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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 222 - Final Atonement

Dragonball Z  
English Dubbed  
Final Atonement (Episode 222.0)

Last Time: Buu and Vegeta fought. Trunks and Goten went to help.

Now: Trunks flies out, and kicks Buu, and saves Vegeta. Vegeta tells Piccolo that he has no choice, but to use a ki-self-destruct, which will kill him. Vegeta tells Trunks that he loves him, but Trunks won’t lose his father! Vegeta knocks Trunks out, tells Piccolo to watch them, and asks if he’ll be able to fight Goku, in ‘Other World’. Piccolo tells him that he doesn’t know. Vegeta flies towards Buu, remembering Bulma, Trunks, and all his friends. He grabs onto Buu. Babidi is horrified! Vegeta self-destructs. Nothing is left.

Next Episode : Vegeta is gone. Everything is over, just like Vegeta said it would be, when all of a sudden, all the pieces of Majin Buu begin to re-assemble! Did Buu live through Vegeta’s sacrifice? If so, how will the Z team stop this monster? Goku has a plan, find out next time, on Dragonball Z!



Episode 222 Final Atonement
For the sake of his son and other loved ones, Vegeta chooses to explode himself to kill Buu. Trunks and Goten try to prevent him, so he knocks them unconscious. Vegeta grabs Buu and explodes, vanishing in an aura of light. - Ssryan909


Episode 222 is called (Final Atonement)

Vegeta knows that he has no chance to defeat Mr. Buu, so for everyone he the does the only thing he can.  He grabs Buu and selfdestructs.  He vanishes into an aura of light.  Vegeta is dead.  But the question is, is Buu dead or still alive. - Madwils


English dubbed
final atonement
    Vegita figures out how he can kill Buu, he tells Piccolo that the only way to destroy Buu is to use a self destruct attack. Trunks tries to stop Vegita from self destructing but he tells Piccolo to hold him back. Vegita self destructs and there is nothing left. Babidi is horrified at what happened but all of the sudden Buu forms yet again. It seems like the z fighters are in trouble. find out on the next dragon ball Z.
  thanx alot -Chad  


DragonBall Z

English dubbed

episode 222.0:Final Atonement

                                The episode starts off with Majin Buu beating Vegeta's face in.Vegeta is screaming in agony,and Trunks is filled with rage.Going Super Saiyan,he flies off,and Piccolo is too late to stop him.Goten yells for Trunks to wait up,for he will go now.Piccolo grabs the young Super Saiyan,but Goten gets loose.Piccolo's hopes for them are lost.Trunks flies by one side of Babidi,and the Goten flies by the other.Babidi is in awe as he wonders who they are.
                                Trunks flies down with major power,kicking Buu in the side of his face.Buu flies back far away.Goten and Trunks get the blobbish stuff from Majin Buu off Majin Vegeta.(BTW it doesn't seem that Vegeta is Majin Vegeta so that M should be off by now...)Goten thinks,"Is he alive Trunks?",and is yelled at by Trunks,who says that his mom said he was the Prince of all of the Saiyans."All of them!?"Goten said.And then Trunks says,"Yeah he still is the Prince and there's no way a Prince can be beat by some monster!"Vegeta gets up,looking toward Majin Buu,who is taking small steps toward them while humming(at a high vloume I must add!).
                                 Babidi is just staring at them and saying stuff like yes my pet yes,get them!Piccolo appears behind him and says some stuff."Go ahead call Majin Buu!"And gets ready to blast the short wrinkled guy,but says "Paparapapa!!"And a barrier appears around him.After some handy work,Piccolo destroys the barrier and says,"So long Babidi!"And with a slice of his hand,cuts Babidi in half.Piccolo just floats there,watching the two parts of Babidi fall on the ground.(By the way this was an insult scene like Babidi insulting Piccolo fmor looking green at the beginning for seeing the horror of 'The Buu!')

        Goku is lying down,still unconcious.Gohan,with animals around him,is still knocked unconcious.And the Supreme Kai/Shin,well,DITTO!

