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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 225 - Revival

This episode starts at Kami lookout where Goku goes more in depth with explaining the art of fusion.  Denda and Piccolo try to compare the Metamarien fusion that Goku learned in otherworld to the Namekian fusion done by Piccolo and Nail.
They all argue for awhile about who to teach the fusion to, and finally decide to teach Goten and Trunks.  Goku explains that it will take about 1 week to teach the boys the fusion. Piccolo makes note that while taking the time to teach them many people will be killed by Babidi and Buu.
Krilin is getting ready to go get everyone and bring them back to the lookout when the sky goes black. We now see Bulma releasing the dragon. Goku presumes that Bulma is going to try and bring back everyone that Vegeta killed at the World Tournament. He tries to get a fix on her energy level and transport to her but Bulma has a very low power level so by the time Goku finds her and transports to Capsule Corp. Bulma has already made the first wish.
Goku thinks the plan is shot but Denda explains that if only one wish is made another can be made in four months instead of the usual year. The dragon leaves and Goku prepares to teleport everyone to Kami lookout.  This ends the episode. 
                                                                 Trae Shorter.


episode 225-REVIVAL!

while at kames lookout goku thinks of a great idea to be beat boo and babidi-a fusion! but then goku realizes that you have to have two people pf similare size and physical ability.krillin thinks that when goku goes back to other world he can fuse with vegeta or gohan since there dead{gohan isnt dead and supreme kai is looking for him}.goku loves the idea but piccolo tells them that it wont do anygood because there all dead and in the other world!Mr.popo thinks that goten and trunks can do it but goku says that he doesnt have enough time and goku asks piccolo if he could finish training them and he says yes!

end of episode - Martin Elder


DBZ- English Dubbed- Revival- 225

It starts as Piccolo explains to Goku what has happened.Krillin stupidly says 'hey at least you're still alive..oh yeah the halo..'Then krillin says goku can beat him with a kamehameha but goku says he cant cuz if vegeta can't kill him there's no chance cuz as he was fighting vegeta he noticed how even in powers they were. So if vegeta can't kill him who can? Goku then suggests that if Vegeta wasn't so arrogant in beating buu he could've been able to do a fusion with gohan. Then it goes on about him saying he learned itin other world and piccolo knows what it is cuz he had to fuse with Nail butgoku says his technique is different cuz it's not permanent and only lasts 30 minutes and he goes on to explaining what happens when 2 people fuse (they form one totally new being that has characteristic of both people, is stronger together than if they were separate, etc) it takes a week to learn and since he's the only one who knows (but hasn't seen it been performed) there's no way to teach it. then krillin says

Then it cuts to buu following a roller coaster ride. Then cuts to Bulma and gang back on the front yard of Capsule Corp. with the dragonballs infront of her and roshi suggests it's better without any clothes.Oolong just yells at him. Bulma summons the dragon Videl is surprised to see it for the first time and is overwhelmed with what she sees. Just as krillin wasabout to get the rest of his family to bring them up to dende's place the skygoes dark and they realize someone summoned the dragon krillin believes it to be bulma cuz no one else can gather the dragonballs so fast and goku knows bulma wants to wish back those vegeta killed and dende suggests to stop her or else if she makes the 2 wishes right now they would have to wait a year to make another wish. Goku having trouble finding Bulma's ki because his mind is so clouded by the time he makes it there Bulma has made her first wish well yamcha actually did because bulma didn't know how to phrase the sentence yamcha just wished for everyone who died to ma tries to convince them but no use so they leave without them. Then cuts to buu and babidi still flying through the air and ends there.....will Trunks and Goten learn the fusion in time? How will everyone take the horrible news about Vegeta and Gohan? Find out next time on dragonball z



Dragonball Z english dubbed episode 225 - “Revival”

by Chibi-Hikaru ^_^

It starts off at Dende’s lookout where the aforementioned green dude, Mr Popo, Piccolo, Goku and Krillin are talking about the nice little predicament they’ve gotten themselves into. Goku is really upset and angry that Gohan and Vegeta are dead but Krillin is excited that Goku is here now and can save the day. Goku kinda ruins it by saying that he has no chance of defeating Majin Buu. After all, Vegeta beat Goku then gave everything he had, even his life, to defeat Buu and couldn’t, so what chance does he have? Everyone is shocked.

