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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 274 - Granddaughter Pan

Episode #274 English Dubbed DBZ
Granddaughter Pan

Ten years have passed since the evil Majin Buu was destroyed and the Earth is enjoying a time of peace! Gohan has become a scholar and is happily married to Videl. Trunks and Goten have become strong, young teenagers! Vegeta and Bulma have a new daughter named Bra, and, oh yes, Goku's a grandpa!

I'll give more updates as I get them.

Yami Yulee Queen, leader of the Anime Club


Series: Dragon Ball Z
Episode Number: 274
          It has been 10 years after the defeat of Majin Buu. Gohan has a daoughter, Videl, and Trunks and Gotenks are old and strong. Goku has been training for the Martial Arts tournament as he says there is someone really strong who is competing.
          The Martial Arts tournament starts and Vegeta is asking who the strong one is. The competition placing starts. Goten picks an 8, Goku tells Buu to change the number so he can fight the one in full health. The Pan comes and picks number 1. At Goku turn he tells Buu to give him number 3, so the other one could be 4 and they could fight. Then the other guy, Ooub, Goku tells Buu to give him a 4. Then Goku explains, how he wished Kid Buu back into a Good guy in order to fight him 10 years later, and show who is stronger. Vegeta can't belive it.
          Ooub is really really nervous, he thinks there are too many stronger people. Now it's time for Pan and a violent guy. Vegeta just knocked his opponent really fast. Then Vegeta got Automatically qualified. When it was Pan's turn to fight, her parents sent her the other chreered her. This fight wsa easily over has Pan eliminated her opponent fast.
           Now it was time for Ooub and Goku to fight. Goku first wants to warm up Ooub, so he tries to make him mad and make him attck first.Ooub gets mad and attack with Rage.
Review written by Sujanthan,


for dragon ball z epidsoe 274 Granddaughter pan. English Verison.

This epidoes starts off my Trunks flying in a capsocle crop plane. He's heading over to see if Goten is home. When he gets their trunks knocks on the door but no one answers at first. Then an aged Chi Chi answer trunks and tells him that he might be over at Gohan's house.. Trunks goes to see Gohan and finds the door open. Trunks walks in and takes a look around and he was amazed to see all the books that Gohan has. Gohan ask Trunks to help him with the books that he was carring. Then come's videl and she said hi. Trunks askd Gohan if he knows were Goten is. Gohan said he's out trying with Goku and that his parents were heading up go see Goku.

Next we see that Goten & Goku are fighting then they take a brake after they see that Veegeta & a really aged Bulma has come to see them. Bulma's mad at Goku because it's been 5 years since anyone has seen Goku. And all Goku could say was that he's been training. So then Veegeta ask goku if it's true that he's entering the tournment this year and Goku said yes. Veegeta asked why Goku said because he saw this really strong guy their that singed up and that goku wants to fight him.

Then Pan shows up one second after Trunks. And everyone said hi to her. Then Goku said that Pan's gonna fight too and so is Goten . Goten said yeah only because you made me call off my date. Veegeta decide he's wants to fight this guy that Goku's talking about and he's going to join too along with Trunks. Trunks was'nt happy about this because he if did'nt fight veegta would cut his allowence in half.

So the next day everyone is walking to the statium to find some seats. Pan wants to go play so her and Goku go play some games. Pan wins a huge teddy bear that is bigger then pan is and she can carry it all by her self. Then Goku buys Pan some ice cream. Then this kid knocks pan down along with her ice cream. Pan starts to cry but then Goku gives her his ice cream. So Then Goku takes Pan to see her other grandpa Hercule. When Goku joined the others he ran into Krillun and his wife along with the rest of the z fighters but they were'nt goign to fight they were just their to watch. Any way they were all mad at Goku just like Bulma because no one's heard from Goku in the last 5 years. goku said sorry.

Videl ends up having to go talk to her father because the only seats that they could get was at the top of the statium where no one could see anything and because Bulma was gettign really mad. After that they end up in a much better place where they can see everything.

And that's the end of the episdoe

By Ashley

My  name is Adam Ford I subbmitting an episode summary.
It's Dbz English Dubbed episode 274Grandaughter Pan and it's long.
                              By Dadamedude   
                               274 Grandaughter Pan
The episode starts off with Trunks on his way to vist Goten. Chi Chi tells Trunks Goten is out training with Goku and says Gohan might know where they are. So Trunks arrives at Gohan and Videl's house {they got married six   years before this!} . Trunks finds Gohan studying for a exam. Gohan and Videl are delighted to see him and ask him  why he's visting. Trunks asks where Goten and Goku are. Gohan says there around the West Coast and that Trunks folks should be arriving there soon. We then see Goten and Goku training and a angry Bulma and Vegeta arrive.Bulma asks Goku why they haven't talked in 5 years !! After Goku anwsers Trunks arrives. He asks if Goten will be fighting in World Martial Arts Tournament tommorow. Goten says Goku is making him. Then Pan {Gohan and Videl's 4 year old daughter} arrives to tell Goku she had just flew around the world again.We then learn from Goku and Pan Pan is entering the Tournament tommorow.Bulma, Trunks and Goten are highly surprised!! Vegeta asks Goku if he's entering the tournament. Goku replies he want's to fight some hot dogs {weak fighters}.Vegeta asks the real reason. Goku says there's the earthling entering the tournament who's around their power level. It then shows the next day where everyone's at the tournament. Pan and Goku go a clown show, get a ice cream, Pan wins a Teddy Bear bigger then here. Then a boy runs into Pan who drops here ice cream. Pan looks furious at him but starts crying. The episode ends just before



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