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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 271

Series: DBZ
Episode Number: 271
Episode Name: Spirit Bomb Triumphant

Last time, Goku made the Spirit Bomb and he was ready to fire it. When Goku was about to fire it, Vegeta was in the way trying to move. Vegeta tells Goku he can't move and told Goku to throw the Damn thing without worrying about him. Buu thinking of this goes and steps on Vegeta and he waits and laughs. Goku being unable to fire just stand there. Then Buu fires and Goku and Goku tires to resist it.
Fat Buu then woke up with a mad face, when Hercule ran towards him , Buu just knoked him down and Herclue does not know why. Fat Buu puses Kid Buu and tells Hercule to take Vegeta. Then Kid Buu fires a blast to fat buu clearing him and then Hercule says to finish it now. Goku then fires, Kid Buu tires doing everything to prevent the Bomb, he fires but the Bomb was too strong.
Back on earth the others are trying to find a way to help Goku, then Piccolo decides to go to the lookout. Chi-chi and Videl were really flad to see Gohan. Goku tries to do his beat to beat Buu, but Goku strenght was too weak and unstable. Then Buu walks with the Bomb without touching it. Then Vegeta asks Hercule to ask the citizens to give more energy to make the Ball stronger. But they are already weak and if they give anymore they might die. Then Vegeta says if they don't Buu will win and destroy them again. Vegeta forces Hercule to do it, but Hercule refuses to sacrifice the life of his people. Then it hit Vegeta, he told Dende to wish the Dragonball to review Goku's strength and Dende does it. Porunga then wishes the wish.
Goku then turned into Super Saiyen and he fired the ball back at Buu. In Hell Babidi was cheering for Goku to beat Buu. Goku fires the bomb at him and Buu can't stop it and Goku thinks of the horrible things Buu did. and his rage made his push the ball faster at Buu. Then he pumped up while the others cheered for him. The ball wsa taken far and Buu was vaporized and Goku and the others did it, they destroyed Buu.

This Review is written by Sujanthan,


The episode starts off with Goku ,in normal form (because super saiyan 3 was making him lose to much power),making the Spirit Bomb. Goku throws it, but Kid Buu bounces it back. Vegeta tells Hurcule to tell the people of Earth to lend more energy, but Hurcule tells him that if they lend more energy, they will die. Vegeta replies that they can be wished back with the dragonballs. This gives him an idea. He tells Dende to wish back Goku's strength. Dende wishes for this and Goku has his strength back. He goes Super Saiyan 2 and, with all his might, destroys Majin Buu. - jcundiff94553


This is an englished dubbed episode. The episode is called SPIRIT BOMB TRIUMPHANT. This is the final episode with Buu in it.

After all the people on Earth give Goku their energy, Goku throws the Spirit Bomb, but Buu bounces it back. Vegeta tells Hurcule to get the people of Earth to lend Goku more energy for the Spirit Bomb. Hurcule tells Vegeta that if they lend more energy they will die. Vegeta says they can be brought back to life with the dragon balls. This gives him an idea. They can use the dragon balls to wish back Goku's strength. They wish just that and Goku gets enough strength to toss it back. He goes Super Saiyan and toss's it basck at Buu and it destroy's him - Jordan C.

Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
Episode 271: Spirit Bomb Triumphant

Summary: Goku has gathered enough power from the people from Earth and
launches the Spirit bomb at Buu, but Buu managed to catch it and it fighting
it. After a couple of minutes Goku is losing power. Vegeta tells Hercule
to make the people of Earth give more energy or Goku will fail, but King
Kai( North Kai) says if the people of Earth give any more energy they will
die, and Hercule refuses to do it. Vegeta then realizes that he has one
more wish left to use.

He tells Dende to ask the dragon to restore Goku's power. Dende tells Goku
that he is back to full power, Goku senses this and transforms into a Super
Sayian, then sends the Spirit Bomb back at Buu, finishing him off once and
for all. The episode ends with a very badly hurt Vegeta and a battered Goku
sticking their thumbs up at each other in victory, and laughing.


Ian Marchetti
No Website


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