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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 224 - Find the Dragon Balls

English DBZ Episode # 224: Find the Dragonballs:

This episode is titled Find the Dragonballs. This episode starts off with Bulma and the crew who have desided not to go after Trunks and Goten. Now they have collected six out of seven dragonballs and are right near the last one. Then Goku wakes up and feels Piccolo and Krilins energy so he teleports to Kami lookout much to the suprise of Krilin who actually starts to cry. Back with Bulma and the gang who have now found the the island where the last dragonball is.

Yamcha almost kills everybody with the worst landing you've ever seen. Bulma finds the dragonball in a birds nest and is about to get it when a dinosaur comes up behind her and licks her butt. Videl jumps in to save Bulma from getting eaten but insted of eating the girls it eats the nest dragonball and all. The dinosaur starts to fly off but Yamcha hits it with a energy blast and downs it in the ocean. Bulma starts yelling at Yamcha and telling him to go after it. Yamcha will not go and it looks like no one will but Videl finnaly goes. Yamcha and Chichi then deside they don't want to hear Bulma yelling so they go also. Meanwhile Master Roshi is beside Android 18 and Maron. He does not want to go help so he is pretending to have a cold. Android 18 sees he is fakeing and kicks him to the middle of the area where Yamcha, Chichi, and Videl are trying to get the dragonball back. As he starts to fall the dinosaur jumps out of the water heading strait for him. Chichi makes a comment about the dinosaur eating Master Roshi. But as we all know Master Roshi is a master of the marshal arts and just pinches his nose and farts. This makes the dinosaur throwup the dragonball, but when it does it hits Master Roshi in the head and knocks him out. Back at Kami lookout Denda has healed Goku and Goku explains the art of fusion. This basicly ends this episode I'll write more later if you like my review. I only ask that if you post this summary that you post my name. Thanks 

Trae Shorter.


The episode starts off with supreme kai still very weak and looking for gohan. back on the ship , bulma and the others have found six of the seven dragonballs. bulma's radar detects it's on a small island in the middle of a lake. 

Yamcha lands the ship, and bulma goes up to the nest in the tree which is where the dragonball is. she almost gets it, when a big tongue from behind her licks her butt. she turns around and sees a big pink dinosaur with a long tongue. the dinosaur eats the nest, along with the dragonball. it's about to eat bulma, too, when yamcha shoots an energy blast , which makes the dinosaur fall into the lake. bulma tells yamcha too jump in the lake and get the ball, but he doesn't want to take off his clothes in front of everyone. master roshi pretends to have a cold, and 18 doesn't want to get wet. chichi is about to jump in, but videl does instead. she tries to get the dragonball from out of its mouth, but she soon runs out of air. chichi and yamcha jump in. videl goes up to get some air, then she quickly goes back in. the dinosaur is about to eat videl, but yamcha and chichi grab on to it. back above the lake, 18 wants master roshi to help, too, but he still pretends to have a cold. 18 gets mad at this, so she kicks him far into the air. the dinosaur jumps up and is about to eat master roshi, but he lets out a big fart, which disgustes everyone. the dinosaur spits out the dragonball, and it hits master roshi on the head. everyone is happy that they have all seven dragonballs. 
Meanwhile, piccolo and krillin make thier way up to the lookout, and they meet yajirobe and korin. krillin asks if they have any more senzu bans, but yajirobe says they don't, because goku already earlier took thier last three. piccolo and krillin get up to the lookout, and piccolo gives trunks and goten to mr.popo to put to bed. dende says that he doesn't sense gohan. krillin asks about goku, but dende says that he cannot die because he is already dead. dende and piccolo both sense the supreme kai. meawhile majin buu, with babidi on his back, continue thier rampage. goku then wakes up and teleports to the lookout. krillin and the others are happy to see him, and dende then heals goku's wounds.



Dragon Ball Z Review
Episode 224
Find the Dragon Balls

Number 18, Marrin, Videl, Bulma, Chichi, Master Roshi, and Yamcha are collecting the Dragon Balls as the episode intros. With only one ball remaining, they come to a rocky landing on a small island.

Meanwhile, Piccolo and Krillin return to the Lookout carrying the precious cargo of Trunks and Goten. Dende suggests putting the two boys to bed, and the news of Gohan and Vegeta's deaths are discussed when the two Nameks discover Shin (The Supreme Kai)'s life force. He is struggling across the sand, trying to find Gohan, knowing he is one of the Universe's last hopes.

