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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 245 - Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy - Buu creates a breach in the Time Chamber, and escapes to the Lookout and devours everyone. Piccolo and Gotenks are trapped in the Chamber until Gotenks turns goes Super Saiyan 3 and makes a hole. Returning to the Lookout, Gotenks charges Majin Buu.


Piccolo had just blast the exit way to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber making it  no way to get out. Gotenks goes crazy because he knew that if he use his  specail move he could kill Majin Buu. Buu is confuse and asked if he would be able to eat candy again and Piccolo tells him that he will never eat it again. Hearing the news Buu gets mad because he is hungry. On the lookout everyone is wondering what was that big blast they heard and Mr. Popo tells them that Piccolo has blast the door so they are suck in there. Now Gotenks gets mad and yells at Piccolo because he won't be able go live a kids life. Poccolo yells back. Out of no where Buu yells because he is hungry and it blows a hole in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and he gets out. Gotenks and Piccolo didn't make it to the hole. They then get the idea to try to do what Buu did but it didn't work. Goku saw what happen and is worried that it is all over. Gohan is still under hsi training. He ask what is going on but Goku tells him nothing. 

Back on Earth at the lookout The rest of that gang are all nerves seeing that Buu got out. Krillin then gets an idea to attack Buu while 18 has everyone run. It failed and Killin was turned into candy. Then Buu goes and turns 18 and Marron into candy and does that same to the rest (except one person that I'm not going to say). Back in the Hyperbolic 
Time Chanber Piccolo and Gotenks are still trying to blow a hole to get out but failing to do so. Then Gotenks starts to talk about the specail move again and Piccolo hits him and makes him do it. Out of no where Gotenks charges up and turns SS3. Piccolo is looking in shock that a kid could have so much power. Gotenks then brags about how cool he looks. He then goes a screams and blows a hole in the Chamber and Piccolo and him get out. Buu is just sitting on the ground eating candy ask they come out. Goku is happy 
that they went SS3 because it tooking him his whole life to go that high. Supreme Kai thinks that SS3 was an effect of that fusion until Goku tells him that he reach it also. Back on the lookout Buu sees that Gotenks has a new look. Piccolo ask Buu were everyone is and he say that there in him. Gotenks gets mad a startes to charge up because Bulma was dead. Ask the show goes off Gotenks goes to hit Buu.

- RArmstd


Episode#245 Feeding frenzy

Piccolo destroys the way out of the Hyperbolic time chamber. Gotenks and
Super buu are so upset they start screaming and crying. Super buu makes a
rip in the dimension with his voice. Gotenks and Piccolo combined there
voice to try to do the same thing as Super buu but it dident work. Then
Gotenks transforms to super saiyian3 and rips in the dimension and they get
out. Meanwhile Super buu was eating everebody .Gotenks gets angry and beats
him up. But the hyper bolic time chamber Gotenks captures Super buu with a
speical attack then passies it to Piccolo passies it to Gotenks and he hits
it down . Gotenks beats him up that he almost kills him but he turns back.



Dragon Ball Z
english dubbed
episode #245 feeding frenzy

previous:piccollo destroys the entrance to the hyperbolic time chamber
leaving gotenks majin buu and piccollo trapped inside

summary:Majin Buu gets angry and makes a rip between dimensions and escape.
we then see chi-chi bulma ox-king videl #18 marron krillin yamcha mr.popo and
dende. Then majin buus dimension portal rips through midair and buu comes
out! Krillin tells evryone to run while he fights buu, he tries and gets
eaten imiddietly! Majin Buu then eats evryone on the lookout!(dende escapes
however). Meanwhile inside the hyperbolic time chamber gotenks and piccollo
try to get out piccollo realizes that his voice caused the hole they both
faile (as you can geuss this part was hilarious). Gotenks decides that his
special technique might just do it. He tries his technique (wich is super
sayan 3) and he screams and sure enough a portal appears piccollo and
Gotenks get out. When gotenks realizes that buus eaten evryone that was there
he gets extremely angry and starts his fight with majin buu!

next time:gotenks and majin buu continue to fight and when doing so destroy
most of the lookout
and gohan continues his training on the land of the Kais

- ranebow

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