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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 261 - Evil Kid Buu

But If You Really want an Episode here's Evil Kid Buu! (Long Version)

Vegeta is injured by Buu and Goku saves him. Buu starts attacking Goku and is about to finish him off. Vegeta breaks fat Buu's cacoon and Buu starts spazing. His insides look like they are about to blow. Goku and Vegeta snatch everyone and try to get out. They do get out and everyone returns to normal. Buu got stronger during the whole escape thing and is now at his normal form in which he is small but very stong. Shin explains more about Buu, about what happened when Bibidi made him. He explains that this small Buu is the strongest and most evil one. Kid Buu makes a really big energy ball and throws it at the Earth. It comes slowly at the Earth, Goku grabs anyone he can and tries to run. Shin shows up on Earth and teleports them off it right before the Earth is blown up. Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Hercule and Bee are now on Shin's planet. Vegeta is wondering why Goku didn't take the others. - Dan Kokoro



English Dubbed Version

Episode #261 Evil Kid Buu

Goku starts running toward the unconscious Vegeta.He destroys the pink blob that is obsorbing him.Goku runs away from Buu.He runs until Buu has him in a trap.Buu is about to absorb Goku when Vegeta wakes up and walks over to Fat Buu's pod and threatens to pull it down.Majin Buu forgets about Goku and starts yelling atVegeta to stop.Vegeta starts to pull the pod down.Majin Buu jumps at him and almost stops him.Right before Buu tackles Vegeta,the pod falls to the ground.Buu turns into a puddle of pink liquid. Outside the body,Dende and Mr. Satan watch Majin Buu jump all around and
scream.Goku and Vegeta take the pods of Gohan,Goten,Piccolo,andTrunks and fly away.They escape through one of the holes in theb side of Buu's arm.The pods pop open and the bodies are free.Gohan,Goten,Piccolo,and Trunks are all still knocked out,though.Meanwhile,Buu is two times as big as normal!Smoke covers Buu.The next time you see Buu,he is in a new form!It looks shorter and less powerful.At the Kai's planet,Kabito-Kai watches in horror.What could he know about this new Kid Buu?Find out next time on DragonBall Z!

- dundeebunch


DBZ-Evil Kid Buu Saga-"Evil Kid Buu"
Written By Anime Master 179002(i.k and r.p)
Short Summary

This episode starts of with Vegeta and Goku still trapped within Buu. Buu sends
a version of himself to attack them.  Goku and Vegeta discovers Piccolo,  Trunks,
Gohan, Goten and the original Majin Buu, Mr.Buu!! Buu then have Goku in a
position to kill him. When Vegeta threatens Buu saying" I wonder what will happen
if I this thing down."  Buu then cries out saying" No, don't if you do that I won't be
myself anymore."Vegeta goes"First you laugh at me with that ridicules laugh and now your shouting at me." Buu cries out for mercy saying"Please, don't".  Vegeta
then removes Mr.Buu from his pod and the illusion Buu disappears.  Vegeta and Goku eventually find their way out though Buu's air hole.  Little did they know Buu wasn't getting weaker but stronger, transforming into Kid Buu. Every one looks surprised but Kibito-Kai,
what does he know that we don't? To Be Continued...

Stay toon for the Return of Bibidi, father of Babadi!!

- All material copyright of

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