Babity and Majin Buu pay a visit to the city, and Babity gets a paper cut :) Bulma insists on getting the dragonball herself, but comes face-to-face with a monstrous pink dragon. Yamcha strikes down the dinosaur with a small blast, causing Videl to jump into the water after it. Chichi and Yamcha wrestle the dragon to the surface, where #18's football, Master Roshi, cuts the cheese just upwind of the creature. The dragonball is coughed up and they finally have possession of all seven dragonballs.

Majin Buu takes the liberty of colliding head on with a train, while Goku finally wakes up and instantly teleports to the Lookout. Completely enthralled by Goku's appearance, he is healed by Dende and a Sensu bean, and Krillin prepares to bring his family to the Lookout and out of harm's way.

-The ErieDragon


DBZ Episode 224:Find the dragonballs
Bulma's Spaceship has been fixed and now flying.Six dragonballs have been found and only the 4 star dragonball to go.Bulma is worried about Vegeta and Chi chi is worried about Goten and Trunks.No one has heard of Goku either.The last dragonball is spotted on a tiny island and Yamcha goes down to get it.
Meanwhile,Piccolo and Krillin meet Yarijobe and Korin on thier way to Kami's.They ask for a few senzu beans but thier are none.They go up to Kami's.Goten and Trunks are still unconcious so they are put to bed.Krillin asks if Goku has shown up but Dende reassures Krillin that Goku cant die again.
Gohans energy is gone But both Dende and Piccolo can sense shin's energy.
We are now shown a badly hurt shin stumbling around,aparently walking towards a weak and hurt and energy.Gohan is shown,still knocked in a forest somewhere.
Babidee is riding on majin buu's back as they head to a metropolis.Buu destroys a crowded building( Babidee get a book in his face in the process)They fly away.
The final dragonball is lying in a birds nest.Bulma is trying get the dragonball but it is out of her reach.Suddenly a large tongue slides across Bulma's butt.She turns around very mad to find a big pink dinosaur.Videl comes flying to her rescue, but the dinosaur eats the whole nest and flys away.Quickly, Yamcha blasts the dinosaur.The dinosaur falls into the water.Noone wants to get wet so Chi chi decides to go in but Videl gets ahead of her.The dinosaur is getting away so videl tries to smack the dinosaur without success.Videl runs out of air and the dinosaur pursues her as Videl tries to get up for air.Just as Videl was about to get eaten, Chi chi and Yamcha grab hold of the dinosaur.Back on the surface, Master Roshi pretends to be sick which makes 18 mad so she kicks him to the other side of the lake.The dinosaur is about to eat Master Roshi,but he lets out a fart.The dinosaur and everyone around is nauseated.So the dinosaur coughs up the 4 star dragonball right at Master Roshi's head.With all the dragonballs the mission is successful.
Buu is shown flying over a train track racing against a speed train.Easily enough buu flies straight through the train making it explode.
Finally,Goku gets up and notices that Vegeta and Gohan's energy has gone.He looks into Korins bag and sees that all the senzu beans are gone.He senses buu's energy and then decides to teleport to Piccolo.
Piccolo and Krillin are disuccusing how doomed they are because Vegeta,Gohan and Goku are all dead.Suddenly They sense a familar energy,it Goku! his sight makes everyone on kami's place almost cry.Hopes are renewed,now that Dende uses his healing powers to heal Goku.
Next Episode:Revival
By Rhys Winter


The episode starts out with bulma wondering if vegeta is really dead{she knows it but she wont say it}and all she is thinking about is why vegeta would kill so many innocent people like that and master roshi explains that the vegeta we know would never do something like that!so bulma goes and tries to find the dragonballs to wish back everyone who was killed from that blast except for the truely evil.they find every dragonball except for one and this monster swallows it and master roshi farts on its head the get it back{funny stuff!!!}the monster coughs it up and pretty soon goku  finnaly awakes and goes to kames lookout and finds dende and dende heals him.bulma uses one wish and goku finds her and tells her not to use the other two wishes because they might need them later so goku tells shenron that he will call him again soon and since they only used one of the 3 wishes they can use the wishes in 3 or four months{i forgot which one!}they all go up to kames look out.end of episode - Martin Elder


