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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 258 - The Innards of Buu

Ep. 258: The Innards of Buu - Vegetto uses a barrier to survive, revealing he'd intentionally been swallowed to rescue the others. Somehow being inside Buu causes Vegetto to defuse. Vegeta crushes his earring to prevent future fusion. He and Goku explore Buu's stomach and are attacked by a giant worm. Dende and Mr. Satan hide from Buu, who is ransacking the earth.


DBZ english dubbed ep #258 - "The Innards of Buu"

Firstly let me say this is the most messed up episode I have ever seen. It’s wrong, just plain wrong.
Vegetto has been aborbed by Buu who is now extremely happy, as expected - he’s flying around doing somersults and splashig in the ocean.
The fued Kibito and Supreme Kai (what do I call him, Kaibito? *shrugs*) is frustrated because he thinks he’s failed and the entire universe is doomed but Elder Kai is not so sure. He points out that every other time Buu absorbed someone he took on some of their characteristics (clothes etc.) but this time nothing’s changed so maybe there’s still a chance.
Buu is flying around and having a little fun with collateral damage while Mr Satan, Puppy B and Dende are stressing because they think Vegetto’s dead. (which he, uh, IS heh... *coughs*) Mr Satan is getting angry with ende for not protectiong the Earth when they see Buu coming and hide. Buu is saying to himself that Vegetto must have been tougher than he thought because he, too, has noticed nothing has changed about his appearance. He figures Vegetto will probably take a while to digest but when he does Buu will become really super-duper powerful.
And so we are thrown deep inside the innards of Buu where Vegetto is just landing in a whole pile of gross slimyness.
Meanwhile the Kai’s figure out that Vegetto deliberately allowed himself to be absorbed so he could rescue Piccolo, Gohan, and the boys before destoying Buu.
Vegetto lowers the barrier of energy he used to protect himself and looks around for a moment when suddenly there is a huge flash. Goku and Vegeta are thrown in opposite directions and crash into the walls *gasp!* What iz zis? Separate again, you ask? Well they don’t know why eiher.
Goku starts rambling about why it shouldn’t be possible but Vegeta is really mean and snaps at him "Oh goody, I guess we lucked out. I’m me and you’re you, Kakarot, and that is just the way I like it so there!" With that Vegeta takes off the Kai’s earing and crushes in then drops the shattered remains on the ground. After a tonne more nasty Vegeta comments he turns to walk away grinning and saying "Come now, you’d better hurry - Buu could blow up the Earth any minute now." Goku grumbles and follows crushing his own earring in his tightly clenched fist - not happy Goku.
They keep walking while still arguing, well no I made that up - Vegeta is arguing, Goku is just whining alot. Suddenly the floor goes all squishy and they seep through it into Buu’s stomach with all the cakes and chocolate gross nasty eww. They start to get sucked into a whirlpool (ooh ooh greatest line in the episode by Vegeta: "Great galaxy! If I know my anatomy..." ha! It couldn’t be more perfect) so against Goku’s better judgement Vegeta blows a hole in the wall and they escape - at the risk of Buu possibly discovering what’s happening. I swear he did it just to spite Goku, oh well.
The two Saiyans emerge from a pile of goo and squable for a little longer until Vegeta decides to press on, telling Goku to move his ass.
They’re still walking through the stomach and Goku is wondering aloud how Buu can do it - there are so many sweets in here. "Oh like you’re one to talk, Kakarot. I’ve seen you eat desert, and as bad as it seems I’d much rather be down here than in your stomach after one of your pig-out sessions." Goku just tugs at his hair and gets one of those cute little ‘who, me?’ expressions on his face which remind me of when he was a little kid.
Then Vegeta hears something and millions of little green slimy globs of goo appear. They digst all the food and are just sitting on the ground so Goku crouches down and decides to talk to them *smaks head on desk and weeps* but one jumps on his arm and burns. Goku yells and flicks it off and Vegeta just stands there cracking up laughing and saying "Ooh, he almost defeated the mighty Kakarot." Goku laughs too "Get out." how sweet they’re laughing together...
More and more of the little green things appear and seem to be going after Goku. He looks nervously at Vegeta and asks if he’d maybe perhaps possibly mind giving him a hand?
"Who, me? Of course not. I’m a team player." Yeah right, but eventually he does help. hey try to fight them but after a while Vegeta gets bored and starts blasting them away. They keep going for Goku and soon there are too many of them. They swarm at him and hit him from behind and cover his face until he’s completely covered in the slime and is screaming in pain. Veget turns around and yells "Nooo! Kakarot!" aww how sweet Veggie-san you really do care ^_^
They hear a rumbling sound and jump out of the way of this big wormy thing which seems to be communicating with the goo. No, really. It turns around and sets it’s sights on the disabled Goku.
Voice Guy: "As Goku struggles t get free, the jaws of death are about to close on him! Stay tuned for scenes from the next exciting episode of Dragonball Z!"

