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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 227 - Learn to Fuse!

English Episode #227 Learn to fuse

-The episode begins as Buu *literally* blows up the now vacant city.  Babadi then informs the people of earth that if Goten, Trunks and Piccolo are found, to tell him or he and Buu will destroy the earth in 5 days.  The owner of the World Martial Arts Trournament informs Babadi of the names of the ones he is searching for, but Babadi finds the information useless and blows up his head.  We are then taken back to Kami's place where we find a very angry Piccolo who has taken the news the world will be destroyed in 5 days hard, and offers to give himself in. He then decides to stay and help Goku teach the boys the fusion. Meanwhile, Trunks and Goten awaken and go off to explore.  

We are then back on the Supreme Kai's planet where Gohan is revived.  The Supreme Kai tells Gohan that he was brought there to pull out the legendary Z Sword, which has never been done by anyone.  The Supreme Kai explains the sword makes its owner unbeatable. Kibito totally doubts that Gohan can pull out the sword and thinks it was a mistake bringing him to the planet in the first place. Back at Kami's, Goten and Trunks are found by Goku who explains to them about fusion and tells them about Gohan and Vegeta, which they take extremely hard.  Goku tells them to suck it up and fight while the others wish them good luck.  On the Kai planet, Gohan is given new clothes and waits to pull out the sword.  The episode ends :)  Oy! Sorry this was so long ^_^ Ja ne - ReN


Dragon Ball Z
English Dubbed
Learn To Fuse (Episode 227)

Previously: Babidi magically communicated with everyone on Earth. Kibito and Supreme Kai found Gohan and took him to their world.

Summary: Babidi looks on at the now deserted city. He orders Buu to destroy whats left of it just to stretch his point to everyone on Earth. Buu does so by sucking in a wad of air and blowing it at the ghost town thus destroying it. Babidi says that Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten have five days to surrender before the planet is exterminated. He tells the people if they wish to contact him all they have to do is speak up and he can hear. After little chaos the world is now in search for the three super warriors. Back at the lookout the Z team are unable to stand such horror. Not knowing where they are Trunks and Goten awake and investigate. Elswhere Kibito and friends arrive healing Gohan immediatly. Both confused Supreme Kai explains the reason for Gohan being here is to withdraw the Z Sword. Bursting with complaints Kibito follows Supreme Kai's decision. Now Trunks and Goten have found where the food is kept and start eating. After a lesson in manners Mr. Popo comes in. Thinking he is a "bad guy" they attack him head on (actually he defends pretty well). As Supreme Kai and Gohan fly Kibito changes Gohan's outfit to one of theirs, including earrings. Landing Supreme Kai tells Gohan that no one has ever pulled the Z Sword from it's resting place and that this is his chance. We next see Trunks and Goten crying for Vegeta and Gohan's death but as we all know there is no time for tears and now they stand chins up and confident. From here it is up to Gohan, Trunks, and Goten to rid the world of Majin Buu for good..

Next Time: Gohan withdraws the Z sword. Babidi turns a city into chocolate and eats them. Hercule is asked to defeat Buu.

-Legendary SSJ 


DBZ- English Dubbed- Learn To Fuse- 227

It starts with an overview of the empty city because of what buu did. then babidi tell buu to destroy the city he does so by sucking in a lot of air and blowing it out destroying the city. Then babidi reminds everyone what the 3 look like. Trunks and Goten have no idea what's going on cuz they're still sleeping. Babidi then says they have 5 days or else he'll destory everyone and tells everyone how to contact him in his mind. Then it shows some people who had plans that have now been destroyed. A guy from the tournament then contacts babidi and tells them they were in the tournament and gives babidi names but he doesnt care about the names then babidi makes the guy's head explode. Piccolo then says he'll show himself but goku says it won't help because it won't matter babidi will still try to destroy the earth and plus goku needs someone to teach the kids how to fuse and they can beat buu in those 5 days. then finally piccolo is convinced to stay..

Cuts to trunks waking up and wondering where he is then he tries to wake up goten shaking him and slapping him but nothing helps so then he tells goten it's time to eat and he wakes up instantly knocking trunks off the bed saying 'what it's time to eat where's the food?' trunks responds with the funny comment 'why do you even have ears you hear much better with your stomach' then goten asks where they are and it looks expensive and it's nice.Then trunks snaps and asks where his dad is? and it plays back when vegeta say strunks made him proud and then knocked them unconscious. Then trunks suggest to look around and see where they are. Then it shows mr popo looking in the bedwhere he put the boys in.

