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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 239 - The Evil of Men

DragonBall Z
English Dubbed
The Evil of Men (Episode 239)

Previously: Buu gave up his evil ways. His puppy got shot.

Summary: The two snipers blow up Buu's house. As Buu's anger takes over, Hercule beats up the snipers. He sees that the puppy is still alive and Buu heals it. Atop the lookout Piccolo and Dende comment on Mr. Satan's friendship. Buu rebuilds his house to look like the puppy. Elsewhere, Gohan is still having his powers awakened. Since Old Kai is reading magazines and watching TV, Gohan is beginning to question Old Kai's powers. After a bath with Buu, Hercule rips up the fake photo of his victory. He then starts another meal for Buu when suddenly one of the snipers appear and shoots Mr. Satan. Buu sees this and his anger begins to take control again. He tells Hercule to take Bee (the puppy) and go. Finally his anger swells up and creates a cloud in the sky which spawns a skinny "Bad Buu", Evil Buu. Evil Buu looks over to the sniper, flies there, and blasts him to pieces. He then runs and confronts the fat Buu.

Next time: Buu fights Evil Buu. - KDoggdpimp89


Dragonball Z episode 239 "The Evil Of Men" English dub
This is one of my Favorite episodes EVER, it is the saddest episode too.  I feel so sorry for buu, for the first time is his life he has a friend in Mr Satan and he loses him albeit only for a few seconds but it is enough to see just how much buu cares for him .
IMHO best non-fighting episode ever!
Faramir son of Denethor


The Evil of Men - The snipers blow up Buu's house. Hercule beats up the snipers. Buu heals the puppy and rebuilds his house. Everything is good until the sniper returns and shoots Hercule. Buu heals Hercule, then Buu's anger swells up and spawns a second, evil Buu.

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