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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 264 - Battle for Universe Begins

Kid Buu finally finds Goku and Vegeta. The two sayans surprises Kibito Kai when they decide to fight one at a time instead of fusing. They play rock-paper-scissors to determine who goes first, and Goku wins. Goku, super saiyan/2, starts to fight Kid Buu, but Kid Buu is winning. So, Goku then turns Super Saiyan 3 and continues to fight with Buu.

Name: PrincessMeganiumon


Dragonball Z English Dubbed

Episode 264.0 Battle for the Universe Begins

A little recap, with the destruction of Earth, Majin Buu, Goku, Vegita, Bee, Dende, and Satan arrived on Planet Kaiou. They are now prepared for the showdown which will determine the final destiny of the universe.

Goku, in his Super Saiyan form, is ready to fight Buu, who finds the situation quite funny. Knowing that the universe will be doomed unless he goes all-out, he tells Kaioshin and the Elder Kai to teleport far away from the planet. Mr. Satan cannot be found, so Dende, Kaioshin, and Elder Kai teleport away to a safe place. They continue to watch the fight through their Crystal Ball. They know now that this fight will determine everything.

Goku and Vegita decide that Goku will fight first, and Goku says that he will probably be able to win. A recap of Earth's destruction goes through Goku's mind, and he powers up. Majin Buu (who fell asleep) is now ready to fight, and the final battle begins. Buu begins to power up to his maximum.

Mr. Satan finds his dog, and sees Majin Buu powering up. He, of course, missed the only way he could have gotten off Planet Kai, he is now trapped there while the battle takes place.

Goku is throwing everything he has against Buu in his Super Saiyan 2 form, but Buu won't fall. Buu begins to show why he is the ultimate weapon, he is starting to win. Mr. Satan can only cheer for Goku, he is not sure what to think of the ordeal. Goku at last reached his final form, Super Saiyan 3. But will it be enough to defeat Majin Buu?



Episode Number: 264
Episode Name: Battle for Universe Begin
Summary by: Sujanthan

Last time Goku and Vegeta used thier power to call Buu onto the planet of the Kais. Buu get's to the planet and Kubito-Supreme Kai takes the Old kai and Dende with them to another planet, but they forget Herclue (Mr.Satan) on the planet. Goku and Vegeta then decide on who goes first, Old Kai is really upset with this because he thaught they will fight together, but they did rock paper siccors and tested who must go first.
Goku won the game and he was going to on first. He turns and fights Majin Buu like an ordinary Super Saiyen, but then he tuens into Super Saiyan 3. Now the cometiton is beginning. Buu then powers up and creates a mass destruction on the planet. The others from the Grand Kais planet observe the battle going by taouching the back of the Supreme Kais.

Thank You, I tried to make it short as I can.
By Sujanthan, 

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