Then cuts to Supreme kai, kibito and gohan in kibito's arms in other world. Kibito then heals gohan and gohan is convinced he's dead because he's in other world but wonders why he has no halo like his dad but they tell him he's still alive and he's the only mortal to ever be on their ground but gohan keeps asking so many questions like 'oh so im dead right? what am i doing here? etc' kibito tells him he asks too many questions then asks supreme kai why they brought gohan up to their world and he says it's so he can pull out the Z Sword to defeat majin buu and kibito freaks out because he thinks its impossible because no one else could do it none of the kai's and no teven supreme kai could so why does he think gohan can do it? gohan is just puzzled and doesn't seem to care much while kibito is just convinced gohan can't pull it out

Then cuts to trunks and goten eating and goten start stalking with his mouth full and trunks teaches him he shouldn't talk while he's eats he's got bad manners and he should never talk with his mouth full then mr popo finds them and pulls trunks by his shirt and trunks just complains if he wanted some food he should've been there first and he asks goten for help but goten just says 'hold on trunks im eating you said it yourself it's bad manners to talk when someone's eating' then trunks says 'manners ill show you bad manners' and becomes super making him let go of trunks and says 'whoa not even goku was that strong when he was little' (maybe it's a hint of how stong these 2 really are huh?) then they both try getting away but mr popo grabs them by their ankle and then goten and trunks (while mr popo is holding on) drag him out the door then they start flying off and mr popo transports in front of them but they just punch after victory was theirs goku arrives and trunks just figures they're in trouble.

Then cuts to kibito and he tells gohan how shamefull it is wearing his ripped up spandex so he does some sort of thing and now gohan has clothes like supreme kai and then they arrive at the sword and supreme kai tells him if he pulls it out he'll be the first. Then cuts to trunks crying saying 'WHAT? NO THAT CAN'T BE THAT COULD NEVER HAPPEN TO MY DAD NO WAY NOO' then shows goten crying saying 'MY BROTHER'S STILL ALIVE' then goku yells at them 'STOP THAT WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS NOW YOU HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO AND YOU HAVE TO LEARN SOME NEW SKILLS FAST YOU GOT IT!' they both then turn around still crying but trying to swallow the pain then piccolo suggests the hyperbolic time chamber but goku says no since it can only be used twice in a lifetime then goku tells piccolo he has to learn this too so he can teach the boys while he's gone. Then he turns to the boys who are still can't believe what happened they're just speechless trying to suck in the pain then goku yells out 'I SAID STOP THAT THERE'LL BE N



Dragonball Z english dubbed episode 227 - “Learn to Fuse”

by Chibi-Hikaru ^_^

Babidi and Buu are standing above a city (the population of which Buu just ate) saying stuff like “Oh, darn. There’s no one left to live here so we’ll just have to destroy it.” So Buu blows it up... to the extreme dismay and anger of the Z gang, because he’s basically just rubbing it in their faces. Piccolo is especially aggravated - he thinks that if he just turned himself in he could avoid all the pain and suffering.

Babidi continues with his announcement in saying that if “Him, him, and him” (he doesn’t know Piccolo, Trunks and Goten’s names yet) don’t show themselves in five days he will destroy the Earth - not to be taken lightly. He also says that the people of Earth can contact him just by speaking up and he will hear them. Then it shows various people panicking and saying they’re gonna die and to find those three before they are destroyed.

After a while one of the guys in charge of the World Martial Arts Tournament says that he knows who they are: Trunks, Goten and Majunior (Piccolo registered that as his name in the competition). Babidi asks where they are now and when the guy says he doesn’t know, Babidi is really annoyed and says he’s useless, then destroys him somehow through his mind.

At Dende’s lookout the Z guys (and girls... and androids) can’t take it anymore but there’s nothing they can do. They are all fiercely upset and angry about Vegeta and Gohan but can’t figure out a way to stop Babidi and Buu. Piccolo takes some convincing but eventually decides to stay with them and help Goku teach the Fusion Dance to Trunks and Goten.

Meanwhile Chibi-Trunks is just waking up in a big bed with Goten beside him (in Dende’s lookout but he doesn’t know that) and wonders where the HFIL he is. He tries to wake Goten up but doesn’t succeed so he whispers very softly “Hey, Goten. Time to eat!” and Goten suddenly springs up, knocking Trunks off the bed, and looks around excitedly. Trunks says something about hearing better with his stomach then suddenly remembers: “What happened to my dad!?” Then there’s this really touching flashback where Vegeta is hugging Trunks and saying he’s proud of him... *sniff, sniff*, and then they (or rather, Trunks) decide that they should “check this place out”. Hmm... I don’t like that evil glint in your eye Trunks...

