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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 24 - Vegita ... Saiyan Style

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Episode 24 - Vegita...Saiyan Style! - Gohan and Krillen are flying to the turtle house when the notice the ball of energy in the sky. They decide to fly back to the battle-scene to check it out. Vegita begins his transformation into the giant ape like Gohan and all other Saiyans with tails do when they look into the moon. Goku can't transform because his tail got permanently removed. Vegita completely overpowers Goku. Goku is running for his life. 

Goku remembers a scene from when he was little. His grandfather was telling him never to look into the moon, for a giant monster comes and does major damage. Goku tries to attack Vegita but to no avail. Goku says he his is going to use a triple-strike. King Kai says that he doesn't know if Goku's body can handle a triple-strike. Goku gets batted down. Goku uses Kaioken. Back at the island Baba, explains to the others that Goku is hurt. An image of Goku laying on the ground appears in the ball. Chi-Chi sees Yajirobe in the ball and gets mad at him. 

Gohan and Krillen are still flying towards the fight scene. Vegita beats up on Goku some more while making fun of him. Goku is trying to come up with a way to use the spirit bomb. He uses a solar flare attack that temporarily blinds your opponent. The attack work and Goku flies off a distance to concentrate his energy for the Spirit Bomb. Goku says that it is almost ready. Vegita starts to regain his sight. He spots Goku. Vegita charges at Goku just as he is done with bomb. Goku gets hit before he can throw it and the attack is now worthless. Gohan and Krillen see the huge explosion caused by the two fighters. 

Goku gets up from the rubble. Vegita says he is going to step on Goku. He bats him into a wall, then steps on his legs, breaking them. Gohan and Krillen say that Goku's power is fading. Vegita is about to finish off Goku when Goku uses the last bit of energy in himself. It blows out one of Vegita's eyes. Vegita pick up Goku and starts to squeeze him to death. Gohan and Krillen are almost there. The two arrive at the scene. Yajirobe notices them and the three go down to a hiding place. The two run up behind Vegita when Yajirobe stops them. Krillen makes a plan to cut off Vegita's tail which will make him shrink back to his original state. Yajirobe uses and capsule which holds a cloud car and he leaves them. Vegita realizes that someone is out there

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