        Vegeta says that he has never held Trunks since he was a baby.He hugs Trunks for a while.He says take care of your mother,and say that I love her.He knocks Trunks out with a light punch to the head.Goten says,"Why did you do that?What did you do to Truunks!?I can't believe you did that Dads aren't suppose to do mean stuff to their sons!!!"Vegeta punches Goten lightly in the stomach.Piccolo comes down.He and Vegeta look at Buu.Vegeta asks Piccolo that when he is dead will he be able to fight Goku.Piccolo explains,"Goku got a gift to go to Other World for the pure-heartedness he had,and for sacrificing himself for the Planet and everyone else.Even you.You,on the other hand,have spent your life killing and hurting people,you won't get the same reward."Vegeta says,"Oh well.So be it.Take those two away from here fast.Go now!"He goes and Krillin does too.Majin Buu finally comes up to Vegeta.But he is still about 50 yards from Vegeta.Vegeta has gathered all the en

And so,one of the Earth's greatest fighters and defenders has risked his life for the sake of his loved ones.His name-Vegeta.(that ending made even ME cry and I'm a boy!)


Dragonball Z English episode dub
Title: Final Atonement
Episode number: 222 or 223 (I'm not sure which)
Reviewed by Midnight Sayian Ranger
Web site: The World Of Midnight
Rating: 9 out of 10
What happened: Trunks rushes to help his father and Goten powers up to help him. Piccolo grabes Goten and tells him not to go. Goten gets mad and says that Piccolo would let him go if he was Gohan. This takes Piccolo by surprise and he lets go. Goten flies off.
Trunks gives Buu a mighty kick and sends him flying. Then he and Goten unwrap an unconsious Vegeta from what ever that pink stuff is that held him. Trunks begs his father to wake up and Goten asks if he's dead. Trunks insits that he's not because he used to be the Prince of all Sayians and a Prince can never be beaten by an ugly monster. Just as those words come out of his mouth, Vegeta wakes up.
Piccolo, meanwhile, has a bone to pick with Babadi. The butt ugly little germ tries casting some sort of freezing spell on Piccolo and then incasing himself in a energy bubble. Neither is very effective. Then Babadi tries to reason with Piccolo, saying that only he can control Buu and with out him Earth is domed. Piccolo tells him that doesn't matter because Buu won't be destoring Earth anyway. And with that, Piccolo cuts him in half.
Vegeta tells Trunks to get away from the battle, but Trunks won't listen. Both he and Gotne insist that they can beat Buu if they fight together. Vegeta tells Trunks to take care of his mother. Trunks doesn't know what he means by this. Vegeta then goes on to say how proud he is of his son and admits that he never held him in his arms. Vegeta then gives Trunks a long hug, then knocks him out. Goten gets all mad and demands to know why Vegeta did that (he'd probably be even more pissed if he knew what Vegeta did to his dad.) and Vegeta knocks him out too. Then he tells Piccolo to take both boys as far away as he can. Before Piccolo goes, Vegeta asks him if he'll meet Kakarot (Goku) in Other World. Piccolo tells him its unlikly because Goku served humanity unselfishly all his life, while Vegeta has been self serving most of his life. Vegeta's like "oh well" and tells Piccolo to leave.
When Picolo, Krillin, Goten. and Trunks are out of sight and Buu starts to come back in the picture, Vegeta begins to power up and keeps going until both he and Buu explode.
And so ends the life of the last Sayian Prince and the fourth season of Dragon Ball Z


Episode 222: Final Attonement (U.S. Dubbed DBZ)

Trunks and Goten go Super Saiyan and fly off to help Vegita, much to Piccolo's dismay.  Trunks lands a suprise kick on Majin Buu, sending him crashing him through rock towers giving Trunks and Goten the time they need to unravel Vegita from the pink bloblike substance.

Piccolo rushes up to Babi-dee and tells him nothing he has done is forgivable.  Babi-dee brags to Piccolo and makes a pretty bad joke about him being "green with envy".  Babi-dee claims he is stronger than Piccolo and throws some small green electric blobs at him (?).  Piccolo looks like he might implode or something, but he just powers up and roasts the blobs.  Babi-dee says, while hiding behind a magic shield orb, that if he is gone, there will be no one to seal up Majin Buu.  Piccolo says that that doesn't matter and, after easily bringing the shield down, chops Babi-dee in half, whose last words are "What have you done to me?!"

