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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 23 - Goku versus Vegita ... A Saiyan Duel

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Episode 23 - Goku vs. Vegita...A Saiyan Duel! - Baba is trying to get the crystal ball to work again, but it doesn't. Bulma and Baba yell at each other a little. Roshi explains that the reason the ball isn't working is because of the amount of energy the two warriors are putting out. Bulma uses the scouter to see if they are fighting or not. Vegita powers up in the air, getting ready to attack. Goku says he doesn't like the feel of this. Vegita charges and beats Goku up pretty bad. 

Goku uses Kaioken x2, narrowly escaping an attack from Vegita. Goku says he has to use a Kaioken x3! Yajirobe is watching from the sidelines says that Goku is crazy. Goku is worrying about his body not being able to take the triple Kaioken. Vegita mocks Goku some more. Goku gets ready to use the attack. It works and he beats up on Vegita pretty bad. Bulma is still playing with the scouter when the power level gets too high and it explodes. King Kai is upset with Goku for going over a triple Kaioken. 

Goku throws Vegita into a small mountain. Vegita roars and blows the rock up. He charges at Goku but Goku gets the better of him. Goku is wore out. At the island Baba is still trying incantations to get the ball to work. Chi-Chi and Oxking are worrying about Gohan. Roshi says that the two are fighting furiously but Goku seems to be losing because of the amount of energy he just used up. Goku, somehow finds the strength to hit Vegita some more. Vegita gets to his feet but falls down. 

Vegita is going insane because of the frustration he is going through. Vegita is getting ready for his most powerful attack yet. He says is just going to blow the entire Earth up with his Gala-Gun attack. Goku isn't ready because he still hasn't recovered from the last attack. Goku uses the Kaioken attack x3 again and gets ready to use a Kamehameha to counter-attack the Gala-Gun. Vegita launches his attack. Goku launches his. The attacks are even. The crystal ball back at the island is glowing with electricity. The two warriors are getting tired when Goku uses the Kaioken attack x4!!! King Kai yells Goku's name. Goku screams in agony. His Kamehameha attack overpowers Vegita and hits him hard. Yajirobe thinks that Goku won and runs out to congratulate him. 

Vegita comes back out of the attack and Yajirobe makes b-line for a hiding place. Vegita flies back to Goku. The two talk a bit and Vegita explains his next technique. It was made by Goku's father. It simulates perfect moonlight. Since the original moon was blown up by Piccolo, Vegita launches the attack and a light explodes in the sky.

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