: Uub is Buu spelled backwards. Good thinking, Goku! It seems that the little guy called Uub is Majin Buu, but in a good body. So luckily Uub is not a threat to the world, but just a innocent little boy from a far island, who has been given the enormous powers Majin (Kid) Buu had.

Then the first round finally begins. Pan easily knocks Wild Tiger down and out of the ring: she joins Vegeta in the second round. Next up: Goku and Uub. Picollo and Dende tell eachother that the real final of the tournament lies in this fight. Uub is very afraid and Goku ’s saying to himself that is going to be harder than he thought. To make Uub angry and to let him use his powers, Goku tries to tease Uub, by insulting him mother and father. And it seems to work! Goku kicks Uub, still frightened, almost out of the ring, but then Uub is getting very mad and flies towards Goku. And that ’s when the episode ends.

Ralph de Wit, The Netherlands

Dragon Ball Z
English Dubbed Version
Episode 275: Buu's Reincarnation

The announcer then explains that they will now draw numbers with the Z Warriors wondering who Goku's fighter is. Goten is called up first. As Goten goes to pick his number, Goku tells Buu to use his magic to change the numbers around. Goten reaches in and Buu changes it to get 8. The next to come up is a big guy named Wild Tiger who gets 2 Pan comes up and gets 1. Goku comes up but tells Buu to give him 3. Goku reaches in and gets 3. The next to come up is a guy named Norig who Buu gives number 6. Next is a young boy named Uub. Goku tells Buu to make him 4. Vegeta is shocked to find out that he is Goku's fighter. Goku explains that before he killed Kid Buu, he wished that he would be reincarnated as a good guy. King Yama heard this wish and granted it. Goku also points out that his name is Uub, which is Buu spelled backwards. Uub stands wondering if he has a chance with Goku telling him to calm down. The announcer goes over the standing, first it's Pan vs. Wild Tiger, Goku vs. Uub, Narig vs. Captain Chicken, Buu vs. Goten, Trunks vs. Odecoski, and Vegeta vs. Nok. Nok begins to tell Vegeta that he will lose and laughs at him, so Vegeta back hands him into a wall telling the meds to help him.
Pan and Wild Tiger come to the ring with Wild Tiger still being mean to Pan. So Pan just gives the jerk a big slap across the face, sending him out of the ring. With that, Pan bows to the flabbergasted audience. The announcer then calls for Uub and Goku. Goku and Uub walk out to ring with the announcer saying that Goku was a former champion. He also says that Uub comes from a poor family and wants to win the money for them. Goku gets ready to fight but sees that Uub is to nervous to do anything. So Goku begins to make fun of his mother and father in order to make Uub attack. Uub goes crazy and runs at Goku for a kill….just like 10 years ago. - Chris P.


Series: DBZ
English Dubbed
275. Buu's Reincarnation
The gang (everyone) is at the tournament and all the fighters are going to draw numbers to decide who will face who. Pan (Gohan's daughter) faces Wild Tiger, Goku faces Uub (Evil Buu's reincarnation), Goten faces Good Buu, Trunks faces some guy that kinda looks like young Hercule mixed with a policeman, Vegeta faces one of Hercules students when they're fighting Cell. There is also this chicken man guy that isn't important. Goku wanted to fight Uub and made Good Buu use his magic to change the number on the balls. Vegeta, Dende and Piccolo is shocked Evil Buu was reincarnated but Goku says that King Yemma allowed Evil Buu to be reincarnated if he was good and that Buu spelt back words was Uub (pronounces Ube). After drawing the balls, Vegeta's opponent talks to Vegeta but Vegeta doesn't answer at all. The guy mockingly called Vegeta old and stuff, then Vegeta knocks him out and he had to be taken away by a stretcher (meaning he forfeits the tournament). Pan starts the tournament against Wild Tiger, she starts off by teleporting to about Wild Tiger's Head's height then slaps him then kicks him and hes knocked out. The next match is the best and expected to be the match of the century. It starts of Uub being really scared and nervous, Uub is dark skinned, from an island far away and if he gets any prize money, he is using it to buy food for his family. Uub is obviously very poor. Goku starts off with a kick right in the face and Uub barely stays in the ring, then Goku starts talking trash (literally, but he isn't good) Goku talks about his mother and his father being weak. That really made Uub pissed and he starts to power up kinda like a super saiyan and that's how it ends
Name: Kooladen
Stuff under my name:
Tibet should not be a seperate country.

I hope you can post my summary and stuff, I think I can also do a summary on next Episode.


275.  Buu's Reincarnation
It starts off at the tournament where everyone gets a chance to pick their number to see who they will fight in round one. Goku asks Buu to change his number so he could fight his mysterious partner. Once everything is settled the tournament starts. Pan is up against the big tiger man which she takes out with a slap and punch. Up next is Goku and uub(supposedly buu reincarnation in a nice body but with same strenght). Goku sees that the little boy is afraid so he insults his mother and father to get the kid fired up. The episode ends with the two flying towards each other.

