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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 228 - The Z Sword 

-English Episode #228  The Z Sword
-The episode begins with the girls mourning the loss of Gohan and Vegeta as Videl protests Gohans death and says she refuses to beleive it.  On the Kai's planet Gohan tries to pull the sword but fails.  Kibito tells Gohan he will never be able to pull the sword from the rock, but Gohan goes super saiyan and after much effort, pulls out the sword. When asked how it felt to hold the Z Sword, Gohan revealed how heavy it really was.  Gohan gave the sword to Kibito and as it dropped to the ground Kibito was unable to pick it up again.  Back at Kami's, Goku continues to teach Goten and Trunks the fusion.  

Trunks and Goten are still angry about the deaths of Gohan and Vegeta and don't understand why Goku wasnt there to help.  Goku says that theres nothing he could do but if the fusion was learned then they could get revenge for their deaths.  Babadi once again talks to the people of earth as he turns an entire city into chocolate.   We are then taken to Hercule as he makes another pathetic attempt to fly.  Outside of Hercules gym, thousands of people have turned to him to once again "save the earth".  As Buu eats the chocolate Goten and Trunks are disgusted and they contact Badadi to warn him that they are going to make him pay for what hes done.  Piccolo tells them to stop talking to him because they risk being found. They then start to pratice fusion. The episode ends

-Next time: Bulma gets the shocking news that Buu is going to blow up her parents town.  Trunks has to get the dragon radar from his grandfathers house before it is destroyed.  Can Goku stop Buu in his tracks before its too late? Find out on the next Dragonball Z!  Wow thats fun to say ^_^

 Ja ne! ReN


DBZ- English Dubbed- The Z Sword- 228

This episode starts as showing videl crouched up like ball sitting off to the side,  Then a pound sound on the table by bulma who still can't believe what has happened, while chichi is lying on a bed being fanned by her father, Videl doesn't believe gohan is dead until she sees the body krillin just tells her how he cant feel his life force meaning he is dead but videl as stubborn as she is refuses to beleive it because she doesn't wanna believe he died without them having a chance together.

Then it cuts to gohan places his hands on the sword then asks what will happen if he were to pull it out and kibito tells him basically he'll have a lot more power with the sword etc.. then finally he tries and falls back on his head (ouch) with his hands pounding red. Then he gives it a go again but turns super with his super saiyan strength he pulls it out managing to also ruin a bit of ground around it. Kibito is extremely amazed at this. Gohan then tries to lift it up and he does but while hold it it he falls back cuz it's so heavy then struggles a bit getting back up then he comedicly says 'hey i think i know how to beat majin buu all i have to do is hand him this sword it's so heavy that he wont be able to move his arms' =) Kibito then tells gohan he has to master it to beat buu cuz he can't wobble around like heis with the sword then gohan offers kibito to try and gohan hands it to it butit's so heavy that kibito barely even held it up cuz it just fell out of his hands then he tried lifting it off

Then cuts to goku piccolo goten and trunks and how they have to learn it asap and how long a fusion will last then they have to rest a while before they can do it again.Then goku tells them he needs them to become super saiyans for this and goten and trunks just stare at him furiously and goku asks them what's wrong and they both look at each other then trunks says som'n about if he's (goku) the strongest being in the universe why wasn't he there to save gohan or his dad. goku apologizes and trunks just says 'you're sorry..sorry isn't gonna help bring back my dad'  goten-' gohan always told me you can do anything but why weren't you there to save him'.....goku was just speechless didn't know what to say he just said he wish he were the strongest man in the universe but he still can't beat majin buu....then trunks and goten agree to learn the fusion...then Babidi interrupts again and goten and trunks close their eyes to see what's going on.Buu then again gets people and turns them into chocolate and sl they get there in time to stop them from destroying capsule corp with his grandparents in it? find out next time on dragonball z


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