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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 263 - True Saiyans Fight Alone

Hi, This is my first time writing an episode so i hope you enjoy!
Dragonball Z Englishdubbed version
Episode 263 - True Saiyans Fight Alone

The episode starts with Goku, Vegita, Kibito-Kai, Dendae and Hercule
(Mr. Satan) Transporting to the planet of the Kai's. They the inquire
as to what happened to earth, they learn from the Old Kai that it was
destroyed, and Goku Asks about Piccolo and Gohan, but they too were
destroyed in the blast! Hercule, Thinking this is all a joke say
that they are still on earth, because hes standing on it right now! He
tehn alls the Old Kai a strange man.Dendae runs up to him ion a blase
and tells him not to say such things about the Kai;s because they are
gods! Dendae also explains that they are not on earth, but the Kai
planet(holy place).

Hercule then states that if they'e gods, why can't they destroy Buu,
but all Old Kai can say is: "he hit a sore spot!" Hercule then thinks
he's in a dream and that there is no one stronger than him because he
is the world campion. . .He then thinks that none of the peole there
are real. The he gets teh idea that he can fly so he runs to the end of
a hill and jumps! He falls to the bottom and gets slightly hurt. Vegita
gets andgered at Goku becasue he left Piccolo and Gohan behind for
Hercule. . . .he then says that can't be brought back because the
dragonballs were destroyed along with erath,but before much more can be
said Kibito-Kai Yells at them to look at the crystal ball, they all
look and see that Buu has reformed!

In space where Buu has reformed, he powers up and searches for Goku and
Vegita, unable to locate them, he transport to the nearest planet and
powers up. He fires a blast, and in a second the lanet is destroyed. He
then transports to another planet and does it again, and then again!
Old Kai tells Goku and Vegita that Buu is looking for them and that by
destroying planet after planet.

Someone speaks up and says that there is no way to bring earth or the
other planets back because the dragonballs are destroyed. . . .But
Dendae says they can bring everyone back, they can ask the Elder Namek
to create a new set of dragonballs to use. But goku tells him that
he(Goku)cannot trasport there because the people of Namek do not have
enough power, so they are unable to transport to New Namek and that
they do not have a spaceship either! However Kibito-Kai says that he
has the power and can transpotrt them there or any other planet they
want! However old kai states that the Namek dragonballs couldn't be
used for other palnets because that would upset the balance of nature!
Goku decides to bribe the old kai, and it actually works!

Buu getting tired of his current plan locks onto a planet with alot of
energy, he just happens to teleport to the Kai training planet where
Krillin and Yamucha are! When he teleports there he destroys a spire
for fun, and then flies to the training field! The other people there
think that he is there to train, and joke that he needs to be more
powerful! He gets angry and blasts a few people and even Krillin tried
to stop him, but to no avail.Old kai suggests that Kibito-Kai give Goku
and Vegit the Kai earrings so the can fuse, in doing so they could beat
Buu easyily! But goku and vegita refuse the offer and crush each
earring! Just then Buu powers up an energy ball and plans to destroy
the training planet! Goku and Vegita realise this and power up, Buu
sences this and teleports to the Kai Planet. He gives a mirk and the
episode ends!

I hope you liked this, i know its long, but i tried to have good detail
in it! Darren

- All material copyright of

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