A now free Vegeta has a touching moment with his son Trunks, telling him to take care of his mother.  His last words to Trunks are "I'm proud of you Trunks." He then knocks Trunks out cold and does the same to Goten, who's pretty ticked off.  He asks Piccolo if he will see Goku in the afterlife, and Piccolo tells him that he has done too much pain, and so he will not get sent to the world where Goku is going.  Vegeta says "So be it" and Piccolo flys away with Goten, Trunks, and Krillen.   

Vegeta's last thoughts are "Bulma, Trunks.....and yes, even you Kakarot...this is for you."  He then uses an energy self-destruct, which just about destroys everything in sight.  Piccolo says this is the first time Vegeta has fought for someone other than himself.


dbz english us dubbed episode 222 final atonement

vegeta is trapped in majin boo's part skin, trunks comes in and attacks boo with a kick.goten and trunks rescuse vegeta. piccolo gets to babidi, babidi makes fun of piccolo being green. piccolo kills babidi by tering him into pieces[ cut part of his head and both legs] meanwhile,vegeta tells trunks to hug him.then he says he is proud of his son and chops him then punches goten in the gut. vegeta tells piccolo to take them far away. he also says when he dies , if he would meet the ''clown'' kakorate in the other world , piccolo doesn't know.majin boo returns, wanting trunks,vegeta says to fight him.majin boo says he wants to turn vegeta into butter and cheese.vegeta is outraged. he's last thoughts were about bulma,trunks and kakorate.then,he blew himself to destroy the evil majin boo.piccolo tells krillan that for the first time vegeta is fighting for someone else than himself.the episode time:vegeta is gone.piccolo returns and discovers majin boo has re- genurated and survived! bulma and others - Lisa


Dragonball Z
Version USA
#222 Final Atonement

This episode begins as Trunks and Goten enter the scene to save Vegeta. 
Piccolo follows after them. Trunks goes towards Majin Buu and kicks him. 
Then the little sayans check on Vegeta.

Meanwhile, Piccolo goes towards Babidi. Piccolo tries to kill him, but 
Babidi activates his shield. Piccolo destroys the shield, then he shreds 
the evil wizard in pieces.

Back at the scene, Vegeta tells Trunks that he needs to take good care of 
his mother. Trunks doesn't understand. Vegeta gives him a hug. Then he 
says, "You've made me proud, my son." Then Vegeta slaps him in the head. 
Then Goten says "Why did you do that to him? You're his dad and dads aren't 
supposed to do that to their sons." Then Vegeta punches Goten in the 
stomach. Piccolo then enters the scene. He is ordered by Vegeta to take 
the two boys and leave. Then Vegeta asks him "Will I get to see Kakarot in 
the other world?" (Kakarot is another name for Goku). Piccolo says "The 
answer may be difficult for you to hear. This is the truth. Goku devoted 
his life to fighting for his loved ones. When he died, he was able to keep 
his body and travel to King Kai's place. You on the other hand have caused 
too much pain. When you die, you will not get the same reward." After 
hearing the news, Vegeta says, "Oh well. So be it." Piccolo takes the two 
boys and leaves. He then tells Krillin to go along with him. Krillin asks, 
"Is Vegeta crazy?" Then he says, "For the first time Vegeta is fighting for 
someone other than himself."

Despite hearing the news from Piccolo, he still wants to do at least one 
good deed before he dies. His final thoughts are, "This is for you Bulma, 
Trunks, and yes even you Kakarot." As Buu enters the scene, Vegeta releases 
his power. Vegeta vanishes in the light.

The Episode ends here as Vegeta dies.

