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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 262 - End of Earth

Vegeta and Goku escape Buus stomach, who is expected to mutate into a weaker form but instead transforms into a much stronger form! This confuses everyone but Kabito Kai, who discloses Majin Buus history. Everyone wonders who will die first at the hands of this new Buu- Kid Buu. It turns out none of the Z-fighters go first, they go at the same time as Buu destroys earth! - James B.


This is an episode summary for English dubbed Dragonball-Z Episode #262: "End of Earth"

The episode starts off with Kid Buu standing there. Hercule says he looks like a child and foolishly says it's his turn to "kick butt." The Z fighters aren't sure whether Buu's new form is stronger or weaker from the transformation. The unconscious fighters haven't come to yet and Goku and Vegeta wonder why. On the planet of the kais Old Kai asks Kibito-Kai if it's really Buu's original form so Kibito-Kai gives a long, detailed account of the original Buu. To sum it up It was peaceful until Bibidi unleashed Buu, who destroyed two Kais then did his first absorbtion on another Kai, which resulted in the huge, strong form shown during the final transformation on Earth. Supreme Kai's leader back then was fat and was absorbed next, resulting in the fat Buu. The Kai's benevolence cancelled out much of Buu's malevolence and he became more innocent and much weaker, story over. On Earth Buu powers up and unleashes an attack towards the Earth that could have destroyed it, but Vegeta stopped it with his own attack. Buu's next attack is strong enough to blow up the planet ten times over and Goku tells Vegeta he'll grab their sons and do an instant-transmission. On his way he sees Hercule and Dende and picks them up but he doesn't have enough time to get the boys. Goku does an instant-transmission to the planet of the Kais, leaving the boys behind. Vegeta is mad that Goku saved Hercule and not their children.

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