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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 241 - Empty Planet

Empty Planet - At Kami's lookout, Buu releases a flood of fire that kills nearly all the people left on Earth. Buu demands to fight Trunks and Goten, but Videl convinces him to wait one hour. Goten and Trunks go to spend that time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Gohan's sleeping powers are starting to be released by the Old Kai.


Empty planet
kevin price

Buu has made it to the hideout and he is really made and patient waiting to fight gotenks.Piccolo thinks of a way to stall time by saying their are more people on earth you can kill. Then he walks around the whole lookout and counts how many people are still alive. Then he shoots a energy in the sky and kills everyone on earth. Then piccolo gives him a hourglass and he has to wait that whole time. BUT WILL HE!


       Buu is even stronger now and the one he wants to fight is sleeping and not formed. Piccolo tries to keep Buu busy so that he doesn't destroy them. He tells Buu to destroy all the people on earth hoping that they can later bring them back with the dragon balls. Buu kills them in one attack. Everyone on earth with the exception of Tien, Mr. Satan, the puppy and Chioutzu. Buu gets bored of waiting more and wants to fight Videl comes out and Piccolo tells Buu that she is Mr.. Satan's daughter. He backs down and she wonders how he knows her dad. Piccolo shows Buu an hourglass and says when it's finished falling Gotenks will fight. That is why Videl came out... because Buu didn't like it. Anyway. Gohan continues he training and nothing much else happens.



DBZ: Empty Planet
Buu has made it to the hideout but finds out his fighter is asleep. Picollo makes a gamble by telling buu to kill the rest of the human race which shocks everyone on the lookout. Meanwhile it shows trunks and goten asleep and trunks moves over and while asleep goten grabs trunks' barefoot and starts to lick it, apparently trunks' feet are really ticklish and he begins laughing while being asleep. Back at the lookout buu unleashes a blast which kills everyone on the earth except for Hercule, Tien, and chaotsu. Plus everyone else on the lookout. Videl charges at Buu but picollo stops her and just as Buu is about to blast her Picollo tell him he's Hercule's daughter. Gohan continues his training while they trunks and goten start waking up.



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