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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 235 - Out From the Broken Sword

Out From the Broken Sword - Gohan accidentally breaks the Z Sword, and Old Kai appears, released from the sword. He agrees to bring out Gohan's "Latent Capacities" if Goku will find him a girl he can feel on. Piccolo continues training the boys.


episode 235:
when Gohan is training with the z sword goku throws a giant block of ore to gohan expecting him to slice it in half the sword snaps on impact, gohan goku and supreme kai are all shocked and look in disbelief and the greatest sword is broken.
then all of a sudden an old person comes out not surprisingly called old kai and tells gohan that he can awaken his sleeping powers he has to perform a ritual 35 hours long. he starts with a stupid dance for 5 hours and something else for ther 30 other hours, gohan is really confused and tries to talk to old kai but shushes him and continues then goku abandons gohans to go under a tree to have a nap.
meanwhile at kami's lookout the other little super saijins are still practicing the fusion technique.
next episode: "GOTENKS IS BORN"

- Andrew Goessen


Episode 235: out form the broken sword
    It starts off with Goten and Trunks trying to master the fusion technique.  Piccolo says they are doing much better. They get in a big argument and start fighting.  Piccolo comes in and breaks it up.  We go outside to find Krillin, Bulma, and Master Roshi playing cards.  18 is there to.  18 is standing behind Master Roshi, and is telling Krillin which card to pick.  Roshi ends up winning anyway.  We then go to Supreme Kai's planet and find Gohan swinging the sword around like it was nothing.  Goku then says it's time to see how sharp it is.  He throws an ordinary rock at Gohan and he slices it perfectly in two.  Supreme Kai then gives Goku some kachine, the hardest known metal in the universe.  Goku throws it at Gohan, and Gohan tries to slice it, but the Z sword snaps in two!  "Ahh! It's the Z dagger!" says Gohan.  Supreme Kai is like, "Tell me it's not true, Kibito!" with his eyes wide, and his voice all high and squeaky.  "It's true!  The Z sword is broken," says Kibito.  Goku's like "I guess it's called the hardest metal for a reason."  The sword begins to send waves of small energy that no one notices, until the old guy talks.  The camera turns and you see a very old looking man who very much resembles Supreme Kai.  He tells Supreme Kai that he is from 15 generations before him.  He explains that he's been trapped in the sword for all this time.  We go back to other world and find the two workmen at the front gate begging King Yenma for a break.  Someone else comes in and says that there are 1 million 500 thousand more arrivals.  King Yenma gets really mad and orders everyone back to work.  Back on the Kai planet, Goku doesn't think that this guy is as strong as he says he is.  He issues a tiny ki blast that hits Old Kai square in the face.  When he gets up, he starts screaming at Goku.  "But sir, that was just child play," says Goku.  "My little brother could've handled that," says Gohan.  Old Kai says people feared him for his smarts, not his strength.  Goku asks him what he means.  Old Kai says he won't tell.  Goku then offers him some girl magazines from an earth girl.  Gohan is like what?!  Supreme Kai is like,"Goku, how inappropriate."  "I have no need for that.  I search for women up here," says Old Kai (or something like that).  "You call yourself a Kai," says Supreme Kai.  Goku says he can get Kai a date with real earth girl.  Kai asks if she's a good kisser.  Goku says of course.  Kai does an almost exact Master Roshi imitation.  Wow, this guy's just like master Roshi, thinks Goku.  Gohan is very skeptical about this whole thing.  "Who would want to kiss that guy," he says.  Goku says, "You can still go back to earth, can you get Videl to do it?"  Gohan starts getting really mad and his whole face turns red.  "Dad, I'm not getting my girlfriend to kiss that guy," he says.  Goku gets the idea to use Bulma instead.  "Just tell her what's going on.  She'll listen to you," says Goku.  Kai and Goku shake hands on the deal.  Kai says that he can awaken people's sleeping powers.  "So you're not that strong yourself," says Goku.  Kai runs over and yells that he can make people have power like never before.  He asks Gohan if he would like his sleeping powers awakened.  Gohan agrees.  Kai tells him to stand perfectly still.  He then starts dancing around Gohan in a style that looks like the conga.  He yells at his sleeping powers to awaken.  Gohan Goku, Kibito, and Supreme Kai are all staring at Old Kai like he's seriously lost his mind.  Supreme Kai asks him how much longer this will take.  Old Kai replies 5 more hours.  Then 20 more for the rest of the ritual.  At he end we see Goten and Trunks perfected the Fusion technique.  The episode ends there.


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