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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 231 - Buu's Mutiny

Buu's Mutiny - Goku fights Buu until Trunks finds the Radar, then powers down and retreats. Annoyed by his nagging master, Buu kills Babidi. Gohan practices with the Z Sword.

This episode can be ordered from Amazon.comThis UNCUT VHS tape is "Majin Buu - Defiance".  This covers episodes #'s 229, 230 & 231.  Goku goes Super Saiyan 3 on this tape!!!  


Episode Number: Episode 231
Title: Buu's Mutiny (Uncut)
Summary Writer: Destroyer X
Website: Destroyer X Network v4.0

The episode opened with Super Saiyan 3 Goku continuing his fight against Majin Buu.  Each punch that the two landed sparked electicity.  Meanwhile, Goten, Krillin, and Piccolo continued to watch the battle from Kami’s Lookout.  Piccolo made a comment that the more Goku fights, the more Majin Buu’s strength increased.  Goku managed to land a kick in Buu’s stomach, but the kick didn’t faze the blobbish creature.  Instead, Buu expanded his stomach causing Goku’s body to become enveloped within Buu’s body.  This caused Babidi to cheer with delight and encouraged Buum to continue.  However, Goku charged his energy and let it loose in a terrific explosion.  This allowed Goku to free himself, but it caused Buu to become as flat as the pavement.  Buu recitfied the problem by inhaling air to reinflate his body to its normal form.

Meanwhile at Capsule Corp., Trunks, Dr. and Mrs.

Briefs continued their search for the Dragon Radar.  The battle with Majin Buu intensified with Goku giving Buu a swift kick to the face.  The force of the kick sent the evil creature a few feet away, but Buu managed to regain control and fired several energy blasts at Goku.  Goku managed to deflect the blast away with his hands and counterattacked by firing an energy blast at Buu.  However, Buu cancelled out the blast by catching and squeezing the blast within his hands.  Then, the two combatants charged each other with amazing speed releasing a fury of punches.  When Babidi commended Buu for his performance, Buu’s attention was distracted momentarily for Goku to get in a real quick hit.

After Babidi called Buu a fool for being distracted, Goku wondered to himself why Trunks hasn’t left Capsule Corp. yet.  Goku’s energy was draining fast, yet Majin Buu was relentless in his attack.  At this point, Buu started to charge Goku, but the Super Saiyan 3 kept moving at an extraordinary speed gradually moving Buu away from West City.  As Buu kept getting frustrated in his inability to catch Goku, Goku managed to give Buu a swift kick to the face.  However, after inflating his face again, Majin Buu quickly hit Goku away.

Meanwhile, everyone was still watching the battle at Kami’s Lookout.  Goten even wondered about the whereabouts of his deceased father.  Bulma eventually spoke and remembered that she left the Dragon Radar inside the plane after searching for the Dragon Balls.  After Master Roshi asked Krillin to go find a phone to call him, Krillin commented that he’s never seen a phone at the Lookout.  However, Videl gave Krillin her cellular phone to use.  Master Roshi took advantage of the situation to touch Videl’s breast, but she slapped him away. 

Back at the battlefield, things intensified as Buu launched an energy wave at Goku.  The blast send Goku several feet away, but after powering up, he managed to discipate the blast.  From the Grand Kai’s planet, King Kai commented that if he continued to burn his energy, he would use up all the time he had left on Earth.  During a brief break from the battle, Goku marveled at the fact that Buu’s still enjoying himself after fighting at their intensity.

At Capsule Corp., Bulma managed to get a hold of her mother and asked to speak to Trunks.  However, Trunks was still searching for the Dragon Radar and didn’t want to talk to her right now.  After hearing this, Bulma angirly demanded that he get on the phone immediately.  After telling Trunks the location of the Dragon Radar, Trunks started to get frustrated about whether or not they have an airplane.  Hearing this, Dr. Briefs grabbed his capsule case.

After doing some dancing movement, Buu extended his arms to try to hit Goku, but Goku evaded being hit.  However, this left Buu in a perfect position to grab Goku with his extended arms.  After grabbing him, he shortened his arms again and gave Goku a terrific headbutt.  The Super Saiyan 3 then fired a Kamehameha right through Buu’s stomach leaving Babidi shocked.  However, Buu was still alive and healed his wound instantaneously.  Then Buu fired a pink version of what Goku recognized to be a Kamehameha, but Goku swatted it at Buu.  Buu swatted it towards Babidi, and the wizard narrowly missed being hit as the beam hit a mountainside.

>From the Lookout, the intensity of the beam was causing the entire foundation to shake.  Even Gohan sensed the battle from the Supreme Kai’s planet.  The Supreme Kai mentioned that this may be a battle that Goku can’t win, and that the key to defeating Majin Buu rested on Gohan to master the Z Sword.  Gohan then resumed his training while Kibito told him to see himself and the sword as a single entity.

Back at the battlefield, Babidi complained that Buu could’ve killed him along with the rest of the planet.  Meanwhile, Goku took this opportunity to commend Buu on his fighting techniques while Buu thanked him. Back at Capsule Corp., Dr. Briefs released the airplane from its capsule, and Trunks continued his search for the Dragon Radar.  It only took Trunks a moment to find the radar in the front seat, and after blowing off his grandma’s invitation for lunch, he turned into a Super Saiyan and started flying back to the Lookout.

Meanwhile, Goku noticed Trunks’ energy moving away from West City and realized that he found the radar.  He then fazed out of Super Saiyan 3 to his regular form.  Buu asked whether or not they were going to continue fighting.  Goku responded that he had fun fighting Majin Buu, but he had to go.  Babidi interrupted and said that he’d decide when Goku would leave and ordered Buu to finish off Goku. 

However, Goku asked Babidi to give Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten two days to prepare themselves for Buu and asked for the duo not to kill anyone else or destroy anything until then.  Buu asked if the three were really that strong, and Goku confirmed it.  Babidi was still not convinced and said if even if they trained for two years, the three of them still can’t defeat Babidi and Buu.

Goku mentioned that the three would only be fighting one of the two, because the other one only barks orders.  After Babidi gave Goku the “finger” and told Goku to shove it, Goku teleported away.  Babidi quickly moved away from Goku and hid behind Buu as Goku dematerialized.  Once they noticed that Goku was gone, Babidi called Buu incompetent and ordered his minion to find Goku.  Yet, Buu remained faced away from Babidi getting angrier and refused to follow his order.

After a while, Buu looked towards Babidi with a smile on his face and told him that he had a better idea.   Suprised, yet unimpressed, that Buu had an idea, he demanded to know his idea, but the pink blob moved closer repeating what he said.  Then, Buu grabbed Babidi by the neck, choking him and disenabling him to talk.  Buu mentioned that as long as Babidi couldn’t talk, he couldn’t say the spell to seal Buu away again.

In the meantime, Goku made it back to the Lookout. 

Suprised to see his father, Goten ran to hug Goku.  Piccolo asked Goku how he was, and Goku replied that he was fine.  Bulma told Goku that Trunks found the Dragon Radar and is heading back to the Lookout.  With the Dragon Radar, they would be able to find the Dragon Balls to reincarnate everyone who died and restore things to normal.

Meanwhile, Buu told Babidi it was time for him to go.  He started to rear his free fist back while Babidi looked on in fear.  With a final “bye bye”, Babidi could only watch as Buu’s fist approached his head.  With a smile on his face, Buu punched Babidi’s head off of his body, spewing blood everywhere.  Without Babidi to control Buu, the episode ended with the viewer wondering whether or not Buu would continue his evil path, and if he did, whether or not anyone could stop him.

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