Next Episode: 223 Evil Lives on

Laurence Johnson


Dragonball Z
Episode 222: Final Atonement (English dubbed)
The episode start with Trunks flying to Vegeta who is beating very hard by Buu. Piccolo is yelling to stop but then Goten is also powering up to help Trunks. Picollo is grabing his hand and said that he can not go there also. Then Goten is saying if he was Gohan Picollo would let him go and so he is going after Trunks.
Buu is still hitting Vegeta very hard but then Trunks comes and kicks Buu on his head and Buu is flying many feets far. Goten is then trying to get Vegeta out of the rope that Buu had pulled around Vegeta and Trunks is helping him also.
Then Trunks is shaking his father to wake up but Vegeta is still knock-out. Goten is wondering if he is still alive. Trunks then said that his father can not die by a stupid monster because Vegeta was the prins off all Saiyans. Vegeta then wokes up and is saying "Trunks my son" Trunks is very happy but Vegeta is pushing him away and asks where Buu is.
Then we see Babidi who is wondering who the two boys are. Suddenly Piccolo is coming to the scene. Babidi first laughs about him but then Piccolo is cutting him in two pieces!
We go back to Vegeta, Trunks and Goten. Vegeta is looking up to Buu and then he is saying to Trunks that he must take care off his mother. Trunks is asking why. Then Vegeta is saying to the two boys that they must leave from there. Goten and Trunks are saying to Vegeta that they can fight together to defeat Buu. Vegeta is then getting a little angry and said to the boys to stop.
Vegeta is still looking to Buu when he is saying to Trunks that since Trunks was a baby he even dind't hold him once. He looks at Trunks and said "Come here my son". He is hughing him for a while. Then he is saying to Trunks that he must know something. "You made me proud my son" Trunks is looking to his father, then Vegeta hits him under his head and Trunks goes knock-out. Goten can not understand why Vegeta did that but it doesn't matter because Vegeta hits him also and he is also going down.
Piccolo is coming down and walks to Vegeta. They are looking to each other. Suddenly Buu gets awaken and is angry. Vegeta is telling Piccolo to leave as far as he can and he must take the two boys with him.  Piccolo is taking the boys but then he is saying to Vegeta that he will die. Vegeta is looking to Buu again but he isn't talking to Piccolo. Then he asked Piccolo if he will see Kakarot in the other world. Piccolo is saying to Vegeta that Goku was a warrior who foughts to help other people that's why he could kept his body when he was dead. Then he is saying to Vegeta that he killed a lot of people during his lifetime and he will not get the same reward. Vegeta then sais "so be it". Buu is coming very close now and Vegeta tells Piccolo to leave.
Buu is saying to Vegeta that he doesn't like him. Vegeta is laughing and tells him that the other are not important he will only fight against him. Piccolo is flying off and is yelling to Krillin to come also.
Back on the battle field Vegeta is powering up. Buu is saying that he will turn Vegeta in chocolate or Cheese. Back to Krillin and Piccolo. Krillin is saying that Vegeta is crazy and that Buu will eat him alive. Piccolo is then saying that for the first time Vegeta is fighting for someone else controlling his own life.
Vegeta is now really powering up. Then he is saying that he is doing this for Trunks and Bulma and yes even for you......Kakarot. He is powering up and you can see a great light and Vegeta is gone. Krillin is yelling to him but Vegeta is gone.
"And so one of the earts greatest fighters is gone. Risking his life for the ones he loved, his name was: Vegeta a proud saiyan prince."
My name is: Bobby
I do not have a website


This episode is called Final Atonement

Last episode, Vegeta did an all out assault on Majin Buu. But Buu proved to 
be more than he (Vegeta) could handle. Everytime Vegeta did damage, Buu 
healed himself. Finally, Buu got irritated, and started fighting back. Vegeta 
did his best, but Buu was too much for him. Then Buu used some of his own 
body to trap Vegeta. Then Vegeta was getting beaten to a pulp.