DBZ- English Dubbed- Find The Dragon Balls- 224

It starts out with Bulma, Yamcha, Chi Chi, 18, Maron, Videl,and Master Roshi in the plane on their way to find the last dragonball. Chi Chi then tells Videl about it being ok to let gohan go off but why didn't she stop goten and trunks. Videl apologizes and Yamcha says she wouldn't have been able to stop them anyway. Then Chi Chi asks Bulma why she's so eager to get the dragonballs back maybe cuz she thinks something might have happened to the kids. Bulma says she's not worried about the boys but had a sick feeling in her heart about Vegeta and she just wants to bring back all the people Vegeta killed today but doesn't want to bring vegeta back unless he's back to himself again. Finally they find out where the dragonball is and they tell yamcha to land and he lands very clumsily making roshi land on 18 and 18 says 'the plane's settle you can get up now' and roshi thanks 18 for saving him because he landed on something so soft which was her and he showed an example by pushing his face inbetween her boobs t

Meanwhile Piccolo and Krillin are heading up to see Dendewith Trunks and Goten in hand making a small stop to ask yajarobe for any senzu beans but they took the last 3 then yajarobe says he's living like a monk cuz he has no tv and krillin makes fun of him for it. Then they fly off upward to see dende. Mr popo then takes trunks and goten inside to let them sleep on a bed.Then dende says he can't feel vegeta or gohan's ki but found a small bit of ki left in the supreme kai. Piccolo says he doesn't think they have a chance against buu. Then mr popo invited them to eat.

Then it cuts to supreme kai struggling with the very little bit of energy left to find gohan. Then cuts to buu and babidi flying and going through a builiding like nothing. Then cuts to Bulma reaching for the dragonball which is hard because there's 2 cliffs one she's on the other one is a couple feet away from here and that is where the dragonball lays in an egg nest on top of the cliff. Yamcha doesn't help because he says bulma said she wanted to do it to get some aggression out. Bulma responds by saying she's going to throw the dragonball at yamcha's head once she has it. As Bulma continues to struggle she then feels something go across her rear end she turns around low and behold it's a pink dinosaur. Videl being the brave girl she is flys up there to help her out. The dino then sticks his tounge out but bulma dodges making the dino grab the nest with the dragonball in it and swallows itthen heads off and Yamcha throws an energy blast at the dino making it fall and land into the water. Bulma yells at dden roshi lets out a big rancid fart directly into the dino's mouth and making yamcha chichi and videl let go cuz they had to hold their nose it stank so much. Then the dino coughs the dragonball out hitting roshi on the head. Chichi gives master roshi props although he may be a sick man it paid off this time

then cuts to buu and babidi running into a train which does nothing to buu but totally damages the train. Then cuts to Goku awakening from being knocked out by Vegeta and he thinks back remembering what Vegeta did to him and it show a playback of what vegeta did. Then goku senses nothing from gohan and vegeta but still feels piccolo and krillin so before he transmits himself to where they are he apologizes for not being there for gohan. then it cuts to where krillin and piccolo are and krillin asks if it's ok to bring his family and everyone else up to where they are and dende gives him the ok. Then goku appears and  Krillin is very happy to see him 'alive' then he asks dende to heal him so he does and it's the end of that episode....



Dragon Ball Z english dubbed episode 224 - “Find the Dragonballs”

by Chibi-Hikaru ^_^

It starts off with Yamcha, Chi-Chi, Bulma, Videl, Master Roshi, Eighteen and Marron all in the helicopter on their way to find the Dragonballs once again - Bulma feels she owes it to the people who were killed by Vegeta in the World Tournament stadium to bring them back to life. Videl is gazing at the six they already have and being sceptical whether they work or not, but she'll soon find out as they’re about 20 mins away from the last Dragonball. She wonders if perhaps they should be looking for Trunks and Goten but Bulma decides they could be anywhere and that at least in searching for the Dragonballs they’re actually doing something useful. .

Chi-Chi asks Bulma if she thinks something’s happened to Trunks and Goten but Bulma says she’s pretty sure they’re fine but has a sinking feeling in her heart about Vegeta - he may need to be wished back to life but she’s not sure she would want to unless he were back to his normal, non crowd-killing self. (Note: that’s a good thing because I’m not entirely sure they can wish him back - if I remember correctly Dende’s new Dragonballs cannot wish back anyone who’s died before which, to my dismay, Vegeta has). Just then Bulma gets a reading on the last Dragonball on a small island straight ahead, and then there’s just this lame joke about Yamcha not being normal. Yamcha does a spectacular job of crashing the helicopter on the island and Bulma yells at him.

