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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 266 - Minute of Desperation

Dragonball Z English Dubbed

Episode 266.0 Minute of Desperation

Goku 3 still cannot win. He and Majin Buu continue the war, but everytime Goku blasts him, he regenerates. Goku tries everything, the KamehameHa included, and finally completly disintagrates Buu. But of course, Buu begins his regeneration. Goku pleads that he needs at least a minute to gather enough energy to kill Buu, and Vegita promises to buy Goku that time. However, if Vegita dies while he is dead, he will be lost forever. Vegtia says he doesn't care, he's going to fight Buu anyways. He powers up, and Goku begins to gather what energy he needs to win. Vegita 2 fights Buu, but Buu IS definately stronger still. Vegita uses every trick he has to buy Goku time, but a minute still isn't enough. Vegita is knocked over by Buu, but he transforms back into Level 2 and begins his assault again, but he soon will be powerless to do anything, and if he dies, not only will he be lost forever, but the universe will be doomed. Goku still isn't finished gathering what he needs. The battle is far from over.


Episode Number: 266
Episode Name: One Minute Disperation
DBZ Website:

The Episode starts off with Buu firing a strog Ball of energy, but this doe snot affect Goku. But behind the smoke Goku fires a Kamehameha whcih Buu tries to reflect but his arms goes away. Buu and Goku put on an amazinf fights, Goku tries everything he can, but Buu keeps regenrating his power. The Goku fires a huge balst on Buu head, but Buu regenrated again. Goku was getting exhausted.
When Buu was trying to capture Goku, he fried Buu who later regenerated. Then Vegeta comes along, acting like if he said that Goku was not Number 1 (Vegeta's Respect) and said what he was doing. Then Goku said that he needed one minute to concentrate, Vegeta said he will occupy him for 1 minute. Goku tells him that he was already dead, so if he was killed he would be completly gone forever, bu Vegeta goes anyway.
Vegeta tries his best, he fires a series of Canon, but Buu comes from the Back and hits Vegeta. Then he hits Vegeta till he can't anymore. Vegeta lies fainted with nothing else to do. While Goku tries to conentrate

Thank you, by Sujanthan -


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