Switches to: Supreme Kai and Kibito just appearing on their world with Gohan in their arms. Kibito revives Gohan and he gets up and is really confused and starts asking all these dumb questions. Gohan is looking around and wonders why he doesn’t get a halo like his dad but S-Kai tells him he’s not actually dead. Then S-Kai tells Gohan he brought him here to get the Z Sword (!). Kibito starts yelling at S-Kai saying “You can’t be serious, Supreme Kai! How can a mere Earthling do what the Kai’s themselves could not!? Don’t you remember!? None of the Kai’s, not even you, Supreme Kai, were capable of freeing the Z Sword!” Then, after another dumb question from Gohan (“Ehh... what’s the Z Sword?” *sigh*), S-Kai flies off with a confused Gohan and a sceptical Kibito behind him.

Switches to: Goten and Trunks who are stuffing their faces with an entire table full of food. Must be that Saiyan appetite... Trunks is complaining about Goten eating with his mouth full when Mr Popo enters, finally having found them, and picks Trunks up by his collar. But, of course, they don’t know who he is, do they? So Trunks is getting really really pissed off and, struggling to get free, asks Goten to help him but Goten is still eating (now with perfect manners, I might add) “Hold on Trunks, please be quiet while I finish eating my food. You were the one who said it was bad manners to talk while a person is eating, remember?” “If you wanna see bad manners, then you got it!” So Trunks turns Super Saiyan and blows everything away (man, what a waste of food) then Goten goes Super, too, and they start beating up on poor Mr Popo (never liked him anyway). Trunks is really enjoying himself when they hear a voice behind them - it’s Goku. Goten is suddenly happy and completely adorable again.... and Trunks is doing his little pout.

Switches to: Gohan flying along. Kibito zaps some new clothes for Gohan which look like his and S-Kai’s. Then they arrive at the Z Sword which is on top of a really tall plateau/mountain thingy. Turns out it’s an ancient and “mystical” (hint, hint) sword that’s stuck in a rock... sound familiar? No one but he who is pure of heart and above all strength can pull it out - if Gohan does he will be the first. Gohan says it’s weird but he feels like he’s done it before. Freaky stuff, eh?

Switches to: Dende’s lookout. Trunks is now trying desperately not to cry and yelling “What!? No! No, that’s not possible! Not my dad, it can’t be! No! It’s not true!” and Goten is just screaming and crying for his brother it’s so sad it nearly made me cry. They’re completely in denial. Mean ol’ Goku basically yells them to shuddup and that they have to be tough to defeat Majin Buu so they turn to face him but are still crying. Finally they look up with fire in their eyes and the tears are gone...

Voice guy: “The news that Gohan and Vegeta fell victim to Majin Buu’s power hit Trunks and Goten hard. And now they must put aside their pain and channel all of their energy into learning the fusion technique. But little do they know, Gohan is in the Other World preparing for a challenge of his own. He must free the legendary Z Sword from it’s resting place - a feat no one has ever been able to accomplish before! Time is running out. In just five days Majin Buu will destroy the planet. Can these three warriors save the day? Find out on the next Dragonball Z!”

Thanx for reading, by Chibi-Hikaru ^_^


Episode 227 - Learn to Fuse!

AT THE CITY:Buu sends the city people in the air and turns them into candy bits and eats them.Buu blows agiant energy beam from his mouth that destroys everything,but the tournament arena.Babidi is happy and says to the city that they have 5 days until the Earth is destroyed.

AT DENDE'S TOWER:Goten and Trunks wake up remembering about Vegeta knocking them out and sneak to the kitchen to eat the food.Trunks tells Goten not to talk while he is eating.Mr.Popo grabs Trunks.Trunks thinks that Mr.Popo is the enemy and screams for help.Goten says not to talk when he is eating.Goku tells Goten and Trunks to be brave and fuse quickly.Piccolo has a bad feeling.

AT THE TOURNAMENT ARENA:A new secret was revealed.The tournament was a setup to awaken Buu.The judge was working for Babadi.Babadi asked the judge for names.The judge said Goten and Trunks were the last survivors.Babidi destroys the judge.

AT SUPREME KAI'S PLANET:Gohan is awake and asks Supreme Kai if he is dead or alive.Kibito give Gohan new clothes.Gohan is about to pull the Z sword.


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