Name: Rob


 The world's martial arts tournament has now started and all fighters are
warming up. Uub gets extremely nervous when he sees the amount of people who
came to watch the tournament. Meanwhile, Pan is shown, walking around on her
hands. She starts to lose her balance when a bug comes out of nowhere and
falls and bumps into a huge fighter named Wild Tiger. Tiger turns around and
starts to scare Pan. Crying, Pan runs to Goku, who tells her to don't cry
and that it's just a game.
The announcer then comes out, saying it's time to pick numbers to see who
fights who in the first round of the finals. Vegeta gets impatient and asks
Goku to tell him which is the real strong fighter, and Goku refuses to
answer. The announncer begins to call out the people to pick out numbers
from a box.
Meanwhile, Goku asks Buu to use his magic to change numbers in the box so
he can fight a certain person in the first round. Vegeta comments on how
it's unlikely for Goku to break the rules, but Goku answeres that he really
wants to fight this person, both at full strength.
Goten draws a number and gets number 8. Wild Tiger comes up and picks a
number. Then, Pan comes out and picks 1. Mr. Satan watches from behind to
see which fighter would be fighting Pan. It turns out to be Wild Tiger, who
got number 2, and Mr. Satan begans to freak out, thinking Pan can't beat
Tiger. Finally it is Goku's turn to pick. Before he goes up, Goku asks Buu
to make his number 3. As Goku picks up a number from the box, Buu uses his
magic to turn it into 3. Then a blonde fighter comes up and begins to pick a
number, when Goku tells Buu to make it number 6. Next, it is Uub's turn to
pick, which Goku then tells Buu to make it number 4. Vegeta hears this and
can not believe that it's Uub who is the strong fighter. Goku then explains
that before killing the bad Kid Buu, he requested for Buu to come back as a
good person, which apparently King Yammen heard and granted it. Finally the tournemnt is about to begin. Pan and Wild Tiger are up next.
Wild Tiger begins to complain that he's fighting a little kid, but before he
knew what was happening, Pan gets up and slaps him in the face REAL hard.
Then she gets behind him and kicks him in the back, which sends Tiger flying
and hitting a wall, disqualifying him. Pan is the victor.
Now it's Goku and Uub to go up next. At first, Uub is too nervous to do
anything. Goku realizes how nervous he is, then decides to loosen up a
little by making fun of his looks and his family. Uub becomes extremely
angry and powers up. Then he goes after Goku, and the real fight has


Episode #275 English Dubbed DBZ
Buu's Reincarnation

The Tournament is underway as the fighters are warming up. Goten and Trunks are talking about girls, Pan is having fun, and Uub is becoming extremely nervous about how strong the fighters look. Pan runs into one of the fighters named Wild Tiger(who is 10 times her size). She goes and hides behing Goku, who calms her down. The tournament matchup drawing starts as Trunks, Goten, and Vegeta are wondering who the strong fighter that Goku talked about is. Goku then asks Buu to use his magic to change the numbers in the box so that Goku can fight the mystery fighter in the 1st round, and Buu agrees. The numbers are drawn and the 1st round matchups are Goten v. Buu, White Tiger v. Pan, Goku v. Uub, Norig v. Captain Chicken, Trunks v. Odikoshki(sp?), and Vegeta v. Nock. Goku explains that he is certain that Uub is extremely powerful because he is the reincarnation of Kid Buu. He tells Vegeta that just before Kid Buu died, Goku requests that Buu come back one day as a good person. Enma heard this request and fulfilled Goku's request. The fighters then take time to insult their opponents. Nock calls Vegeta an old man and Vegeta responds by hitting him across the ground knocking him out. Videl then encourages Pan to do her best. Pan makes her way down to the ring and the fight begins. Very quickly, Pan slaps Wild Tiger sending him soaring into the wall. Pan wins. Goku then encourages Uub to do his best just as they walk down to the ring to begin their battle. The announcer tells the audience that Uub is fighting in the tournament to win money to buy food for his village. Goku notices that Uub is extremely nervous. Goku then begins to insult Uub's village, his mother, his father, and his looks in an attempt to enrage Uub to bring out his power and make him less nervous. Goku begins the fight by kicking Uub in the chest. The episode ends with Uub allowing his anger to take over, and he charges Goku with full force.

