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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 238 - I Kill No More

I Kill No More - Buu heals an inured puppy, and the puppy clings to him. Feeling liked by the puppy and Hercule, Buu is suddenly happy. To please Hercule, Buu announces he won't kill people anymore. But two snipers appear after killing several innocents and shoot Buu's puppy. Buu gets angry.


DragonBall Z
Buu saga-english dubbed...Funimation
I kill no more "Long"

Ok,it starts off in the kais home world,and goku is stuffing his face (no change there i see)and wondering if gohans powers are gonna increase.The supreme kai says it will.
Then it goes over to Gohan and the old kai,and the old kai is snoring loudly.Gohan asks him if he is sleeping,and when kai doesnt answer,his patience wears thin and he yells "I asked you a question!" The old kai wakes up and goes"Where am I?"Gohan asks again if he went to sleep.The old kai says he was meditating,and he just appeared to be sleeping,to which gohan says"It appeared to me that you were snoring!"
The old kai says that you shouldnt question your elders,and remarks that kais cannot lie,then goes back to sleep.Gohan wonders if hes wasting his time.
Then it goes to Kamis(or dende's by now) lookout,to where goten and trunks are being trained.He says its time to try it super saiyan,and that they shouldnt let there ambition influence your emotions.He asks if they remember what happened last time,and it goes into flashback of when Majjin Buu beat them up.They laugh,and goten says"Not too smart huh!"
They do the super saiyan bit and then do their fusion whassit,and WHAM they are Gotenks.
Piccolo says he wants to see there power,and the ever-cocky Gotenks says that the lookout is way to small to show off on,and flies away.Piccolo cries wait! and flies after him/them (whatever) and we see Gotenks show off and fly round in circles around the world,and land not that far from the tower,in a remote waistland,and skids to a halt.He says that was probably too fast for piccolo,and jumpes up and lies down on a rock.
Piccolo arrives and says he was wasting energy and time.Gotenks says he wont need a lot of time to defeat Majjin Buu.He then flys off to fight him,with piccolo yelling into the wind.Then piccolo remarks that he is going to get hurt,and says he has less than a minute before the fusion wears off.
Then Gotenks arrives outside Buu's house and yells"hey you,Majjin Buu!Get out here-I back for a rematch!"
Then the fusion splits and Goten and Trunks are left looking very stupid and confused.Then they hear Majjin Buu asking who is out there disturbing his reading time.Goten and trunks fly off and we hear hercule saying it was probably no-one and who would be daft enough to challenge him anyway.
Then we see Buu and hercule inside Buu's house and hercule is reading a sad book and Buu is laughing.Then Buu goes off and says he is going to destroy people.Hercules waves goodbye and says he will cook some food.Buu says he likes maccaroni and cheese and chocolate (yum).Then hercule goes inside...
And then puts a bomb inside Buus house,and laughes like a maniac.
Then he starts cooking food and talking to himself,congragulating himself for his evil plan.
Suddenly,there is a noise outside,and Buu is back.Hercule looks worried,and comes outside,saying he has not finished cookiing the food yet.Buu,however,is holding up a puppy and saying it didnt run away.Hercules says that because his leg is broken,so Buu heals it so the dog will leave.But the puppy just jumps up and licks buu,and hercules says that the puppy likes him,and is his new best friend,and that he should run around and play.Buu smiles,and says he is best friends with Hercule and the puppy now,and that he feels happy.
Then Buu is running around with the puppy and looking daft,and he comes over to Hercule again.He offers the puppy some chocolate,and hercule says that chocolate can make a dog sick,and that he will go and get some dog food for the dog.he heads off with the bomb activator,and hides behing a rock.He puts binoculars up to his eyes,and is about to set the bomb off,when he notices that buu looks better,and gentler.He heads off,wondering if buu can change like people.
He comes back with some food and Buu's dog is eating.Hercule asks why Buu destroys things and kills peo-ple.Buu says that he was told to.Hercule looks shocked,and asks who told him that.Hercule says that Bibidi told him to kill people,and that Babidi said to destroy.Hercule says he doesnt have to listen to him,and that he can go to the movies,and play with his dog,or anything so long as it doesnt involve destruction.buu looks a little curious,and Hercule gets scared,and says that he was kidding.But Buu asks if killing is a bad thing,and hercule says yes.Then Buu says he wont do it anymore,and hercule celebrates.
Meanwhile,there are two baddies in the town nearby,shooting and blowing stuff up.The wierd Grey haired one asks if this is ok,and says that buu built a house round here...and what if he hears the noise and comes looking to hurt them.The blonde one says that the whole world is going to die soon,and wouldn't he like to go out with a bang in the end,and so they set off to kill buu.
Then,we see Buu trowing the ball for his puppy,and saying "Make da bark noise!"
Then the blonde guy aims his gun at the dog...and-
Buu looks up,shocked,and the blonde guy cries "Thats one beat outta the way!!"
And the episode ends with Buu looking upset.

- Amyvidel

- All material copyright of

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