This episode continues with Buu knocking the stuffing out of Vegeta. 
On the sidelines, Trunks gets very angry, and goes to help. Not wanting to be 
left behind, Goten follows. Meanwhile, Buu is having a field day trashing 
Vegeta. From out of nowhere, a foot connects with his face and he is sent 
flying. Babidi is a little surprised to see Trunks and Goten, but says that 
he will have Buu destroy them as well.
Trunks and Goten unwrap Vegeta. Vegeta doesn't come to and Trunks 
fears the worst. After pleading with him (Vegeta), Vegeta finally comes to. 
He is concerned because he knows that Trunks and Goten shouldn't be here with 
Buu not too far away. Speaking of which, Buu gets his head out and blows away 
his rocky prison. He is mad and demands to know who hit him.
Meanwhile, Babidi is watching when Piccolo confronts him. Babidi 
laughs, but Piccolo isn't amused. Babidi shoots some icky green stuff which 
ends up on Piccolo. At first, it doesn't seem to do anything, but then, 
Piccolo starts to get unnaturally buffed up. Babidi laughs, but that comes to 
an end when Piccolo uses his energy to blow the green stuff off him.
Babidi then calls for Majin Buu to kill Piccolo. Piccolo is calm and 
tells Babidi to call the monster so he (Buu) can watch Babidi die. Piccolo 
attacks, but Babidi uses his barrier to deflect the attack. But that doesn't 
stop Piccolo. Piccolo puts his hand on the barrier, trying to break it. 
Babidi tries to reason with Piccolo by telling him (Piccolo) that Majin Buu 
won't be able to be sealed if he (Babidi) is dead. Piccolo doesn't care and 
destroys Babidi's barrier. Piccolo then slices Babidi in two and both halves 
of Babidi fall to the ground.
Back to Vegeta, Trunks and Goten who watched the whole thing. Vegeta 
tells Trunks to take good care of his (Trunks) mother. Trunks wonders why 
Vegeta would say such a thing. Vegeta puts his hands on his son's shoulders 
and looks at him (Trunks). Vegeta tells Trunks that he (Vegeta) is very proud 
of his son. Then, Vegeta knocks his son out cold. Goten argues, only to be 
socked in the stomach by Vegeta. Piccolo lands, and Vegeta tells him to take 
the boys as far as possible. Piccolo agrees without any trouble. Vegeta asks 
if he would be able to fight Goku in the other world. Piccolo says he doesn't 
know because Goku did things from the goodness of his heart and that Vegeta 
only did things for himself.
Piccolo then flies off with the boys and tells Krillin that it's time 
to leave. Krillin joins Piccolo. Buu confronts Vegeta and says how mad he 
(Buu) is. Vegeta says that the fight is between him and Buu, and the others 
are of no concern to Buu. Then Vegeta starts to power up. Buu says that he 
will turn Vegeta into chocolate or maybe crackers and cheese. Vegeta ignores 
that and says that he's going to destroy Buu and scatter him (Buu) across the 
Krillin knows what Vegeta is going to do and wants to stop him, but 
Piccolo says that Vegeta is not doing this for himself, for the first time in 
his life. Vegeta thinks of his family and friends and powers up big time. Buu 
is hurt bigtime and in a bright flash of light, Vegeta dies to protect his 
family, friends, and the planet itself.
Next time, Majin Buu is still alive!!!!!!!!!!


Trunks and Goten fly out to the battlefield to save Vegeta. Trunks kicks Buu and saves Vegeta. Vegeta tells Piccolo he has to self destruct. Vegeta tells Trunks he loves and then knocks him out. Goten runs to Vegeta asking him why he did that. Vegeta then knocks him out too. Vegeta tells Piccolo to watch them. He asks Piccolo can he fight Kakkarott in the "Other World". Piccolo tells him he really dosen't know. Piccolo flies away with Goten,Trunks,and Krillin. Vegeta starts to self destruct.