- Xssj2GohanX


Hello, my name is Michael and I am sending a DBZ episode summary for BUU'S REINCARNATION, episode 275, English, UNCUT and it is pretty long.My e-mail address is

This is my fist episode summary so bear with me here allright


       The episode starts off showing the fighters that past the preliminary rounds in the ring. Trunks tells Goten he is going out with a girl after the tournament.Then we see Uub, a small,skinny,brown colored kid looking up at the crowd saying he never knew there were so many people in the world. A fighter taps Uub on the shoulder and asks him how a squirt like him got past the preliminarys. Uub says mabye it was just luck. Then the guy says it happens all the time. He points to Pan who is walking on her hands. She tries to avoid sqaushing a lady-bug that just landed in front of her and looses her balance,causing her to slip across the whole ring and bumps into a real muscular guy.He insults her so she starts to cry and runs to Goku. He tells her not to cry and it is just a game.
       The announcer explains stuff about the tournament. He says the winner will go up against Mr.Satan. Trunks asks Goten if the amazing guy Goku was talking about is really one of these fighters. He looks around at them. Goten says their is one of them thats not so normal. The announcer starts calling names and Pan is first. Goku asks Buu if he can change the lot numbers so he can fight this certain guy. Buu says he will do it. Then Vegeta says its not like Goku to break the rules. Goku says yeah but he wants to fight this guy in the first round so they will both be at full power.
       Goten draws an eight. Then Wild Tiger draws,(the guy Pan bumped into earlier.) Bulma says she wouldnt want to be paired up with that guy. Then 18 insults Krillin for not entering. Pan comes up and draws a 1. Mr.Satan looks at the borde and is shocked to see that Pan is fighting Wild Tiger. Then she skips happily across the ring saying number one, number one. Goku looks at the borde and sees that no-one is in 3 and 4. Goku tells Buu to make his number 3. Buu says okay and then Goku goes up and draws a 3. Then Narig(a blonde guy popular with the ladys), goes up and draws. Buu uses his magic and makes Narig's number 6.
       Vegeta asks Goku if this guy is the one. Then Uub goes up and Goku tells Buu to make Uub's number 4. Vegeta says no way, he's just a kid! Goku tells Vegeta that right before he destroyed Kid Buu he asked him to come back as a good guy. King Yemma heard his wish and granted it. Uub draws a 4. Then Goku says Uub is Buu spelled backwords. Uub worries he will loose. Vegeta goes up and draws a 12. Then Uub looks up at Goku and Goku smiles at him. The announcer tells the fighters who will fight who. Wild Tiger comes up to Pan and makes fun of her again because he is mad he is fighting a 4 year old.
       Knock(the guy with orange/brown hair and an orange bandana) goes up to Vegeta and calls him an old man.Vegeta punches him out of the ring and into a wall. The judges have to get ready so the fighters leave for a few minutes. The announcer says Mr.Satan is the sponser for the tournament. Videl tightens Pan's belt and they wish her luck. She and Wild Tiger go out into the ring. The announcer does some cool moves with his microphone and introduces the fighters. After that the match begins. Pan smacks Wild Tiger across the arena and then kicks him into the wall. Pan bows to the audiance and leaves.
       Mr.Satan askes Pan if she is okay and Pan says she is. Goku says hi to Uub and tells him to try his best. Uub is in the tournament to buy food for his poor village. They go into the ring and the match starts. Uub is shaking in fear because he is really, really, REALLY nervous. Goku says he doesnt want to but he starts making fun of Uub and his family so he will get angry and attack(its actually pretty funny.) Goku kicks Uub and almost knocks him out of the ring. Uub gets really mad and charges at Goku. episode ends.


Buu's Reincarnation:

