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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 220 - Meal Time!

Dragonball Z
English Dubbed
Meal Time! (Episode 220.0)
Last Time: Trunks and Goten arrive at the sceen, Gohan is now believed to be dead, Kaio is knocked out, Piccolo's statue is shattered, Dabura stands in Buu's path.
Now: Babidi laughs at Dabura' foolish attempt to kill Buu, and tells Buu that he has no more use for Dabura, and that he can kill him. Dabura laughs, and fights with his full power. Buu doesn't even get hurt, and then, uses a surprising attack, 'Change into a cookie!'?! And, just like the attack says, Dabura changes into a cookie, and Buu eats it! With Dabura dead, Krillin returns to normal, and tells Goten and Trunks about what happened. Trunks is horrified to learn about the statues, as he broke the Piccolo one, when all of a sudden, Piccolo appears (he can regenerate, remember?). The 4 watch Buu fight, knowing that they can do nothing, when there is an explosion...
Vegeta realizes that Goku stole his Honor and Pride, and now, he will stop Buu himself. He tells Goku (although he is still unconscious) that when he wakes up, Buu will be gone, and so will himself. Vegeta blows up the ship, taking him to Buu!
Buu approaches Vegeta, and Vegeta mocks him. He tells him how he is just another obstacle, and he will kill him. Babidi laughs, says he has no more use for Vegeta either, and tells Buu to kill him. Vegeta punches Buu a few times, and hurts him. But, does Buu have the advantage?
Next Episode: The ultimate battle continues, and Trunks decides to step in...


dragon ball z dubbed in
the previous show was about buu beating the crap out of Gohan and Shen (supreme kai) and plans on eating shen then Dabura steps in

Meal time; Buu then decides to eat Dabara. Dabura is outraged. Dabara is kicking buu's butt but each attack he throws at Buu he always heals. Then he spits at him a cople of times but the only thing he gets is a lizard. Then to try and kill Buu he throws severel energy balls at Buu the battel seems over and he chuckles a little untill he sites Buu in the smoke. Buu then once more he chants, me eat you up! Then he turns Dabura into a cookie then stiks the Dabura cookie(he does not get smaller when he turns into a cookie) in his mouth and he start dancing whith his hands on his cheeks. then Crillin turnback to normal. Trunks freaks out because he thinks Picalo is dead because he nocked he statue over and it turns out that Picalo regenerated because his head was not damaged. Then Vegeta blows Bobadi's ship up. So Bobadi camands Buu to detrow Vegeta. So they fight a little then the show is over.

next episode; The Warrior's Decision   

- Martinkids01


Episode 220 is called (Meal Time)
      Vegeta is upset that Buu nearly killed Gohan so he decides to fight Buu.  Buu turns Dubura into a cookie and eats him.  Piccolo and Krillin go back to normal.  - Madwils1


dbz english
meal time
by:matt farley,

      the episode begins with daboura defending himself against terrible majin buu.daboura manages to get some good hits in,but,buu just pops back into place.buu is starting to get really hungry so he releases,by far,the most unique/weird attack thus far in dbz.he zaps daboura and shouts out"cookie"!!!!!Then,daboura slowly morphs into a cookie.buu stuffs the whole thing in his mouth and the swallows it.........meanwhile,krillin and piccolo change back since daboura is dead.they see goten and trunks and they fill each other in on what they know about whats going on.back on the battle field,buu is about to turn shin(the supreme kia)into a tasty treat when vegeta shows up.vegeta is determined to save the planet even if it means giving up his life.......

next episode:vegeta goes all out to stop majin buu.who will win?stay toon to dbz!!!!!

Hey its me Soniks again for another summary, this time, for episode 220, Meal Time
    Ok now yesterday, Vegeta knocked out Goku, took a senzu bean, Gohan was blasted into a field far away, and Kaioshin is still on the ground sprawled out.
    Today, Dubura is stunned, because Buu says he is gonna eat him.  Dubura still laughs.  Goten and Trunks are on the mountainside still watching the fight between the lot of them.  Dubura tries to stop buu with all of his power and at one point, he pummels Buu into the ground with many energy attacks, leaving Babadi in suspense.  Buu gets up and with out a scratch on him shouts again "Me going to eat you up!"  Now Buu swings the tentacle thing on his head up at Dubura, and a purple energy comes out, turning Dubura into nothing but... A COOKIE!!!  Funny stuff.  Buu then swallows Dubura, and all that was turned to stone was turned back to life.  Krillin was revived, and Goten and Trunks tell him that they broke Piccolo's statue.  Trunks looks up at Piccolo, and sees his body in peices.  A few seconds later, u see Piccolo, standing there, alive.  I KNEW I WAS RIGHT, AND I DIDNT EVEN LOOK AHEAD!!  Anyway, Goten and Trunks wanted to know how Piccolo was alive, and he said that he can rejuvinate himself if his head is still intact.  They watch on.  Babadi, still pleased with Buu, tells him to eat Kaioshin.  Vegeta stops him.  He says that Buu must be the one who killed Gohan.  (I dont know why he thinks this...)   Piccolo overhears, and gets shocked.  Vegeta then sees Goku in front of him, an image in his head.  He then tells himself that even if he kills himself, he must save planet earth.   The episode ends after Vegeta starts pummeling Buu into the ground.  My rating 8/10


Meal Time episode# 220 English dubbed DBZ
      Hey my nickname's Alyese & this is kinda my 1st time.So, here we go.

Last time: Supreme Kai met the titanis Buu and (unlike what Soniks said in The Terror of Mr. Buu) He has to fight for his life and belive me, He's scared.Then Buu met Dabura again.

      OK now Babidi is laughing like an idiot while Majin Buu keeps saying he's going to eat Dabura. Supreme Kai's face is in the dirt after having a tango with Buu.(unfortunately SK is my favorite character. No questions, please) Dabura tries to beat Buu up, but let's just say that Buu's very resiliant. After an attack that left Dabura panting the demon thinks he destroyed the the big pink doughboy.He starts to laugh and Babidi says" Stop your laughing, or I'll make you pay!"
      Of course Buu won't just drop dead that easily, so duh he comes back singing"Me eat you up!"( He needs better vocabulary, or maybe just a new brain, ya think?) so Dabura flies at Buu trying to spit on him. But Buu just dodges the spit. Buu turns Dabura into a cookie and of course eats him.
      One mile away Krillen's statued self starts steaming and he returns to normal.Trunks remembered Piccolo and found well I guess a broken Namek lying on the ground. Then Piccolo comes back since he can regenerate and lies flat on the ground to watch the battle.
      Buu finishes eating the Dabura cookie and goes to eat the Supreme Kai. That doen't make Piccolo happy since he can't do anything about it. Then an explosion happens and Babidi finds his space ship blown up.
      And what do you know but none other than Vegeta stands there. After exchanging some words with Babidi he gos after Buu. So far he's winning, so far that is.
      Next episode:The Warrior's Decision.
      I hope you've enjoyed this little summary.

- All material copyright of

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