Gavin Odell


Series: DBZ

Language: English

Title: Final Atonement

By: Vegeta's Princess

k, well last episode was when vegeta is fightin buu, and is getting his but kicked. trunks watches in rage but piccolo tells him not to do anything because they will lose him too. but trunks get rilly angry and turns super saiyan and flys off to save his dad. GO TRUNKS! goten tells him to wait up and tries to fly off 2, but piccolo holds him and tells him that he can't let him go off, but then goten says that if he were gohan, piccolo would've let him go and flys off. but after he leaves, piccolo says he wouldn't of. trunks and goten zoom rite by babidi and babidi is surprised at their power levels. trunks and goten get to where vegeta is laying (sniffle vegeta's so hurt!) they unwrap the blobby thing around vegeta. then this is what goten says, "is your dad ok?" and then trunks yells at him "of course he's ok!My dad's the strongest man in the world, he wouldn't lose to some loaf" then goten says "ya, but, i mean ur dad got hurt rilly bad" then trunks yells at him again "clean out your ears and listen to me goten!" and then goten actually does (how cute!) and trunks says "my mom told me, that my dad was the prince of saiyans." and then goten says "wow" and trunks says "and the prince of saiyans wouldn't lose against him" or something like that. and then vegeta says "trunks. my son" (aww... vegeta is so hot) and he gets up and then asks where buu is, then he tells the boys 2 get far away. goten and trunks argue and say that they could gang up on buu and manage 2 say that they could probably beat buu themselves and could do better than vegeta. (NO ONE CAN DO BETTER THAN VEGETA! cept 4 trunks of course) and then vegeta says "trunks, u r my only son, yet i have not held u since u were a little boy. come here" and then he holds trunks (sniffle... how cute... i luv vegeta and trunks) and then trunks gets embarrased. and then vegeta tells him 2 take care of his mom, and trunks asks y. then vegeta says "trunks, there is something i want u 2 no, u have made me proud, my son"  (WAHH.. that's SO sad and imagine from vegeta!) then goten, at the sight, sucks his thumb then vegeta cuffs trunks on the neck, making him uncouncious. then goten starts askin him y he did that and then vegeta lightly punches him in the stomach. piccolo manages 2 slice babidi in half. then piccolo comes and takes the 2 kids as buu advances. piccolo tells vegeta that he will die and vegeta asks piccolo if he will c goku in the other world. piccolo tells him that goku was allowed 2 keep his body b/c he was unselfish and killed himself 2 save the world but he says vegeta has been selfish and arrogant and that he will not recieve the same reward. (u didn't have 2 be THAT mean!) then vegeta says "fine. so be it." and then piccolo and krillin fly off with the boys. then vegeta starts yelling rilly loud, and there is a huge light.before he dies, he says "trunks,bulma, i'm doing this 4 u. and yes,even u kakarot (goku)" meanwhile, up there, krillin and piccolo watch in horror,krillin wants 2 try and stop him, piccolo tells krillin that for the very first time vegeta was thinkin bout someone other than himself. but then piccolo want 2 go stop him. but he doesn't. after the light has stopped, piccolo is going bak 2 the site, and tells krillin that he's going 2 have 2 tell every1 that vegeta died (sob) and gohan 2 (NOOO!!!!) then piccolo flies off. he says some rilly nice stuff 2 the place where vegeta died "what power it must have took 2 create a crater this big. vegeta.... i no what u must have felt. to give urself up. i did it 2. i used 2 b just as selfish. until gohan's love changed me. i no u must have been changed 2. goodbye my friend" and then he stares around. and then he sees buu's peices start 2 regenerate. then he flies off, in horor. krillin's still up there and then he tells krillin wut just happened and krillin asks who is going 2 save the earth now and  piccolo takes trunks and goten and says "son of vegeta, son of goku, they will be the earth's only hope" and then he tells krillin that he's going 2 have 2 tell every1 that vegeta died (sob) and gohan 2 (NOOO!!!!) then he flies off. that the end of that sad episode.   


This is an ep. summary of dragonball z final atointment (uncut)

