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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 256 - Vegetto

    # 256-Vegetto...Downsized-Follwoing an intense battle, Super Buu transforms Vegetto into a piece of coffe candy and prepares to eat him. Debura, Chichi, Bulma and Videl continue searching for gohan in the Other World. Videl senses Gohan far away. The others decide it's because she loves him. 


Dragonball Z english dubbed episode 256 - "Vegetto... Downsised" by Chibi-Hikaru ^_^

It starts off with King Yemma and Baba sitting and watching Buu and
Vegetto's fight on satelite. Yemma is telling everyone how great he is for
deciding to keep Vegeta's body.
On the fight scene Buu is breathing deeply while Vegetto looks down at with
with a few sarcastic remarks. They throw a few punches but Buu doesn't land
a single one. Vegetto grabs his head-tail thingy and pulls it so Buu
stretches out until he's really long and tightly wraps around him so Vegetto
powers up a little and blasts him off into lots of tiny little blobby
pieces. Buu reforms except for the head-tail which Vegetto is still holding.
He gestures for Vegetto to throw it to him so Vegetto smiles sincerly and
does so but just before it reaches Buu he launches an energy ball and
disintegrates it. Buu is really frustrated and grows a new one while Vegetto
Meanwhile on the Kai's planet the fused Kibito and Supreme Kai is yelling at
the crystal ball they are watching the fight through. They are wondering why
the hell Vegetto doesn't finish him off, then surmises that fusing with
Vegeta must have skewered Goku's logic and made him just as arrogant. Elder
Kai complains about them being the new young fangled generation or whatever. Buu is really quite mad now. While Vegtetto still insults him, he powers up
and makes five of the Super Kamakaze Ghosts and tells them to attack.
Vegetto easily dodges them and, with a point of energy from each finger,
destroys them all. Vegetto starts to laugh again while Buu makes ten more
ghosts and as they go to attack Vegetto is getting bored when they stop dead
in their tracks and grin at him. Before he has time to wonder what they're
doing, they each launch a Kamehameha wave at him in perfect unison. Vegetto
scrambles to get out of the way but the Super Ghosts guide their waves with
their hands so he dives into a conyon to escape. Some of the balls crash
into the canyon walls until there are only a few left when three of the
Kamakaze Ghosts cut Vegetto off and launch Magic Flash attacks right at him
at point blanc range...
There is a huge explosion and Buu is gloating when he realises he can't see
any body. Suddenly Vegetto appears behing him and blows his head off. Buu
grows it back and is getting angrier and angrier while Vegetto keeps on
about how superior in every way he is to Buu.
Once again on the Kai planet they are still yellin at the crystal ball and
Elder Kai warns that it's not always the most powerful one who wins the
Buu and Vegetto start fighting again and, of course, Vegetto is kicking ass. In Other World Chi-Chi, Bulma, Videl and Dabura are looking for Gohan. Videl
still believes Gohan is alive and far away from that place and Bulma thinks
she may be right. She says Videl and Gohan have some sort of special bond
and that she's deeply in love with him. Videl just blushes and denies it. Buu and Vegetto are still going at it - Vegetto is taunting him with his
failure and telling him he may as well surrender. Buu gets an evil glint in
his eye and lays his cards on the table, telling Vegetto to give it all he's
got. Vegetto realises something must be wrong but cant refuse an offer to
completely womp someone weaker than him, so he moves closer to attack. Buu
laughs evilly and his head-tail starts o glow.
Vegetto screams but it is too late - he's now a nice shiny piece of candy.
Dende, Mr Satan, Puppy Bee, and the Kais are freaking out and crying that
they're doomed.
Voice guy: Through sinister scheming Majin Buu has managed to turn the tides
once again. Is there any hope for planet Earth now that Vegetto has been
transformed into a chocolate flavoured Super Saiyan sucker? Or does this
mean the end of he Earth as we know it? Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, by Chibi-Hikaru ^_^


DBZ, English Dubbed Version

Episode 256, Vegeta's Respect

The episode starts out with Kid Buu laughing at Goku. Goku and Buu start fighting. Both are trading punches and kicks. In other world, all the dead villains are watching the fight on a crystal ball. Everyone is amazed at goku's and buu's fighting ability. Freeza starts bragging that he could have beat goku but everyone shuts him up. Babadi comes along and boasts that he trained buu, but secretly inside he wants buu to lose after all the harassment he caused Babadi. After a while of fighting, Vegeta is questioning himself about how goku has so much power. Then you see a recap of past episodes with Vegeta narrating. You see a part of their first battle, then you see them on Namek, and finally on earth against Cell. Then Vegeta finnaly agress with goku and he has his vote in for goku's victory. But then, Goku launches a kamehameha wave at buu. But after it he has no energy and transforms back into a normal black haired saiyan. Then Vegeta steps in to fight. He starts fighting. (He doesn't turn super saiyan though, that's weird.) Quickly, Vegeta gets slammed into a cliff and realizes that he cant beat buu. Gku suddenly steps in and turns to ss3. Then the episode ends at a cliffhanger.



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