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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 22 - Goku Strikes Back

Reviewed by Dbztape23 -

Episode 22 - Goku Strikes Back - Goku takes a hit from Nappa in the chest. It doesn't effect him at all! Nappa is amazed. Goku flies into the air and hits Nappa into the ground. Then kicks him into the air, then hits him into the ground again. Nappa is very mad. He is beat up very bad.&nbsp;</p> <p>Everyone at the island is watching the fight in the crystal ball. Bulma gets mad at the Saiyans and throws the ball. Baba gets very mad at her. Chi-Chi wakes up and Roshi tells everyone to settle down. The crystal ball begins to glow with electricity..... Nappa is still trying to hit Goku, but can't. Goku wants to use the Kaioken attack but remembered that King Kai told him to try to avoid using it. Vegita is getting mad at Nappa. He tells him to stop fighting. Nappa tells Goku that Vegita is going to kill him. Nappa then looks to attack Gohan and Krillen. Goku uses the Kaioken attack and hits Nappa hard. He picks up Nappa and throws him at Vegita. Nappa pleads for help from Vegita.&nbsp;</p> <p>Goku tells Krillen and Gohan that Nappa won't be fighting anymore. Krillen asks Goku how he did that. Goku then explains all about the Kaioken attack. Vegita is amazed at Goku's strength. Goku says that he couldn't use the attack before because it could always destroy his body. Nappa is still asking for help from Vegita. Vegita takes his hand.....AND THROWS HIM INTO THE AIR!&nbsp;</p> <p>Vegita then blows up his partner because he was such a disappointment. Vegita powers up. Vegita is looking around for Goku, Gohan, and Krillen. Goku tells the two to go back to Roshi's island. Krillen agrees and explains to Goku that they are too powerful to take part in the fight between Goku and Vegita. Krillen warns Goku that grabbing his tail won't do a thing. Gohan asks his dad to come home safe. Gohan and Krillen leave. Goku and Vegita fly to a better place to fight. Krillen reassures Gohan that his dad will be alright. The two Saiyans land. After some bantering the two begin to fight.&nbsp;</p> <p>Goku charges, but neither of them seem to landing any punches until Vegita hits him with a hard uppercut. Goku lands and looks at Vegita. Vegita starts to mock Goku. Goku uses the Kaioken attack and hits Vegita HARD! Vegita kicks him in the face after getting hit some more. Goku says that he likes the challenge.  


My episode summary is from DBZ. It is the english dubbed version. My websites URL is .

Episode Title: Episode 22 Goku Strikes Back

Discription: Finaly the Super powerful saiyan warrior Goku arrives on Earth. Just in time to save his friends Krillin and Gohan. Goku surprises everyone with his new power as he faces off with Nappa another very strong saiyan warrior. So the to saiyans ingage in battle and Nappa is shocked by Goku’s power level of 5 000 compaired to the other Z Warriors who had much weaker power levels. Nappa has underestimated Goku!. Goku is absolutly wasting Nappa. Vegeta urges Nappa to retreat if he wants to live but the stuburn Nappa refuses to stop. Nappa gets frustrated that he can’t beat Goku so he takes his frustration out on Krillin and Gohan. But the mighty saiyan Goku won’t allow this to happen so he stops Nappa from destroying his friends by using his new technique the Kaio Ken Attack that he learned from King Kai on Nappa. Then Nappa is so injured that he can barely move. So the badly injured Nappa pleads to his partner and friend Vegeta for help. But Vegeta is inraged that the stuburn saiyan didn’t listen to him and that he was beaten. Vegeta will not exept the fact that Nappa is to weak to beat Kakarot ( Goku ). So Vegeta shows his ruthlesness by blowing up his best friend Nappa! So now Vegeta and Goku face off in the ultimate challenge and the battle for earth.  - Matt -

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