Goku’s frustrated because he doesn’t know what to do and says that if Gohan or Vegeta were still alive he could do a Fusion. Eh? “A Fusion” you ask? Well Goku goes on to explain that in Other World some Metamori (I have no idea how you spell that it’s just how it sounded) taught him the Fusion technique. Okay I’ll just give highlights of this coz it’s long but fairly important: “It’s an ancient merger art that can be performed between two people of similar size and physical ability... ...It’s when two people unite to form an entirely new being that’s able to do things neither could do alone...” Then Piccolo talks about when he fused with Nail (Namek Saga) and how cool it was. Goku continues to say that his Fusion technique is actually a lot different to Piccolo’s. “The kind I know is only temporary, and instead of one body playing host, a new hybrid is formed made up of characteristics from both people. They transform into a single warrior capable of incredible power and strength.”

Then they’re like “oh darn, pity they’re dead and you cant do it then, huh?” not only are they dead but it would take Goku at least a week to teach them what to do... and he’s only here for one day, plus he’s never actually done it himself. Then Mr Popo comes up with the spectacularly amazing idea that perhaps Goten and Trunks could do the Fusion (gasp!) - Goku could start to teach them, and then Piccolo could finish it off.

Switches to: Babidi and Buu. They fly along for a while, go to a theme park, fly along the roller coaster track, terrorise some people, then leave. Exciting stuff.

Switches to: Bulma and co. “Eternal Dragon by your name I summon you forth! Shenron!” Bulma recites the spell and Videl watches in amazement as the sky darkens and it’s golden form fills the sky...

Switches to: Dende’s lookout. Goku and the crew frantically look around at the black sky and realise Bulma must have summoned the Eternal Dragon. They are panicking because she doesn’t know everything that’s happened so Goku tries Instant Translocation, but her signal’s hard to find because “everything’s so clouded right now on Earth”.

Switches to: Bulma and the others. Yamcha wishes for everyone who was destroyed today to be brought back to life except the really, really bad ones. It shows all the people killed in the stadium standing around going “Ohhhh” “Ahhhh” “Ehhhh...?” “Wow!” etc and then Kibito waking in the crater where Babidi’s ship was. He’s a little confused.

Goku suddenly appears next to Bulma and the others and is still panicking “Did he say second wish!? Oh no I’m too late!!!” Bulma’s like “Eh? Goku?” and Chi-Chi is angry wondering where he’s been all day but he brushes them off and quickly tells Shenron no more wishes today, thankyou, you can come back some other time. Because they only used one of the two wishes, they can summon him again after four months instead of having to wait a whole year. The Dragon disappears, the Balls go to all the corners of the Earth and the sky lightens to a nice soft blue. Yamcha is annoyed at him for returning the Dragon but Goku just glares a little. He’s not too happy.

Switches to: Kibito. He surmises that he must have somehow been brought back to life, the clever little chickadee, because he remembers being killed by Dabura. Kibito is worried about Supreme Kai and sets out to find him because he can faintly detect his ki. S Kai is currently still traipsing along looking for Gohan - he thinks he’s their last hope of defeating Majin Buu.

Switches to: Goku and Bulma. Bulma says it’s fine and she can just find all the Dragonballs again in four months which Goku rewards with a nice big enthusiastic “That’s the spirit!” and then tells them all to hold on to him so he can Instant Translocation them all to Dende’s lookout. So Bulma, Eighteen and Marron, Master Roshi, Oolong and Puar, Chi-Chi and the Ox King, Yamcha, and Videl all grab onto each other and disappear, while Prof. and Mrs Brief stay behind to feed their pets. Videl thinks it’s all like some bizarre dream where things keep getting stranger and stranger.

Switches to: Babidi and Majin Buu flying along. “How very odd Buu. First it’s day and then suddenly it’s night and then it’s day again. Hmmm... doesn’t make any difference to me, anyhow. Soon, my pet, there will only be darkness”. Evil laugh.

Voice guy: “Dark skies loom ahead for the people of planet Earth as long as the evil Babidi and Majin Buu fly among them. Can anyone put a stop to their rein of terror? Right now the Earth’s best hope for survival are resting in bed. But when they awaken will they be up for the challenge before them? Next time on Dragonball Z!”

Thanx for reading, by Chibi-Hikaru ^_^

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