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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 259 - Mind Trap

Ep. 259: Mind Trap - Buu gets indigestion and uses the toilet. Goku and Vegeta travel to Buu's brain and battle Buu's memories of Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan. Then Buu's thoughts turn to food and sweets appear in the fighters' places. Goku and Vegeta find their friends trapped in cocoons.


English Episode #259 "Mind Trap"
Last time on DBZ, Vegito landed in majin buu's stomach and seperated. Goku
and vegeta began to search for the others, and goku was attacked by little
green thingies and then a giant worm came to eat goku...

The episode begins with Goku struggling to get the green slime off. He can't
until he powers up and releases it. Buu wonders what is going on. Then
another giant worm comes and talks. He then calls his "daddy". Vegeta is
disgusted, and is about to puke. The dad worm apologizes to goku and vegeta.
Goku asks if the worm has seen their friends and the worm says they did. The
worms point in the direction of where they went. Then some liquid comes
pouring out and it is "potty time". Vegeta flies in the opposite direction,
with goku following.

Buu starts to flex his muscles and congradulates himself. He says that he is
the most powerful being in the universe.

Goku and vegeta enter majin buu's head, and come to a fork. Vegeta asks goku
if they should go right or left, and goku says left. Vegeta then says "Good,
then i'm going right". Goku is walking and then finds Gohan. He is very
happy that Gohan is alive.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is going through a tunnel and finds Gotenks, who goes
super saiyan 3. vegeta says "what is this?!?"

Back on supreme kai's planet, Old and Supreme Kais are both happy that Goku
and Vegeta succeded. Old Kai wonders why the boys fused.

Gohan kicks goku, and gotenks blasts vegeta, and vegeta gets ticked. piccolo
grabs vegeta from behind. old kai says that the three are actually thought
forms. goku is fighting gohan, and gohan knocks him down. goku goes ssj and
kicks gohan hard.

buu is hungry and flies away. hercule jumps out and laughs. He then stops
when he notices that dende is staring at him like he is an idiot. dende says
to stop wasting time. hercule does not want to fight buu, but dende says
they have to. dende grabs hercule and flies him away.

vegeta is fighting gotenks and piccolo. he wonders where goku is. gotenks
gets knocked down, but instantly gets up. goku is fighting gohan and they
both do kamehamehas. something appears behind vegeta and blows up. Vegeta
asks if goku did that and goku says yes and that is was sort of a mistake.
the thoughts are all fighting together now. vegeta says that it appears they
cannot be destroyed.

buu is looking for something to eat, and smells cake. dende is following
him. buu is flying by a street ans says it's cake time.

vegeta a goku are cornered. gohan charges up a kamehameha, and gotenks spits
out a super ghost k. attack

buu finds a bakery and eats everything.

inside of majin buu's head, the three thought clones all turn into cake.

hercule and d are walking slowly down the street. they see buu eating and
hide behind a car.

goku and vegeta find the real piccolo and then the others, trapped in

next time: buu sends a vision of himself to fight goku and vegeta, and the
vision is nearly unstoppable. can vegeta and goku escape?...

- Eli N.

- All material copyright of

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