Okay now Krillin and Piccolo are flying up to Dende’s lookout carrying the unconscious Goten and Trunks and stop briefly to ask Korin if he has any Senzu beans and of course make fun of Yajirobe, but there are no beans to be found so they keep going. When they land on the lookout Dende and Mr Popo come out and are happy to see them and ask what happened. They talk for a while about Babidi and Buu and Piccolo grimly describes their situation and says that even Goku (who is still unconscious hmmm that nasty Vegeta really hits hard) can’t help them now.

Krillin excitedly asks Dende about Goku - Dende just smiles and says “Well, it’s hard to hurt a man that’s already passed on”. Krillin laughs “Yeah I guess you got a point there!” Piccolo just looks at him and Krillin shuts up.

They talk for a while more (way too much talking in this episode ;p) about Vegeta’s untimely demise, and sensing various people - Dende apologises that he can’t sense Gohan, but he can sense Supreme Kai which is good - the signal was masked by Buu’s great power. Pssh, plot device. Dende asks if he thinks they have a chance and Piccolo says frankly, no. Although since Goku became a Super Saiyan he hasn’t ruled anything out. Krillin is all depressed and asks if someone could tell him where they go from here. Mr Popo decides that they should do what Goku would do - eat. ^_^

Meanwhile Supreme Kai is staggering along barely holding onto his life and crying out for Gohan. “You have to be alive, we can’t do this without you. You have to hold on!” Then he keeps staggering and finally collapses onto his knees. Then it shows Gohan’s unmoving body in the twilight. *sniff sniff*

Switches to Buu flying along with Babidi on his back over a nice shiny city. Babidi decides that it seems a good enough city to destroy but Buu ignores him and keeps going straight ahead directly through a big office tower with Babidi complaining that he needs to be more careful because he nearly fell off and got a paper cut.

Bulma: “Look guys I’ve found it!” as you may have guessed Bulma has found the last Dragonball on the island perched on top of a very nasty looking cliff in the nest of some dinosaur or another and she’s complaining because Yamcha wont help her after she yelled at him. He’s laughing but Videl tells him to cut her some slack because she’s a mother and calls up “C’mon! You can do it old gal!” Bulma is steaming until Yamcha notices this huge pink dinosaur appear behind her. Videl flies up to help but the dino grabs it’s nest and swallows it and the Dragonball. Bulma is terrified and it flies off but our quick-thinking man Yamcha fires an energy ball at it and it crash dives into the ocean. Bulma’s annoyed at him, though, and yells “How are we going to get it out now!?”

They argue over who’ll go in after it - Yamcha is scared coz it’s such a long drop and tells Bulma his clothes are expensive and he doesn’t want to ruin them, Roshi fakes a cold, Eighteen just says she doesn’t want to get wet so, no. At least she was honest. Eventually Videl just jumps in the water and punches the dino then kicks it but let’s face it she’s not that powerful and it doesn’t do much. Chi-Chi and Yamcha feel guilty so they jump in after her, and they hold it’s ehh... do dinosaurs have arms? Eighteen looks sidelong at Roshi then kicks him in after them which Marron thinks is just fantastic. As he’s falling the dino flies out of the water and Roshi is falling straight towards it’s mouth. They think it’s gonna eat him, too, but at the last second he farts in it’s face and it spits out the Dragonball - for once being a dirty old man saved his life, and now they have all seven Draonballs ^_^

Switches to: Babidi and Buu flying along, then they crash into a train and it flies up into the air.

Switches to: Goku, who is waking up... finally. “Man, I feel like I was just run over by a train!” Oh how witty the writers are. So he gets up and remembers what happened and finds the empty Senzu bag - there’s a little flashback of Vegeta doing just that. Then he realises he can’t sense Vegeta anywhere or Gohan, either and wonders how long he was out for. He says “Gohan, sorry I wasn’t there for you, forgive me.” Then Instant Translocations himself to Dende’s lookout because he can sense Piccolo and Krillin there.

Switches to: Dende’s lookout. They are walking outside moping about Goku coz they cant find him and Krillin asks if it’s okay for his family to come up here so they’ll be safe, which Dende approves of, when suddenly Goku appears. Krillin is crying he’s so happy and Dende heals Goku then it’s all happy but...

Voice Guy: “As the weight of pain and fatigue is lifted from his shoulders, Goku’s mission becomes ever more clear. With fire in his eyes the heroic Super Saiyan has only one thing on his mind: ridding the Earth of the evil Majin Buu.”