This personally is my favorite DBZ episode ^_^. It start's out with Majin Buu pounding on poor Vegeta. Trunk's get's horribly pissed off and transforms into ssj. Piccolo try's in vein to grab him. Goten does the same and charges at Buu but Piccolo stops him and says " No Goten we dont want to lose you too!" Goten turns and is furiouse and says "I bet if I were Gohan you'd let me go wouldnt you?" Shocked by this Piccolo lets go and off he flys. Trunks blows by Babidi almost blasting through him! Goten is on his heels as he does the same. Babidi sits scared and Trunks drop kicks Buu. Babidi says " So it seems Vegeta has a few more allies after all. Oh well I'll have Majin Buu destroy them next." Piccolo is floating behind him and he is unaware. So Piccolo inquires " No Babidi I wont let that happen." Babidi being to sure of himself says " My, my, looking green arent we well im not surpised in the ausome presence of Majin Buu im not suprised you turned green with envy." Piccolo says "No Babidi dont flatter yourself I'm always this color." Babidi gets mad and papora papora's him and this green slime coats Piccolo. Babidi laughs menicingly as Piccolo begins to expland much like Spovovitch did. Piccolo looked at the stuff, powered up, and blew it off of him. Babidi was scared and flew at Buu "Buu get him! Get him majin Buu!" He screamed while pointing at Piccolo. (Really good music completed this scene) Piccolo slashed at him but babidi put up a barrier. Piccolo began to push on it and began breaking through. SO in an attempt to save his life babidi trys to talk some sence into Piccolo by saying. " Fool, Dont you know if you kill me...If you kill me then no one will be able to seal up Majin Buu! Hell destroy everything.." Piccolo breaks the barrier and says " That would happen even if you were around so good bye!" Babidi jumps in the air and turns in time to be slashed in half. He falls to the ground yelling " No no! I was going to be king of the world" (jap. version anyway) He watches as he falls and looks at the boys and Vegeta. The kids are unrolling Vegeta and Goten being the geniuse he is asks " Is he dead?" Trunks gets angry and yells "No hes not dead now clean out your ears and listen Goten! (at this point Goten litterally cleans out his hears with a finger) My mom told me that dad was a prince Did you hear that Goten a prince! No way some dumb old monster can beat a prince!" Vegeta gets up dissoriented and asks "wheres Buu" rocks explode and about 40 feet away Buu comes prancing along. Vegeta looks at Trunks and after the boys say that they could help. he hugs trunks and Trunks says how hes embaressing him but Vegeta says "Trunks you are my only son and yet I havent held you once since you were a child have I?" He smiles then chops Trunks in the neck knocking him out of ssj status. Goten ran up and shook him yelling " Whyd you do that? Dads arent supposed to be mean to their sons whyd you do that?" Vegeta ducks and knocks him on the gut making him pass out. Piccolo lands and Picks up trunks Vegeta says "Piccolo...take them far away from here." Piccolo returns "Of course" Before leaving Piccolo states the obviouse to Vegeta " You'll know that." Vegeta smirks and nods then says " I'd like to know one thing will I meet that clown kakarott in the other world?" Piccolo turns to him and this was sad. From now till the end was why i like it so much. Piccolo says " Theres no point in lying to you so im going to tell you the truth even tho it may be hard for you to hear." He goes on about how Goku sacrificed himself for others and so he was gifted and was allowed to go train with grand kai in other world. Vegeta on the other hand killed to many sinless people and he would not recieve the same reward. In the jap. version he adds " Your soul will be clensed as will your memory and youll be reincarnated as a different being" Vegeta flinches and says "Very well that will be all now go." Buu is right near them now and Piccolo flys off. Buu says " Which one hit buu? You stay you fight buu!" At piccolo so vegeta yells " Yes! You will fight them only after youve gone through me! Got it you big ballon freak?" Buu is mad and steams then he says "You talk mean to Buu? I make you hurt bad!" Vegeta smiles and powers up. Buu steams again and says " Me want fight now!" Vegeta says " I think im finally beginging to understand you now." We seen Piccolo fly by krillin and he tells him to run right now. Krillin odes and asks whats going on? Piccolo says " For the first time Vegeta is controlling his own fate, controlling his own destiny as he lays down his life" ::que ausome music:: We see Vegeta powering up and a spiral of energy shoots into the sky. Rocks crumble and  Buu gets mad. and says in the jap. version " Your still so weak should i turn you into coca? or maybe a platter of cheese?" Vegeta smiles and says " You are a fool im going to crush you and throw you into the wind!" Buus face looks shocked now and we get a close shot of Vegeta as he thinks " Trunks, Bulma...I do this for you and yes....Even for you Kakarott.." He then releases all his kai at once creating an explosion......
anouncer: "In an astonishing light a hero dissapears one of the strongest warriors in the universe his name, Vegeta a proud saiyan prince."


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