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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 251 - The Old Kai's Weapon

The Old Kai's Weapon - Gohan struggles against Buu. Old Kai decides to give his life to Goku so Goku can return to fight Buu. Then Old Kai gives Goku two earrings that will allow Goku and Gohan to instantly fuse. Supreme Kai and Kibito fuse in this way. Elsewhere, Baba and King Yemma are resurrecting Vegeta.


Episode 251- "The Old Kai's Weapon"
Version- Dubbed/English
My Website-

       Hey, my name Matt and you will be reading an episode summary of the Dragonball Z episode 251 "The Old Kai's Weapon".  Enjoy.

       Newly transformed, Super Buu is on the attack now having absorbed SSJ3 Gotenks and Piccolo.  Gohan, bruised and tired goes on with the fight.  Goku and the rest of the people in Other World watch on through the crystal ball. The battle on Earth really starts to heat up when Buu fires a Special Beam Cannon which Gohan blocks but at the exspense of what little energy he ahs left, and Buu then follows it up by a Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.  They both hit Gohan and really drain whats left of his power.  Moving in for the kill as Buu grasps Gohan in his hand and powering the other hand up to deliever the final blow, Mr. Satan's dog Bee decides to bark at Buu. 
       Back with Gokou and the Old Kai, the Old Kai gets an idea.  He decides to give his life for Gokou's so Gokou may return to Earth to fight while King Yema and Baba decide to bring back the Saiyan Prince Vegita.
       Gohan finally loses every bit of engery he has and just gives up as Bee gets closer to Buu.  Aiming his hand towards Bee now, Mr. Satan kicks Buu in the head 3 times and falls to the floor.
       Buu is about to fire the blast but Gohan awakens and kicks Buu stopping him from killing Bee and Satan.  Buu quickly recovers and fires a Galactic Dougnuts attack at Gohan and wraps him up.
       Buu wants to finish this and starts to power up a Kamehameha wave.  Right afert unleashing it Gohan breaks free of the bindings and dodges the attack.
       The Old Kai sits down and falls to floor.  Gokou's halo dissapears as he is about to leave.  The Old Kai sits up and yells at Gokou to leave already as he know has a halo over his head.
       Gohan, now is fleeing for his lfie as Buu continues to hunt him down.  But the Old Kai has yet another plan.  He tells Gokou that he still has no chance.  Gokou thinks that fusing with Gohan might work, but Old Kai explains to him they have no time to practice it, so he takes off his ear-rings hands them to Gokou telling him that if they put them on, they will instantly join bodies and become one person.

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