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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 253 - Union of Rivals

Union of Rivals - Vegeta and Goku both struggle against Buu and don’t have a chance. Goku tries to persuade Vegeta to permanently fuse with him via the earrings. Finally, after learning that Buu ate Bulma, Vegeta agrees and Vegetto is formed.


My name is Will and I am writing a review for the English dubbed episode of "Union of Rivals" episode 253 Dragon ball Z.

The episode begins with Buu giving the newly restored Goku, to the count of 5 to find someone to fuse with (Buu has already obsorbed Gohan, so he is incredibly powerful. Goku has 2 choices Dende, but Goku realizes that that would not be a good idea, because the earth still needs the dragonballs, and dende isn't a strong fighter. The other choice is Hercule, Goku imangines the fusion with him and just as it appears he is going to throw one of the fusion earrings to Hercule, he senses someones ki....Can it be, oh my, yes its Vegita. Goku uses his instant transmission to go to Vegita and tries to talk him into fusing, Vegita refuses saying that Goku has once again caused him to lose his pride by holding back SS3 in their battle when Vegita was Majin Vegita. Goku tries to talk him in to fusion for a little while, then Buu shows up and beats up both Goku and Vegita, Vegita is still to proud to accept that he needs Goku's help, then Goku gives a great speech about how Vegita always says he is a Sayan prince and he and Kakkarot (his sayan name) are the last survivors of a warrior race. In the speech he says that the Sayans are gone and that they have a chance to save another planet from the same fate as their home planet. He then tells Vegita that Bulma was killed by Buu, and only then does Vegita agree to the fusion. And just as Buu is getting ready for another attack, the 2 fuse. At the end of the episode we get a little look at a new fusion character Vegito. 


The episode begins with Buu giving Goku to the count of 5 to find a suitable person to do fusion with. He can't fuse with Tien cuz he's down for the count, and the only 2 left are Dende and Hercule(Mr. Satan). Hercule displays his stupidity by sayin to Dende "Don't worry, if I get a chance, I'll get rid of that creep for good." Dende groans and Hercules adds one more thing "Well, only one problem. I don't have any bullets left. Pretty lucky for Buu huh?!" Dende groans and replies sarcastically "Yes lucky him." Buu starts countin and cracks his knuckles after each count. He considers Dende but realizes his size would do him more harm than good and they need the Dragon balls. He imagines himself with Hercule and we see what pratically looks like a dude with Hercule's dead only it looks more fake. Goku knows that Hercule's not exactly a warrior and wouldn't be able to understand energy, however, he does know basic martial arts. Buu gets to 4 and Goku decide's it'll be Hercule. He tells Hercule to put it on but at the last split second just as he's about to throw it he senses Vegeta. Baba and Vegeta arrive with Baba still actin like a scaredy cat. Vegeta then thinks Buu will find him soon enough. Buu gets to 5 and charges at Goku but he uses Instant Transmission and gets to Vegeta. As Baba leaves, Goku comes and both are surprised to see Goku alive. Old Kai finds this to be an interesting development and he should've seen this coming. He says if they join they will be a force to be reckoned with. Kai explains to Supreme Kibito or whatever the name of the Supreme Kai and Kibito fused is that King Yemma must have intervened and even though he's a brainless bear, he has his moments. Buu starts to give chase towards Goku. At the battle field, Hercule has another stupid moment by saying to Dende, "Did you see that? What a weird time to be askin for an autograph." Dende blows him off and says he's gotta find a way to improve this situation." Hercule doesn't wanna be left alone and says " Hey don't leave me here alone, I saved your life remember? ( If you don't remember, in the last episode when Buu was about to launch an attack that would destroy the Earth, Hercule was firing a gun at him thinkin it would stop him. At that moment, Goku stopped him with a destructo disk and sliced him in half. Hercule thinks he did this with his gun and this is why he thinks he "saved his life") Goku says to Vegeta and Baba that Old Kai gave him his life and then Goku and Vegeta sense Buu coming. Baba then takes up on the idea to get away fast. Goku says he's glad to see Vegeta and if he's willin to work with him, they can stop Majin Buu. Goku tells Vegeta to hurry and put the second earring on right now. Goku says they will fuse together if they use the earrings. Vegeta laughs and replies "Sorry the offer's tempting but I decline." Goku says that's not an option. Goku says they don't have time for this. Vegeta exclaims at Goku to get away and he doesn't want anything to do with him. Vegeta turns SS2 but Goku tells him they've tried this, they can't beat him like that. Vegeta thinks Goku is lying and still won't take the earring. Goku goes SS2 as well and Buu fires a ball at them but they get it away with their own balls. Buu recognizes Vegeta and claims he's glad to destroy them both. Back at the field, Dende heals Tien and Hercule is shocked seein this. Dende explains the situation to him. Buu dares both of them to attack. Goku orders Vegeta to cool it, cuz Buu's powers have increased a lot since their last battle. Vegeta then makes a bold statement  "You think he's the most powerful being in the universe, and maybe he is! But just like you, he does not have true pride! I don't expect you to understand! Not you Kakarot! I sent myself into a cold oblivion and I did it on a lie." Vegeta powers up in rage and exclaims "The Saiyan Prince will not fall again!!" Vegeta starts firing little blasts at Buu but they all bounce off him. Vegeta then gets all the blasts to charge at him at once but again, he deflects them. The blasts fly everywhere. Vegeta charges at him but can't land a hit and Buu blocks each shot. Buu gets a punch in, then kicks and pounds into his back sending him into a cliff. Vegeta charges right back at him does a quick fake image and charges for his head but Buu traps him in a full nelson. Goku intervenes and grabs Buu's antenna and gives him a punch that does no damage but gets him off Vegeta. Vegeta tells Goku to not help him. Vegeta and Goku charge but are practically getting their asses whooped. Buu just laughs at this. Goku tells him there's only one thing left to do, and tells that time is running out and he must let it go. Old Kai and Supreme Kibito observe this and Old Kai is told they have a grudge against each other. Buu claims that this canyon would be the best place for their defeat. Goku keeps beggin to Vegeta but nothin:

Vegeta: You want my help?! You've got some nerve! Asking me to help you! You still don't think I know what you did to me? I have traveled to the Other World. I know all about your technique. Your Super Saiyan 3. You hid it from me during our battle. You allowed me to believe that I could beat you!
Goku: Yeah, that's part true. I do have the ability to become a Super Saiyan 3. But hey, I can only do it for a short time!
Vegeta: Ah! That's enough of your lies! Pride-less! Do you not realize my humiliation?! Just stay away from me!

Buu then has had enough and starts firing at them. Vegeta and Goku fly away but are caught under the rumble. They shoot at him but no luck. Goku and Vegeta are buried under and come up in their regular forms.

Goku: Darn it! I told you this was impossible! Look if we don't do something soon, we'll be history! Along with this whole planet.
Vegeta: Why do I care!
Goku: Wake up! Majin Buu's eaten everyone we care about. Everyone is gone! Even Bulma! (Vegeta's face is in shock and is upset) They've become part of Buu! They're trapped inside him! I just thought the least we could do is put our old differences aside, just this once, and really work together. We owe that to our teammates. Our families, Vegeta. Our friends! ( Glimpses of everyone gettin turned to chocolate by Buu on the lookout are shown) Look, you've always talked about our Saiyan race. How we're the last of a mighty people. (We see Piccolo and Gotenks being absorbed)  Well it's time we accept we're starting a new race. One that can be just as strong, just as proud. But not if we're caught up in so much of our old birthrights to see what we have right in front of us! We've lost our old race, Vegeta. Let's not lose this one too!
Vegeta: (Gets up) Kakarot! How do you know this fusion will be enough to stop him?  
Goku: I don't know for sure. But I know it's the best chance we have of saving the Earth!

Buu has had enough and starts to charge right at them with an energy attack in his right hand. Vegeta tell Goku to give him the earring. Vegeta has trouble putting it on his right ear. Then at the wrong time, Goku says that once he and Vegeta fuse together, it will be forever. Vegeta is enraged and says imbecile! you tell me now?! don't u think that's important information?! He finally gets it on and Goku thanks him. As Buu charges, the screen turns blue and their bodies collide into each other and after glowing lights, we see their combined form. It has Vegeta's boots, a mix of their orange and blue fighting uniforms, Vegeta's gloves, hair mostly of Vegeta, and the face of Goku with a little of Vegeta's face mixed in. Buu is shocked. Next episode: Meet Vegito

I'm sorry this was long feel free to edit as you may please.


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