Starts with All the fighters standing in the Championship ring waiting to
see who they have to fight. Pan is doining a handstand and bumps into
another fighter (Wild Tiger) Wild Tiger teases Pan. Pan runs Away crying to
Goku. Goku comforts her. Fighters Start to pick numbers to see who they will
be fighting. Vegita asks Goku who is the secret fighter, Goku doesn't tell
him. Goten is the first to pick a number. Goku asks Buu to do him a favour,
He asks Buu to use his magic so that he can change the ball numbers, so Goku
can fight a certain guy. Buu says he will do it. Vegita says to Goku that
its not like him to brake the rules, Goku Agrees, but wants to fight in the
first round, so that they will both be 100% and it will be an even fight.
Goten picks #8, Wild Tiger picks #2, Next up is Pan and she picks #1, so she
sill be fighting Wild Tiger. Next is Goku, he asks Buu to change the number
to 3. Buu does so. Another fighter picks a number. Uub is up next, Goku
asks Buu to make this #4. Vegita doesn't Belive Goku that Uub is the
fighter. Uub is only a little child. Goku tells Vegita and Buu that when he
has fighting Kid Buu 10years ago, just before he was beaten by the Spirit
Bomb, Goku asked if Kid Buu could come back as a good person, so that they
could fight again. King yama heard Goku's request and made it happen.
Vegita is shocked that this Young boy is actually Kid Buu but in good form.
Goku informs Vegita that there is a clue, his name is Uub, Buu spelt
backwards. Piccolo and Denda over hear from the Stadium, what Goku Just
said, They are also very Shocked. Uub is very scared to be fighting, He
doesn't want to fight, he needs to win and bring food back to his village.
All numbers have been picked. 1st is Pan Vs Wild Tiger. 2nd: Goku Vs Uub.
3rd: Noric Vs Captian Chicken. 4th: Buu Vs Goten. 5th: Trunks Vs Odda Coski.
6th is Vegita Vs Nock. The MC tells the fighters that the judges have to get
ready, you have time to warm up. Wild Tiger is upset that he has to fight
Pan. Nock comes up to Vegita, and says hey old man looks like we will be
fightign each other. Vegita ignores him, Nock says looks like you have an
attitude problem, and calls him old and ugly and starts laughing in Vegita's
face. Vegita Punches Nock out of the ring into the backstage area. Vegita
tells the Judges that Nock will be forfiting, so they cross Nock of the
list. First Round is about to start. MC calls out Pan and Wild Tiger. MC
tells the crowd that Pan is the Granddaughter of the one and only Mr Satan.
The crowd is shocked to see such a young girl fighting. Pan and Wild Tiger
prepare to fight. The bell rings to fight. Wild Tiger Laughs at Pan, Pan
flys and slaps him across the face which send him flying across the ring. He
tries to get up but pan kicks him out of the ring. The Crowd is shocked. Pan
wins the first round. Next up is Goku and Uub. Goku and Uub are standing in
the ring, Uub is scared to fight and Goku can sense this. Goku has a plan to
get Uub angry. The Bell rings to fight. Goku Starts to call Uub stinky and
Ugly, and starts to call his family ugly, and calls Uubs mother Fat. This
makes Uub Really mad, and charge at Goku....
Thats the end of the Epsiode.

Sorry if this is no very good it is my first Ep Summary.

DBZ Episode 275:- Buu's Reincarnation UK English Version

The episode starts off with all the fighters who made it through the premilinary round waiting in the ring. Pan (Who is now 4 years old) is walking round the sides of the ring on her fingers, as she is about to turn a corner, a ladybird appears, Pan swerves to dodge it, loses her balance and bumps into a rather large man who calls himself Wild Tiger. The giant looks down at Pan then threatens her, Pan runs off crying to her Grandfather Goku who just says don't worry, its only a game.

It's time for the draws to get called. Goten is called up first. Goku asks Majin Buu (The fat form) to use his magic to change his number so that Goku can go against this "Mysterious strong person" In the first bout. Buu makes Goku's number 3, and a rather nervous boy's number 4 at Goku's request. Vegeta is amazed that Goku would want to fight a young boy and demands an explanation. Goku goes ahead and explains that before he destroyed the Evil Buu, he made a request for Buu to return as a better person so that they could fight one another. Goku then says King Yemma heard his request and decided to make it a reality. Vegeta can't believe this young boy is Majin Buu, Goku says theres other clues like his name is Uub, which is Buu spelt backwards. Piccolo and Dende overhear only to get shocked by the news.

Now the first round goes under way which is Pan vs the giant Wild Tiger. As they step into the ring, Pan flies up then slaps her opponent accross the face quite hard, then kicks him out the ring, whilst knocking him out at the same time. She is congratulated as she walks back into the waiting area for fighters. Mr. Satan (Hercule) falls from a top floor in his eagerness to see his granddaughter Pan.

Now it's time for Goku and Uub to enter the ring. Goku introduces himself to Uub and stretches his hand, Uub shakes it then says he'll look forward to their match. As Goku and Uub reach the ring and face off against each other, Uub's nervousness gets the better of him as he shakes like a frightened child. Goku tells him to loosen up otherwise he cant fight to his full potential, but Uub remains terrified. Goku realises theres only 1 way he can get Uub to release his power. Goku makes a plan to get Uub angry. He starts dissing the young kid. saying stuff like, hey nice outfit, Mummy make it for you, drop the goody goody act kid, im gonna whip you so bad, that your Mummy will need tweasers to identify the body. Goku then turns and slaps his butt a few times in Uub's face. Uub starts to get angry, demanding Goku shouldnt diss his Mother. Goku charges at Uub while asking why his father isnt there fighting instead of him, then saying he's weak. Goku kicks Uub back. Uub stops then says "You are an evil man, my parents are wonderful, and my father's not weak" Uub's rage starts erupting, and at this point, the episode ends.

~Review by SSGoku on IRC.MediaDriven.Sytes.Net

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*Note: The UK DragonballZ Episodes similar to the Usa eps. Major difference is that Toei Animation Dubbed DBZ into English.


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