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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 236 - Gotenks is Born

Gotenks is Born - Goten and Trunks begin fusion. They try twice and mess up, creating a fat Gotenks and then a bony one. Finally they form a correct Gotenks, and he heads down foolishly to fight Buu. Buu topples him. Gotenks returns to the Lookout to train.


DBZ, Dubbed (English)
Gotenks is born: Episode 236
Piccolo feels it is time for Goten and Trunks to perform the fusion dance at their full power without going super sayian. They perform for the first time and it doesn't go to well as they end up in a fat form...they try again and end up with a very skinny boney form. Piccolo has his doubts but then they concentrate and perform it correctly and out comes Gotenks in a brilliant light. Piccolo is impressed but Gotenks brags about how he can beat Majin Buu right now and flies off to face him not listening to Piccolo's warnings. Gotenks find Buu terroizing a small town and challenges him. Gotenks gives a few good hits but is soon pummled by Majin Buu very easily. Buu doesn't see him as a great challenge and using the rest of his energy flies back to Kami's lookout with a pissed Piccolo waiting....
 - Greg




"Gotenks is born" #236

Goten and Trunks begin their fusion. The 1st time when they try it, they make a FAT person. The 2nd time they do it, they make a Skinny, and very bony, person. Finally, on the 3rd try they make GOTENKS. Gotenks zooms right down, and beats up Majin Buu, but after a while, Buu beats up Gotenks. Gotenks barely avoids the blast, and goes back to the lookout, where a VERY MAD Piccolo is waiting.

Brian Schreibman


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