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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 234 -  Return to Other World 

Return to Other World - Piccolo teaches Goten and Trunks where Goku left off, but the boys are unruly. Goku returns to the dead and finds Gohan with Supreme Kai. Buu has now wiped out 2/3 of the earth's population.


This episode can be ordered from Amazon.comThis  UNCUT VHS tape is "Majin Buu - Defiance".  This covers episodes #'s 232, 233 & 234.  Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 on this tape!!!  


It starts off with Goku and Baba flying through the yellow clouds.  Goku notices the path and sees all the dead people that Majin Buu has killed.  It's a solid clump of white blobs!  Goku then goes to check in and asks the one guy (I forget his name) if his son, Gohan, has checked in.  When the giant says no Goku then goes crazy and starts jumping around and then leaping through the clouds.  He tries to sense Gohan, and is successful.  But he's confused.  It's seems Gohan's power is coming from the Kai world.  "Supreme Kai must be behind this," he says, and teleports to the planet that Gohan is on.
*commercial break*
We come back to find Goten and Trunks sleeping, with Piccolo standing next to them looking very mad.  He yells at them to get up.  They end up bumping heads and falling back asleep.  Piccolo yells at them again, and this time they get up for real.  When they're in the training room, Trunks asks if Piccolo could demonstrate the technique again.  Piccolo is shocked, and asks Krillin to help him.  Krillin tries to get out of it, but turns around to find no one there.  They do the technique.  Krillin is all "Oh man, this is so embarrassing."  "I had to do it twice," responds Piccolo.  Back in the world of the Kai's, Gohan is swinging the sword around with great ease.  Suddenly, Goku appears out of nowhere.  He jumps out of the way of the sword, just in time to.  Any closer and more than just a little hair would've been cut off.  "Dad, what are you doing here?" says Gohan.  "Trying to keep my head," replies Goku.  Supreme Kai and Kabito are staring at Goku muttering "where did he come from?"  Goku then gives Gohan some tips about swinging the sword around.  The episode ends shortly after. - BullDogGirl


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