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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 223 - Evil Lives On

Series: Dragon Ball Z
Japanese, Dubbed English should be the same since their is no blood or violence in this episode 223 Evil Lives on

Review / Summary


With Vegita now detonated he has turned into a lifeless statue. It falls into the explosion crater and shatters into dust. The remains of Vegita are carried away by a small wind. Piccolo and Krillin stop mid flight to watch what happened. Piccolo flies down to the former battle site of Vegita and Fat Majin Buu. Piccolo looks down at a small piece of pink flesh that used to be Majin Buu. The piece moves Piccolo with terrified look on his face tells Krillin that they have to go to Kami Dende's Tower. (The name Kami is a title not a name.) Piccolo and Krillin fly away with Goten and Trunks in their arms. Buu's pieces come together and form several Buu's. These mini Buu's fly into each other and form five other Buu's. This final five form back into Buu. Almost as soon as Buu has reformed Babadi screams at Buu to heal him. Buu floats downs to Babadi's position and heals him. Babadi and Buu fly off into the horizon.

On the Next episode. 18, Bulma Chichi, Maron Videl and Yamcha and anyone else not mentioned Begin a search for the Dragonballs to revive Vegita's victims. 

Also Shin is still alive!

Several episodes after this one will most likely be skipped since they are 
fillers. New Episodes Dubbed in Sept 02

-Dale Brown-


Dragon Ball Z ( English version)
By Shelby "Shell" Workman (no website)

Here's how the episode began: A huge flash of yellow light is filling the sky. Vegeta
is using all of his energy to rid the planet of Majin Buu. Piccolo and Krillin are flying away. Buu is being ripped to pieces (I hope that really hurt!).

Elsewhere, Bulma and the others are flying in a weird-looking ship. Bulma is trying to figure out why Vegeta killed all of those people at the fighting tournament and remembers the look he had in his eyes. Master Roshi tells her that he wasn't normal when he did that. Chi-chi says that they did something to him (Did they notice that M on his forehead?

Suddenly Majin Vegeta's blast hits the ship and Yamcha looses control.
They would have crashed but 18 got out and pulled the ship to safety. Back at the battlefield Krillin says that the explosion is too much and Vegeta could die. After a while the dust clears. Majin Vegeta's body has turned to stone. He falls into the crater and breaks into a thousand pieces (sob). Piccolo tells Krillin to take Trunks and Goten to Dendae's lookout. Piccolo goes back to the crater to look for Vegeta. Little bits of Majin Buu's skin are scattered on the ground. Piccolo pays his respects to the Saiyan prince. He's just about to leave when he hears Babidi yelling for help. Suddenly the shreds of Buu's flesh start regenerating and forming Majin Buu (Drat). Piccolo freaks out and flies away. Babidi starts yelling "Majin Buu! Help me!" Buu giggles and says "You stuck in hole!"(Wow. Did he figure that out all byhimself?) Babidi keeps screaming "Heal Me, you idiot!" and Majin Buu keeps coming up with excuses for why he shouldn't. After a while Buu finally gives in and heals his "master". Babidi gets up and talks about all of the pain and terror they're going to cause. Then he gets on Buu's back and they fly away.


Dragon Ball Z
English Dubbed
#223 Evil Lives On

             The episode starts off with Vegeta selfdestructing in order to kill Fat Buu.A huge ball of energy encircles Fat Buu and Vegeta and they both disapper.Krillin and Piccolo are flying away from the blast trying not to get caught.Piccolo is about to go back but Krillin stops him and tells him that it is to late and Vegeta really wanted to do this.Meanwhile Master Roshi,Bulma,Videl,Chi Chi,Ox King,Marren,#18,and Yamcha make there way to the battle ground.
             Chi Chi asked Videl if they are going the right way and she said yes.Bulma is constantly worrying why Vegeta killed all the people at the stadium but Master Roshi reasures her that he wasn't in control.Then there is a sudden rumble and the plane goes out of control.#18 jumps out and saves it.As Yamcha trys to repair it outside Bulma realizes Vegeta is must be dead.
             Back at the battle field Vegeta is stone.He crumbles and gets blown away.
Piccolo investigates the crater from Vegeta's attack.He finds bits of Majin Buu everywhere and half of Babidi.Babidi begs Piccolo not to kill him and right when he is about Fat Buu reforms and and heals Babidi.Piccolo and Krillin flee the field.Fat Buu and Babidi head toward the city while the Supreme Kai searches for a near dead Gohan.
Next Episode:#224-Search for the Dragonballs
Goku awakens and the Z gang searches for the dragonballs!

Matt Farley  

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