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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 240 - Buu Against Buu

Buu Against Buu - The evil Buu fights Buu, and the evil Buu turns Buu into chocolate and eats him. This transforms evil Buu into a new, more powerful Buu that can now sense auras. He heads towards Kami's Lookout. Trunks, Goten, and Gohan continue to prepare.


Buu Against Buu

Evil Thin Buu just blasted Banzan and jogged over to Good Fat Buu and the two
have a staredown. G.F Buu gets annoyed and asks who the other is. E.T Buu
asks who HE is.
"Me Buu, Majin Buu!" G.F Buu replies. E.T Buu says he's Buu. The two argue
and then fight. Hercule cheers Buu but confuses himself by remembering that
both of them are Buu. After firing Kamehamehas at each other, G.F Buu gets
mad and tries to turn the other Buu into chocolate, but the evil Buu is so
strong that he blows the beam back at the good Buu. He is instantly
transformed into chocolate and eaten. Evil Buu releases pink steam and his
transformation is hidden in the smoke. Now there's a new Buu, that's still
pink like Good Buu but buffer and completely stronger than both Evil and
Good. I shall call him Majin Buu now. Majin Buu shows off his power and blows
everyone away.

After cracking his neck, (which he keeps doing for a lot of episodes now and
it gets annoying really quickly), he turns to Smittie. Smittie climbs up the
hill he's on, grabs a gun and shoots Majin Buu to no avail. Majin Buu
liquidizes himself and open-mouthed Smittie starts unwillingly drinking Majin
Buu. In other words, the liquidy Buu goes down his throat, making Smittie
fatter and fatter until he explodes. Majin Buu regroups and starts to
continue his rampage on Hercule when he stops. He flies off to the Lookout
and everyone looking down on Earth gets a shock.

Next time on Dragonball Z, Majin Buu commands that the strong one (Gotenks)
is brought out. Piccolo, trying to buy time, gets Majin Buu to consider
killing the rest of Earth's population. He does... with the Human Extinction
attack. Piccolo has only one more option. An hourglass? It seems to work for
a while but will it work to help continue the plan? Find out next time.

Hyper Merlin

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