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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 242 - Time Struggle

Time Struggle - Buu turns ChiChi into an egg. Goten and Trunks train in the Time Chamber until Piccolo and Buu enter the room. Gotenks forms, and the fight against Buu begins.


DBZ, U.S DUBBED....episode 242: Time Struggle.

Chi Chi gets in the way of Buu and Buu turns her into an egg & stamps on her. LAter Majin BUU gets impatient of waiting an hour for Trunks & Goten to prepare so he yells," You Fools!! No more waiting!" he demands to be taken to Gotenks right away. Picolo does so and Buu follows. Piccolo warns Goten & Trunks that Buu will be coming so they get ready. Piccolo tries too stall Buu as much as he can, he walks up loads of stairs and goes back down them the other way, takes the long route and asks Buu if he wants to eat before fighting. Eventually they arrive at the time chamber and Buu is suprised to see Trunks & Goten standing there.They fuse and Gotenks and the fight begins.

by Ryan Barker mysite=



This is my first episode summary for Pojo, I hope you like it. I will be summarizing the episode "Time Struggle" in the Fusion Saga of DBZ. Enjoy.
(I missed about 5 minutes of it, so correct me if I miss anything).

Piccolo, Yamucha, Krillin, 18 and some others are on the balcony of the lookout staring at Majin Buu, who's staring at the hourglass. Chi-chi walks up to Buu and slaps him and screams at him about killing Gohan (who's not dead). Buu asks if Chichi likes eggs, then turns her into one and then steps on it. Goten freaks out about it and starts crying. Trunks talks to him about it and cheers him up by saying that they can beat him. Soon they go into the Time Chamber, and Trunks looks around for food, while Goten is training. Trunks soon joins him.

Buu eventually goes crazy and breaks the hourglass and demands that Piccolo show him where the "challenger" is. Piccolo walks him up the stairs and down the chutes the long way, giving Goten and Trunks more time to train. Piccolo contacts them with his mind and says that they should be there in 1 minute, which is 6 hours in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Goten complains that he is practically out of water, but Piccolo tells him to rest a while. Soon Buu and Piccolo arrive. Trunks and Goten are standing side by side ready to fuse. They try to fuse but Buu punches Trunks before he could do anything. He gets back up and screams at him for doing a "Suckerpunch". They fuse into Gotenks, and Buu recognizes him. Gotenks does a few punches at his face, but it doesn't damage him at all.

The next episode is called "Super Moves of Gotenks", a kind of boring episode all about Gotenks making up weird moves and using them on Buu.

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