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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 270 - People of Earth Unite

Series: DBZ
Episode Number: 270
Episode Name: People of Earth Unite

Last time, the citizens of earth rufeused to put their hands up to give energy to Goku. The others on Namek arr telling Vegeta to ask politly because the energy ball ahs only the energy of their friends. Vegeta tries aksing them again.
Back on earth one guy rases his hand and his energy is given off, and then another says, it's a demons trick to steal their energy. Then Vegeta hears people say that he was on Babidi's side and Vegeta gets mad there. The Two Buu's are still fighting them and Fat Buu is way much weaker. he gets puched to the floor, then Kid Buu makes an energy ball to Fat Buu on the floor. Hercule thinks it over and they are doomed. Then Hercule rushes to save Buu, and he throws a stone and when it reflected Kid Buu he just ran back.
When Buu turned he saw Goku with the Energy Ball and he rushes towards Goku. Then Vegeta said he will give him some time to make the Energy Ball. Vegeta get beaten fast, then Goku screams and some other people who remembers his voice all start to give off power. Many other people recongonize his voice ans starts giving power to Goku's energy ball. Also Android 17comes some where during the episode.
Back on Kame-sin Vegeta is getting badly beaten. He tries all he can to give Goku some time to make the Spirit Bomb. Vegeta fought until he could no more. Then Buu decided to finish him for all and then he could easily deal with Goku. On earth Piccolo tells everyone that they could go to every city and tell the people to share their energy. They all try but the people do not care. But when Piccolo goes near them they all run away.
Vegeta is using all his energy to Beat Buu, but Buu is too strong. Then Hercule gets mad and he tells everyone to raise their hands and everyone does when Hercules says them to raise their hands. After that everyone is raising their hands. Then Goku was capable of gathering a strong Spirit Bomb while Vegeta still distracted. Goku then makes the Spirit Bomb and he tells Vegeta to move out of the way and gets' ready to fire it.

This Review is written by Sujanthan,



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