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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 226 - Global Announcement

Dragon Ball Z
English Dubbed
Global Announcement (Episode 226)

Previously: Vegeta's stone disintegrates from the wind. Majin Buu revives Babidi and terrorizes Earth.

Summary: Kibito is in search for the wounded Supreme Kai while he seeks Gohan. He is too weak he falls and lies lifelessly on the ground. We next see Babidi sitting on Majin Buu flying. They land on a nearby city and continue terrorizing planet Earth. All the events that occured that day seemed to make Buu's appetite even bigger. After some brief comedy police arrive on the scene but of course Buu takes care of them in a flash. Meanwhile Kibito is still looking for his master. He lands only to mistaken a life also low on power. Soon enough he discovers Supreme Kai , revives him, and explains how he confusingly reappeared after Dabura died (I wonder how that happend). Flying to Gohan's aid Supreme Kai tells Kibito that the search for him has a purpose. They find him in a very critical state but before Kibito can rivive him Supreme Kai suggests to take him back to their world. Not too happy about this decision Kibito and the two head back home. Elsewhere on top of Dende's lookout Goku explains what happened to Gohan and Vegeta. As Videl thinks about Gohan she says to herself "I love him". After brief mourning, Babidi magically communicates to the people of Earth telling them to find Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo. As a preview of what would happen in five days if they did not surrendor, Majin Buu turns the people of a city into candy and eats them. Mortified by this the Z warriors wonder what to do next.

Next Time: Goku decides to teach the art of Fusion to Trunks and Goten. Gohan is taken to Supreme Kai's world for training. Babidi and Majin Buu continue to "smoke out" Piccolo.

-Legendary SSJ  

English Episode #226 Global Announcement

-The episode begins with Kibito searching the ruins of the battle between Buu and Vegeta for the Supreme Kai.  His life energy is very low but he still keeps hope.  Then we are taken to Buu and Babadi flying over a city.  Buu visits a bakery, eats all the cakes, and they leave.  We are then taken back to Kibito finding the very hurt Supreme Kai.  After healing him they are both very confused as to how they are both alive.  The Supreme Kai then sences Gohan is still alive and they fly off to find him.  When they do, the Supreme Kai orders Kibito not to heal him until they return with Gohan to the Kai's home planet.  Despite Kibito's argument, they return to the planet. 

On Kami's lookout Goku tells the devistating news of Gohan and Vegeta's death to everyone there.  They are about to wake Goten and Trunks to begin the fusion lesson when Babadi invades everyones minds on earth and states that if he doesnt find out where Piccolo, Goten and Trunks are, he and Buu will destroy the earth.  Buu then changes an entire city into candy as a sample of what is about to happen. The episode ends

- ReN


DBZ- English Dubbed- Global Announcement- 226

It starts out with Kibito trying to sense supreme kai and once he does he goes off flying to find him. Then it switches to supreme kai who keeps saying stuff about gohan is still alive and he has to be he's the only one. Only one for what? well you'll find that out later....Then cuts to buu and babidi flying then stopping in traffic and a guy yells at him buu then takes some of his pink blubber and throws it at the guy tying him up....then buu makes his way to a dessert store and buu says he wants all the food so he starts eating the cakes and stuff then babidi says to stop and time to go buu then walks through a wall to see the cakes being made and he goes on and makes the machine go faster then he eats the cakes at the end of the assembly line buu then walks away to find more food babidi follows then is stopped by a worker and says he has to pay for all the damage and babidi threatens he's going to do something to her but she doesn't care then as she spins him round and round from his cape babidi puts a

Then cuts to Kibito on his search for supreme kai then he finds him and heals him then supreme kai suggests to find gohan right away and they can't let him die no matter what! then cuts to a short clip of buu saying he's hungry then back to supreme kai and kibito saying buu's energy keeps increasing and that supreme kai has something big in store for gohan. Then Kibito spots gohan hanging on to very very little life and before kibito could heal him supreme kai stops him and tells him they're taking him to their world although it's not permitted he has to!

Then cuts to the gang up at dende's place and chichi asks where gohan and goten are krillin freaks out then bulma asks where her trunks and vegeta are krillin then freaks out a bit more while piccolo thinks back to the incident. chichi asks goku where her sons are. it's silent then goku says 'what i have to tell you isn't easy for me to say right now.but....goten and trunks are going to be alright but gohan and vegeta are dead" then a light shines before chichi bulma and videl with their reaction and all of them just gasps videl can't believe what has happened chichi faints ox king catches her and bulma first sheds a tear and says 'vegeta' then lets out a big NOOO VEGETA!!! yamcha trys to comfort her and she just yells out NOOOO!!!! again then videl lets out her true feelings for gohan when she says to herself  'no how can this be gohan....i love him' and lets out a tear which then makes it seem like it landed in a puddle and shows gohan's image in it. Corin then basically says it's not a time for mo


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