by Chibi-Hikaru


Dragonball Z
English Version
The Innards of Buu #258

The episode starts out when Vegito (fusion between Goku & Vegeta; yes Vegeta did agree after a lotta talking for like a whole episode) is absorbed by Buu and is falling down inside him.
Buu is all hyper and excited, this guys no match for me, blah blah blah. Then he starts doing like flips and stuff and splashing around in the water to celebrate.
On Supreme Kai's planet, Kibitoshin (another fusion - Kibito and Supreme Kai) is all disappointed that Vegito "failed" and he's all freaked out that there's no other chance for survival of the universe, all melodramatic. But then Old Kai says that when everybody else was absorbed that Buu took on some of their characteristics, and as you may have noticed, Buu hasn't changed any more. SO that means they still have a chance!
Buu is busy having a blast and causing mass destruction while Dende, Hercule and Bee (the puppy) are all frustrated that Vegito had been defeated, and Dende seemed to be very desperate for another chance (and let's face it, who wouldn't?) Hercule is getting all mad at Dende for not protecting the earth since he's guardian and all. Buu then starts talking to himself and saying that he hasn't changed when he absorbed Vegito. But then he admits that Vegito was pretty tough and that he might take a while to digest and then Buu will be mega-ultra-extreme powerful.
THEN we're back in Buu's body and all the way down to where Vegito was tossed, with a barrier of energy around him to protect himself.
AND THEN you hear Kibitoshin and Old Kai say that Vegito got absorbed intentionally so he could find Gohan, Gotenks and Piccolo. They seem very happy.
Back in Buu's body, Vegito lets down the barrier and then there's a huge blast and Goku and Vegeta are thrown to opposite walls. "Why'd we seperate once we let the barrier down?" asks Goku. Sooo.......they don't know either.
Well the fusion they used, by putting on earrings (which I'm not gonna even try to explain), was supposed to be permanent but I guess they exaggerated a little bit.
Vegeta is relieved that they seperated (wouldn't you know it?). He crushes his earring in his fist, and Goku's all like WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!?!? and Vegeta is all sarcastic and says, "Come on, Buu could blow up the universe any minute." Goku gets kinda mad and says something like, "Fine I'm coming" and crushes his own earring in his hand.
Vegeta is being very agitated and argumentitive at the moment. Goku starts serveying the area, saying stuff like, "So this is what it's like in Majin Buu's body" and "It's really nasty in here." And I agree: it's really nasty. Goku also says that something really stinks in there and judging by Vegeta's reply ("Yes. It's disgusting. And uh, thanks for pointing out the obvious."), it's a really strong smell.
Then Vegeta steps in this watery moist stuff and starts sinking through it, and Goku tries to help him out but gets stuck himself, then they fall through and hit this liquidy stuff and they're in Buu's stomach now, with all the cake and candy and sweets, and apparently Buu doesn't chew. Vegeta climbs out of the "liquid" and Goku just stays there until smoke starts coming outta the water and then we got a famous cartoon scene here: Goku says, "What's cooking?" or something like that, and Vegeta starts shouting that the smoke is coming from Goku's body which is like burning right now in STOMACH ACID, HELLO, and Goku jumps out, and then all the sweets start swirling toward a hole, to be digested. Then the sweets start caving in on Goku and Vegeta and they can't seem to push them off.
Vegeta: What are we going to do?!
Goku: We're gonna get sucked through that hole.
Goku: Hmm, I think it's too late.
Goku seems a little too calm around this area (so you WANT to become Buu goo?), and Vegeta gets frustrated and then they fall under the water, and then you know you can't like breathe or talk underwater, and Vegeta's about to blast a hole in the wall and Goku's all like, "VEGETA!" and trying to get his attention, but even if Vegeta did see him he was probably ignoring him, and then Vegeta blasts a hole through and Goku has no choice but to follow.
Then they escape and Goku's telling Vegeta that they should be more quiet down there so that Buu doesn't notice them, and then Vegeta says that they shouldn't have just crawled down that hole like mice should they and then tells Goku to hurry up and move it, and Goku makes a sarcastic remark ("I dunno how I ever get along without you, Vegeta) and follows.
They're still walking through the stomach area and Goku says, "How does he do it? I don't understand why he doesn't just keel over from eating so many sweets." Vegeta responds, "You have no room to talk, Kakarot, oh, I've seen you eat dessert. And as bad as it seems, I'd much rather be down here than in your stomach after one of your pig-out sessions." Goku scratches his head and starts laughing and says "You're kidding!" and then Vegeta says "No, I'm not," all serious and everything, so that's the end of that.
They hear a weird noise and these green globs start closing in on them. Vegeta says, "It's possible that these things break up all the food and whatnot that doesn't make it into the digestive system" and then Goku crouches to talk to them. And he doesn't have much luck, because they're inanimate objects and can't speak, except one glob jumps on Goku's arm and starts burning and Goku pulls it off and throws it to the side. Vegeta cracks up and says, "Oh, he almost defeated the mighty Kakarot!" and then Goku laughs and says, "Get out." Hey - a happy moment!
The globs start coming by the millions and Vegeta says, "You obviously have a sweeter scent than mine, Kakarot, they seem to be attracted to you." Goku says, "Aren't I lucky?" sarcastically, and then after about 3 seconds he says, "Uhhh, Vegeta? Since there are about a million of them, you wouldn't mind helping me out, would you?" "Who, me? Of course not," says Vegeta, "I'm a team player." Goku gets sort of offended and says, "Hey seriously! This could get ugly." There are too many green things and they all cover Goku until he's totally covered in green globs and is yelling in pain. Vegeta is getting frantic and then there's like an earthquake and this worm comes up and opens its mouth and is communicating with the slime, but of course Goku can't get it off! BEWARE THE WORM!

By Tamen

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