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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 268

Series: Dragon Ball Z
Episode Name: Earth Reborn

Episode Number: 268

The Episode starts of with the rumbling noises. Fat Buu and Evil Buu are fighting a battle. Hercule is watching then and cherring for Fat Buu to win. The 2 Buu's are still fighting together, then Hercule comes in to beat Buu, he was kicked out fast. Vageta is mad at Goku why he did not gather his energy, then Goku tell's that he learned to be a Super Saiyen when he was dead. Making to much power will make him weaker if he is alive.
Vegeta then think of a plan and tells Dende and Kubito-Supreme Kai to go to Namek and wish earth back. Old Kai does not want to, but Dende manipulates him into going there. Goku asks why, it's too early to wish Earth. Then Vegeta asks a question how many times did Goku save the earth. Then we find, Dende and the other on Namek and Dende is happy to find his elders on Namek.
When Dende reaches there, he recives a warm welcome and the Namekiens have already gathered the Dragon Balls. Then Dende talks to Vegeta. He asks the wishes and Vegeta says, to bring back Earth and to bring back all the people other than the ones that are pure evil. Dende asks those wishes, except for the 2nd one. Porunga can only grant one life with one wish. But the elder Namek gave it a power to grant many wishes at a time.. Vegeta and Goku are glad.
Back on the planet, Buu and Buu are trearing them up. Hercule in the middle trying to help always get kicked off quickly. Meanwhile all the people on earth are wished back after the Desctrucion in the Martial Arts tournament. Including Old Kai and Vegeta. Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, Bulma, Chi-chi are all wished back.
Then Vegeta tells Goku to create a Spirit Bomb, That was Vegeta's plan. Revive the citizens and create a Spirit Bomb to destroy Buu.

This summary was written by Sujanthan,



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