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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 244 - Trapped in Forever

Trapped in Forever - Gotenks launches his attack, creating a troupe of exploding ghosts that blow Buu to pieces. But Buu regenerates. In a rash decision, Piccolo destroys the door to the Time Chamber, trapping himself, Gotenks, and Buu inside. 


English Dubbed
Episode title--Trapped in Forever
Episode #--244

This show starts off with the ghost that Gotenks created last episode, he is snikkering. Majin Buu looks a tad mad/pissed(excuse my French). Piccolo wants to know how Gotenks made that ghost/attack. The ghost charges Majin Buu, but Buu hits him before he can attack. the ghost smirks, and self destructs causing a rather large explosion. Piccolo is shocked. It goes back to Majin Buu, showing him as all deformed, so to speak. He is a pile of pink goop on the floor. Gotenks says that the ghosts are like little grenades. When they touch something, anything, they explode. Gotenks makes ten(10) more ghosts to attack Buu. They fight with themselves for a bit, untill Gotenks gets them in line, literally. Piccolo reminds him that Buu is still here, and waiting. Its shows him reading and drinking a cocktail. Gotenks tells # 1 and 2 to go after Buu. They miss and explode after hitting each other. Gotenks gets the others in a huddle and tells them some kind of plan, which makes them laugh a little.

Goku says that he cant sence Majin Buu's of Gotenks' energy anymore, but just knows that they are still alive. Supreme Kai agrees with him. The othge much older Supreme Kai tells them that they are in a different time dimension. Goku says that its the Hyperbolic time chamber. The loder Kai tells them that Piccolo led Buu there to fight Gotenks. Goku says that the older kai is good and that the Supreme Kai should be careful if he doesnt want to lose his job.

Bulma has just made a snakc for the boys when they come out of the chamber. Roshi says that they will probaly not have enough energy to eat when the come out. Bulma gets a little mad at that. Krillin says if anyone can defeat Buu, the sons of Vegeta and Goku are the ones.

Gotenks says for the ghosts to move out, except for #10. Two of the ghosts touch and explode. They rest go. They get into this huddle and say that this something looks tastey, and if its a cookie. Buu comes over and the ghosts go all over him and explode causing a large boom and tons of smoke. Buu is still there, and Gotenks tells #10 to go down his throat and explode, which he does.

Hercule is walking with the puppy. Hercule is very tired and hungry. The puppy, named B, barks,and Hercule tells him to be quiet or he will turn him into a hotdog. hercule misses Majin Buu (the good one). It shows the fight between the good and bad Buus, and how the good one was turned into chocolate and the bad Buu eating him and transforming into the Buu we know now. The two of them keep going, They come to this place that is all empty, and Hercule asks where they are?

The smoke is clearing and there are bits of Buu all over the place. Piccolo says that Gotenks faught well and that he is proud of him. Piccolo and Gotenks are frying the little bits of Buu that are left, so that he cant reform. There is then this big wind, the smoke is comming together. Buu is back. Piccolo is saying that he put too much faith in Gotenks. Buu grabs Gotenks and swings him around. Gotenks says "let me go ugly" which makes Buu mad. There is this explosion from where Piccolo is. He has just blown up the door, and only door, to the chamber. Buu is scared/mad at being trapped in there. Piccolo says that he can still get rid of them, but then he would be all alone.
--Piccolo destroyed the door, beacuse Gotenks said that he could not form the ghosts again, which was a lie. Gotenks is just using some kind of "strategy" to make Buu think that he has nothing left.--
Next time on DBZ--Majin Buu finds a way out of the chamber and leaves the two heros inside. He is now free to roam the earth. Uh oh! What will happen next?
This was my first summary, hope that you like it.
By:Ashley A.

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