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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 267 - Old Buu Emerges

Dragonball Z English Dubbed

Episode 267.0 Old Buu Emerges

Vegita is now losing badly. Buu holds Vegita and is choking him to death. He also is ready to blast off Vegita's head. Vegita is powerless to do anything, and there is nothing left he can do. He will die. Mr. Satan however will not let that happen. He begins his own attack on Majin Buu, which of course is useless damage-wise, but is buying Goku more time. Vegita has time to recover a bit, while Mr. Satan fights Buu.

Kaioshin and Dende want to go and help Goku, but Elder Kai won't let them die, and says that they would just be useless to help. So they continue to watch on.

Mr. Satan is distracting Buu still. Buu gets agry and tries to punch him but... he misses? He tries a kick, and Mr. Satan dodges! Mr. Satan believes he is in a dream so nothing will kill him, and he is doing a good job stalling Buu. Buu is ready to kill him, when he coughs something up, and spits it out. Its.... Fat Buu? Mr. Satan sends Bee to Buu, who looks to be dead. Kid Buu is ready to kill Mr. Satan, and Mr. Satan is running for his life now. Kid Buu is about to kill him when he is shot by an energy blast. Majin Buu (Fat Buu) is back and ready for his own revenge! Buu and Buu fight, but (Kid) Buu looks to have a slight advantage, however both have the regeneration technique. Mr. Satan goes back into hiding, and now it's time for a rematch, Buu VS Buu!

Vegita tells Goku to hurry and power up, and asks what is taking so long. Goku's answer is not good. He is losing more power than gaining. Anything done so far has been in vein.



DBZ series: DragonBall Z
Episode Number: 267
Episode Name: Old Buu Emerges

Last time, Vegeta tries to get Goku a minute to gather his energy so he can beat Buu. Vegeta in this episode get badly beaten, he gets crushed until he loses his Super Saiyen form. Meanwhile on the other planet where Supreme Kai and Dende are Kubito-Supreme Kai was thinking about going and saving Goku, but Old Kai stops them and says they are useless to Buu's strength. Then Buu holds him up in the Air, with his hand and he is about to blast him. then Hercule (Mr.Satan) aries thinking he was still in the dream and tries to fight Buu. Buu drops Vegeta and walk towards Hercule.
Hercule called him a coward, then Buu gets mad, Hercule gets on his knees. When Buu was about to punch in his head, Herclue ent down to pray and when Buu was about to kick, Gercule got up to say sorry. He kept dodgeing Buu attack by a fluke. Goku unable to gather his energy in on the top trying to gather his energy, looks at why Buu could not kick Hercule. Vegeta yells to him , that he must have atlest 1 minute already to gather his energy. After a moment Buu fells irritating and a minute later he releases a fat/good Buu.
When the God Buu comes out, Hercule sees him and he gets mad. Then when Buu was about to evaporte Herclue into this air, the old Buu came to the rescue. Then the 2 Buu's fight, but the Evil Buu was much stronger that the Good Buu. Meanwhile, Goku who was supposed to gather his energy in 1 minute lost all of his energy.
The Evil Buu pumps up and go to the Fat Buu and blast his head, Hercule is scared that he lost another friend too. But Fat Buu regenerates. The Evil Buu who was happy when Fat Buu's head was gone, but really mad when he got it back. Then Vegeta and Goku who lost all their strenght look at the 2 Buu's fight.

Next Time: The 2 Buu's set up an amazing battle, and on Namek they are trying to wish the earth back.

This Summary was written by Sujanthan,
Thank you.


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