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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 254 - Meet Vegetto

# 254-Meet Vegetto-Vegetto fightst buu eith great power. After a long round, vegetto powers up to Super Saiyan. Meanwile, Bulma Chichi, Videl and Debura search the Other World for Gohan.


Vegetto starts fighting with Buu, after a while it looks that Buu is winning, but it's only a warm up. Vegetto fires a ki and destroys Buu's lower half. Buu now knows that Vegetto is more powerful than Goku, so he fights at full power. Meanwhile Bulma Chichi, Videl and Debura are looking for Gohan in other world, but no luck. Back at the battlefield, Vegetto and Buu are still fighting. After a long round Vegetto goes Super Saiyan.

Next Episode: Rip in the Universe



Series- DBZ
Episode- Meet Vegito # 254

Summary- As Vegito has just been formed he shows off by performing Excellent speed and excellent defense and offense. He talks trash and makes Buu angry. In
between the fight Dabura has become good and nice and helps ChiChi, Bulma, and Videl find Gohan in the other world beliving that he is dead. Later Dende and Hercule(and puppy) arive to see Goku and Vegeta have Fused into Vegito. Then as Buu has gotten mad he
creates a large Energy ball and tosses it to earth. After Vegito holds it for several seconds he powers up and kicks it up into space, Buu barely dodges the Energy Blast. Finnaly Vegito appears in front of Buu and transforms into Super Saiyan and reveals he should
be called Super Vegito.

Name- Jason


Dragon Ball Z
English Dubbed

Meet Vegito

The episode begins with Vegito showing off and warming up. "Would you look at
me? I'm setting records" said Vegito. Buu gets rid of the energy ball. Vegito
says Buu let his guard down. Then Vegito shoots wind at Buu which cuts Buu's
cheek open. Buu fixes it and Vegito makes up his name. Buu is happy that he
has better competition. Vegito insults Buu and Buu tries to hurt him. Buu
punches him into the ground and fires a blast. Vegito is okay, but Buu says
he will destroy him. Buu stretches his arms out, but misses. He gets his
antenna on Vegito and hits him into a mountain. Vegito is still fine and he
insults Buu. Buu says that Vegito is more foolish than before. Vegito flies
up and kicks Buu away and fires a blast. Buu is sliced in half and missing an
arm. Vegito tells him to fix himself and he does. Dende is flying Hercule and
Bee to where Buu is. Vegito and Buu are fighting in midair. Buu says that he
is the strongest in the universe, but Vegito says that's a lie. Meanwhile, on
Supreme Kai's planet. Supreme Kai says that it is great they fight evenly.
Elder Kai says that is wrong and to look closer. He does and sees Vegito is
winning. Elder Kai says that the Saiyan pride may work against them, but
Vegito is the last hope. Vegito pounds Buu, but Buu claims it's not over and
fixes himself. Buu powers up so much the Earth shakes, but Vegito just
smiles. On Grand Kai's planet. Chi Chi, Bulma, Videl, and the good Dabura are
looking for Gohan. They can't find him and Chi Chi is worried he could have
went to heck. Videl and Dabura say that is not true. Bulma says how good
Dabura is and he thanks her. They go to search again. Buu's power makes
Vegito go down on the ground. When he looks up Buu has a big energy ball the
size of the moon. Buu says it's made up of the energy of all the planets he
destroyed. He says the planet will blow up if it touches the ground. Dende
puts Hercule down and he falls on a rock. They see Vegito and are excited.
Then they see Buu and are scared. Dende says the Earth will split in two with
that energy. Vegito says it is no problem and he won't even move. Buu throws
it at Vegito, who stands there smiling. It seems like Vegito is struggling,
but he is facing it. Vegito starts to run with it and kicks back up to Buu,
who narrowly escapes it. It flies out of orbit and explodes. The wind blows
Hercule away and Dende is worried. When the wind stops Vegito flies up to
Buu. Buu says that it is obvious Vegito is toying with him, but he will still
destroy Vegito. Vegito says he is lying and goes Super Saiyan. He says call
me Super Vegito.

Matt P. B.

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