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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 265 - Vegeta's Respect

Series: Dragon Ball Z
US Dubbed DBZ
#265. Vegeta's Respect

Kid Buu manages to tire out Super Saiyan 3 Goku, and Vegeta starts to fight Buu in Goku's place. It takes an even shorter amount of time for Buu to beat Vegeta (who, i must say, looks pitiful during the whole fight). When Kid Buu is about to kill Vegeta, Goku comes into the fight again and saves him. Glad for his help (i think) Vegeta tells Goku that he truly is stronger than him, and does some kind of tribute to Goku/Kakarot(i KNOW i spelled that wrong).

Name:  PrincessMeganiumon


Dragonball Z English Dubbed

Episode 265.0 Vegeta's Respect

Majin Buu continues fighting, pushing the very limits of Goku 3. The fighters seem about equal, and there is no getting past the fact that everyone's hopes are on Goku's shoulders. Everyone in the Universe is cheering on Goku, including everyone in Heaven too. King Kai, Kaioshin, the entire Z Cast, etc etc. They too know that Goku is the only chance they have to win. In Hell, the fighters who were killed are also talking about their encounters with Goku, and also talk about who was a better match for him. Babidi also admits that he too is cheering for Goku (he wants revenge on Buu for killing him).

Goku is now powerless. Majin Buu is now ready to kill him, leaving no one left to stop him. Goku tries more of his plethora of his attacks, but they are powerless. Goku knows he will die, when Vegita steps in. Vegita fights with Buu but is quickly beaten. He simply cannot compare to Goku's strength anymore. Just when Vegita is about to die, Goku gets back up, and goes Level 3 again! He begins his fight again, even though he knows he will be powerless soon. Vegita is in shock. He now knows why Goku has always been better than him, it is because he fights for who he loves, and not for pride. For that reason alone, he became far superior to Vegita. Vegita finally admits his respect for Goku. The war continues.

- gundamdeathsytheh


Episode Number: 265
Episode Name: Vegeta's Respect

by Sujanthan

The Episode starts off with the mass destruction Buu made. Goku gets mad and fires a Kamehameha and this vaproises Buu, but Buu reform into tiny pieces and start destroying Goku. Meanwhile in Hell, Cell, Freeza, King Cold and the Ginyu Force are all watching the battle going on. Babidi says that Buu was his younger brother and that he(Buu) always looked upto him(Babidi). Then Babidi goes back and Says Goku to win.
After Goku was weak, Vegeta starts to fight, but Vegeta was defeated so easily, then Goku comes back and helps Vegeta. Then Vegeta thinks about the past, he think how he killed people for pride and Goku killed to save other people. Vegeta then says Goku you are Number 1 and you must beat Buu. Then Buu fires a large fire ball at Goku.

Thank you, by Sujanthan,


Vegeta's Respect
Episode 265
please read my episode, i worked very hard on it.
It starts off with Super Saiyan 3 Goku tired out while fighting Kid Buu.Goku tries to power up,but doesn't have enough energy.Vegeta rushes over to see if Goku still wants to continue the match or if he could step in.Goku let Vegeta fight Kid Buu.Vegeta is facing hundreds of Kid Buus then blows them up.Buu reforms & Vegeta tries to fire blasts at him but there is no affect on buu.They start fighting when Vegeta can't land a punch or kick on Buu.Vegeta is no match for Buu & Vegeta wonders how Goku faught Buu.As Buu is about to finish off Vegeta,Goku saves Vegeta & says he's not finished with buu.Goku continues to fight buu.In Hell,all the villians Goku faught, were watching.Freaza is so mad because he couldn't beat Goku & sticks his tongue out at Goku.Babidi is bragging that he taught Buu everything about fighting but then goes behind a rock and says he hopes Goku wins. Vegeta is watching & flashes back to the when he first met Goku.How he was but he still couldn't beat Goku no matter how strong he got.On Namek, how Goku beat Rec beat Freaza, that's when Goku had become a Super Saiyan. Vegeta was torn appart when he seen Goku fight .vegeta remembers how he to became Super Saiyan but still wasn't as strong as Goku.Then realized Goku's family & friends were the reason why Goku was stronger then him.Then Vegeta realizes eventhough he has a family of his own, his anger made him weaker.He finally admits Goku is number one because he fights for his family and friends, the people he cares about and loves.Then you see Goku biting Buu and then Buu biting Goku.The fight between Super Saiyan 3 Goku (he transformed back to ss3) and Buu continues.That's the end of the episode.
- Veronica


this episode is an English dubbed version

This episode starts with Goku going Super Saiyan 3 looking like he is matching Buu punch for punch, but in reality Goku is losing the battle!  Goku is exausted and allows Vegeta to try his hand at the vicous monster.  Buu quickly outmatches Vegeta and right as Buu is about to deliver the finishing blow to the Saiyan Prince Goku steps and rejoins the fight.  Again Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 and begins to battle Buu once more.  During this part of the battle Vegeta pays a monumental tribute to the "Low Level", with flashbacks from previous sagas that are sure to please you.  Vegeta admits that "Kakarrot you are the best."  and Vegeta knows that he will never surpass Goku and that it was his anger towards Goku that has blinded him the whole time.  Goku continues the battle and the episode ends.
As his fight with the inexhaustable Buu continues Goku's Super Saiyan 3 powers begin to diminish.  The mighty Super Saiyan 3 wants to the end the battle but does not have the sufficient amount of energy to finish the job.  Vegeta steps in, but is totally outclassed by the Pink Rejuvination of destruction, can the Saiyan Prince even manage to stay alive in this battle against time?

My name is Ian Mahan, this is my first episode summary and I hope to submit many more in the future to you Pojosama.  If any of you out there like RPG's especially Kingdom Hearts, or Final Fantasy check out my website

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