Thanx for reading, by Chibi-Hikaru ^_^

Dragon Ball Z
English Dubbed(Uncut)
Episode 224- Trapped in Forever

The Episode Starts out with SSJ Gotenks's Super Ghost floating around and
saying comments to Buu such as "Do I scare you?" and "I'm out to get you"
Then Gotenks says "Mess with a Ghost and You'll be toast" Gotenks sicks his
Super Ghost on Buu and Buu attempts to kill the Ghost. As soon as he touches the
Super Ghost it, "Made him go off like a Grenade." Buu turned into a twisted burned
cinder. Piccolo then asked SSJ Gotenks to make more Super Ghosts. Then
Gotenks did his best move yet that he thought would be written down on every history
book. Gotenks then spat out 10 Super Ghost Kamikazes. Then he woke up one of
his Ghost and told all of them to line up and put their arms forward. One of the Ghost
told another to be careful because they would explode if they touched. After Gotenks
told them to "Sound Off" and they counted their numbers. Piccolo warned Gotenks
that He's back. Gotenks turned around and saw Buu drinking a Club Soda and
reading a Manga. Then Gotenks sent Super Ghosts #1 and #2 after him. But Buu
just jumped above them (strangely looking in two directions at the same time). Super
Buu said "he could not be tricked by the same trick twice." Then Gotenks and the
Super Ghosts went into a huddle. (This is my favorite part because of the Super
Ghost's jokes)

Gotenks said:"We have to get him in his weak spot, his stomach"
One Super Ghost: "Should we fly down his throat and give him indigestion"
Another Super Ghost: "It'll be easy because he is already full of hot air."
Piccolo was freaking out because Gotenks didn't have that much time left to be
in fusion mode. Then as Gotenks was about to let his ghost go, two of his Ghost
slapped hands and exploded scattering the characters and woke up the sleeping
Buu. Gotenks said "Forget those two idiots and sent the rest of his Ghosts to attack
Buu except for ten. Before the 5 Super Ghost reached Buu, they swerved to the side
and Checked out a mysterious "substance". One Ghost asked if it was a cookie.
Super Buu then walked over and peeked over one Ghost's sholder to look at the "cookie"
and then the Super Ghost grabbed on and exploded, leaving Buu in the
shape of a cinder again. Then Gotenks told the last Ghost to "Fly down Buu's throat
and Give him something to really chew on." When it exploded, it left Buu into a
thousand pieces. Although Gotenks thought it was all over, Piccolo knew better and
told Gotenks to fry every peice. Then Gotenks told the joke "I mastermind a plan to
defeat Buu and I'm stuck on clean up duty. What a Jip!!" Piccolo told him to get
back to work. Finally, they finished and Piccolo told him how proud he was of him.

But then some wind formed and was blowing upward to some cloud of pink smoke
(like some one acctually thought he was going to disappear that easily.)
Super Buu reformed and regenerated strong as ever. Piccolo told Gotenks to use his
Super Ghost Kamekaze Ghost Attack again but Gotenks said he could not find the
power to make any more and that the world was doomed. Then Buu hooked his
"head tentecle" (he calls it that in his fight against Vegito). After swinging him around
about 6 times, he announced his "Greatest Move" (If you didn't know now I'll tell you.
It's the ability to turn Super Saiyan 3) but Piccolo destroyed the door before he could
attempt to do it. That supposedly trapped them in their forever (But Buu gets pissed
and created a rip in the time- space continuum but that's another episode.) Anyway
Buu and Gotenks can't beleive he did this and Buu looks horrified. To be continued...
Major Fenix from AOL (IM me please to get more DBZ info)


English Dubbed
224-Find the Dragonballs

       The episode begins with Krillin and Piccolo going to Kami's Lookout.They let Trunks and Goten sleep while they talk to Dende.Meanwhile,the Z gang continues searching for the dragonballs.They already have six(somehow)and they are searching for the last one.They find a monster that eats the last one for lunch.Yamcha hits him with a power ball and knocks him into a lake.
       Videl,Chi Chi,and Yamcha go in after it.It flies up in the air and master Roshi farts on making the dragon ball come out.Meanwhile we are showed Goku who is waking up.He wonders what is going on so he goes to Kami's lookout.When he arrives he,Piccolo and Krillin discuss things.They wonder how they are going to beat Majin Buu.Dende then heals Goku.Meanwhile Majin Buu and Babidi rush through a city and a train.Is he that strong.Find out on the next Dragonball Z
Next Time:Bulma summons the Eternal Dragon in hopes of reviving ones killed by Vegeta.And,what are the Z warriors at the lookout planning.Does it concern young Goten and Trunks???
Matt Farley

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